Thursday, 8 January 2015

For the UK media, the terrorists have already won

Guest post by Frank Fisher (@Frank_Fisher)

There is a unanimity in the media today, a striking consistency across the papers and airwaves. Everywhere there is talk of supporting free speech, and everywhere there is its surrender. Our Fourth Estate is in full flight from reality, as it was during the original MoToons crisis of 2005. Like then, all the talk is of backing those who provoke and question, using cartoons and satire, but just as then, this is lip service only. Where are the deeds that back free speech? Where are the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on front pages? Nowhere.

Across continental Europe bold newspapers  feature mocking portraits of Mohammed, spiked illustrations defiling the psychotics of ISIS – here in the UK the Axis of Weasel holds full sway; the covers are all deeply, deeply significant for what they do not show. Absence is today’s theme.

Yet everywhere pontificating columnists are pompously telling each other, and us, that they are defending free speech, that it is essential to democracy. Politicans too, who every day find a new victim to denounce for speechcrimes against the people, are today telling us we must cherish the free speech that they long ago stole from us.

I find myself recoiling not just in anger at these clowns, but in instinctive disgust too. Ours is the press of the madhouse, this consistency of delusion is a mass hysteria, denial on a national scale. Fear – physical fear,  and fear of offending against political correctness  -  has led our *entire* media to a blanket self-censorship, while their ridiculous arrogance and delusion has woven a shield of denial that allows them to stitch their mouths firmly shut while mumbling that they are free.

A few show flickers of sanity through the miasma of madness; Dan Hodges, always the first to demand obeisance before the twin gods of “tolerance” and “diversity” is here first to indicate what those cruel gods inflict on their followers, when admitting his own personal cowardice in refusing to tweet a MoToon in solidarity. David Aaronovitch, Blairite of old, demands an end to timidity in defending free expression, from the pitifully timid pages of the Times. Once the Thunderer, now the Whisperer.

This matters. Twelve people are dead in Paris in part because of the failure of Western media to rigidly and universally defend free speech in 2005 and onwards. The obvious reluctance to back our principles in deed showed thuggish Islamic censors that the West would mutter about free speech, but would bottle it in a fight. This was most wretchedly displayed here in the UK, where our press eagerly gagged itself at the behest of the Blair government, demanding “responsible” and “restrained” free speech, urged on by the odious advocate of self-censorship Shami Chakrabarti, and former satirists Private Eye. Mass desertion in the face of enemy fire left those few brave souls of Charlie Hebdo and Jyllands-Posten to march towards the guns alone – with the consequence we have seen today.

It is, however, worse than that. Terrorism is a rare beast. It doesn’t frighten me much. It’s unlikely to touch me, or mine. The abandonment of free speech in the UK does frighten me. Not only because the example of angry Muslims winning their censorship battle has given carte blanche to every furious group, from feminists to scousers, to demand silence. But because it says “we will not fight to defend our way of life”. That, as every student of history knows, is an open invitation to war. Appeasement shows a bold enemy that you have no stomach for a fight, that you present an easy target, a fast and effortless victory. I’m not frightened of terrorism, but I am of civil war. Our media/ political class’s abandonment of solid liberal values that we once thought inviolate is putting our country at risk. Here, they have surrendered without a shot being fired.


Neil Cockdroop said...

Ciaran Goggins is sweating his bollocks off after wrongly naming that woman as Jean Hatchet. Seems he's messed with the wrong people and they have contacts high up in the police. He's sat in his hostel room shitting bricks just waiting for the Garda to come a knocking. The police have apparently told Twitter to suspend the new accounts as soon as they notice them. He's bitten off more than he can chew.

Shhh! said...

No free speech here! All comments censored.

Neil Cockdroop said...

I hear the old Bill are back on the trail of Ciaran Goggins and have asked the Garda to pick him up. Is he still living in Ballyjamesduff? Would be amusing to see him being lifted again.

A Berk said...

So former government minister Andrew Mitchell must pay £80,000 to fine food eating P.C Rowland? Good luck with that. I hereby state that P.C Rowland is a thoroughly honest officer  as are the vast majority of colleagues. In addition Rowland has a lengthy track record of bravery and honesty as do the Metropolitan Police and other southern English constabularies such as Norfolk, Essex and Hertfordshire. HOLD on Norfolk is in the East of England.

The fact that he has unlimited free legal aid from top police federation solicitors and libel cases taken in Ireland produce substancially more in libel damages than in the UK has in no way influenced me yah!

Poster said...

Oh no, a post! Quiiick mobilise GCHQ and bring ot the Queerdobots to spam this blog!

Bigus Dickus said...

Old Holborn is on fire!

Daves Shoe said...

Don't have a twitter account but saw this by you
"My father in law liberated Buchenwald. Married a local German girl. I married his daughter"
Either you are lying or your father-in-law, my money is on you!!!

OH likes to stay on the line but cross it? Never....
More people died in the back of Teddy Kennedy's care at Chapperquidick than died in the gas chambers at Buchenwald!!!!

The point however is.....OH champions free speech and never shuts up about about Charlie Hedbo, but ignores like a coward the elephant in the room that is the biggest attack on free speech....the arrest, and jailing of people, without a right to defense for holding and sharing an opinion.....about a particular subject, one OH shy's away from like a plague

One woman in Germany recently jailed for two years, without parole for sharing her point of view on a television program broadcast in Switzerland....and OH stays silent about that......a chocolate/faux/paper champion of "Free speech", if ever there was one....oh and the jailed woman???If you had half her courage, and beliefs on freedom of speech you would have earned the right/respect and qualification to champion the cause.....
.....but we all know the "Emperor has no clothes"

vermilion J said...

Yes, but....if the attacks were done by muslim terrorists, why does the footage of the 'shooting' of the policeman show that no shooting actually took place and the discharge came from a detonation device which was strapped to the policeman's wrist?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, a post!

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The abandonment of free speech in the UK also frightens me. But terrorism also frightens me much.

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Weinstein speaks out:

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