Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nunn the wiser

As readers will know, I am an avid supporter of both Liberty and Free Speech, something others have laid down their lives to ensure we are free to enjoy. As a somewhat regular visitor to Twitter (my 36th account is @holbornlolz), the case of Peter Nunn's arrest interested me. He's just been sent down for 18 weeks at Her Majesty's Pleasure for a series of retweets, account changes and loosely veiled "threats" against both Stella Creasy MP and the hysterical moonbat, Caroline Criado-Perez. Coupled with other various outpourings on youtube videos and general ranting, it is quite clear to me that Peter Nunn has a problem with women.

Firstly, I am free to spout my nonsense because I stay within what is a quite well defined legal space - it has always been the case that you cannot threaten or incite violence upon anyone and not expect a knock on the door - but also because (as I was told by the Police) I run a successful blog and half of Fleet Street follows me on twitter.

I certainly don't condone the rantings of Peter Nunn and the law is quite clear that you may not target individuals (harassment) but I do wonder just how political a sentence of 18 weeks in our overcrowded Prison can be justified. Had Peter Nunn had the right to a trial by Jury (as was once the basis of a free and fair judicial system), I am in no doubt he would have been found not guilty by his peers. As it was, a Magistrate decided his fate and in my opinion, hung him out to dry - for words on a screen - and most intriguingly, simply retweeting another user - something also done with the same "rogue" tweets by both of the Claimants.

So the show trial to define what may and may not be said on social media has alas been postponed, and today, yet another authoritarian Home Secretary has decided that people can also be prosecuted for "extremist" views, even if they haven't broken any law. Designed to save us all from head chopping terrorists under our beds, it won't be long before the usual Political mission creep sets in and er... the likes of Peter Nunn find themselves in er...prison. Interesting times, indeed. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

What price Liberty?

Another day, another assault on our liberties. Due to the possible "threat" of an unknown terror attack by an unknown enemy on an unknown date, our glorious "small Government" has decided to install Soviet style restrictions on citizens of this country. Including, but not limited to:

  • Withdrawal of passport by Police on mere suspicion
  • Forced relocation of citizens on mere suspicion
  • Control orders, including curfews, on mere suspicion

Apart from the other torrents of abuse currently being performed by our useless CPS, endless attacks on free speech and the deadly quagmire of Political Correctness, I'm struggling to think of any actual progress our liberties have made since Gordon "the Ruiner" Brown decided to hand over the wrecked economy and CCTV state to new owners nearly four years ago. No proof is required for any of the above, just "suspicion" which will, of course, be limited to brown people only, just as European Arrest Warrants were implemented to deal with big crime bosses yet are now used to incarcerate those who seek a second opinion from someone other than the Glorious Peoples National Health Service.

In 9 months time, we will all saunter off to the polls to elect the next batch of megalomaniacs, already beholden to the unelected EU megalomaniacs and the salami slicing of our liberties will continue (no slicers over 900 watts allowed). We will bark on Twitter at faceless unaccountable politicians (carefully avoiding arrest and following social media guidelines) whilst they happily trample over everything our ancestors earned with blood, sweat and tears. 

I intend to run on a Do NOT Vote platform, as I am utterly fed up with this "democratic" sham that can see utterly corrupt Council officers leap frog into roles controlling the very Police we pay to protect and serve whilst doing the exact opposite. We cannot remove the people we hand collective responsibility to and therefore we will have to take responsibility ourselves. That starts by refusing to play this pathetic charade, fund their ridiculous (and murderous) foreign adventures or support their endless legislation not designed to protect us but to protect the ever growing Big State.

Join me. Enough is enough.

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