Thursday, 10 July 2014

A new Broom for Democracy

It's certainly going to be an interesting few weeks before our hopelessly corrupt Parliament swan off to their summer villas to frantically call the Chief Whips and demand their foul misdeeds are erased from the "black books" kept in locked safes at party HQ.

I'll assume you're up to a reasonable speed because you know this blog exists or you follow me on twitter (@Turboholborn) so I won't trawl through all the current outrage over missing Home Office files or the vast rumour mill that is the Internet. Want I want to explore is what happens next:

It's been obvious for a while that the Internet is going to change how we are governed and the entire British "Establishment" has been woefully ignorant to accept it. Whilst men in tights doff their caps to an old ruling class firmly ensconced in the make believe world of Hogwarts, citizens have empowered themselves. There are no more secrets and the disinfectant of Internet sunlight is beginning to reach even the darkest corners of our "democracy". Just as the East Germans broke down the doors to the vast Stasi archives and  reeled in horror at the abuses performed by the State to protect the State, we too will have our moment of dreadful realisation.

Then what?

The British Establishment is a vast, complex machine, built over centuries to ensure that privilege, wealth and power remain firmly in the hands of an elite section of society - those "born to rule". Our monarchy, our institutions and our judiciary are an archaic system of near feudalism. Our parliamentary democracy is based on minority rule, our Party Politicians show no allegiance to anyone but the Party and our house of Commoners is anything but. Are we really going to tear it all down and start again? Well, yes, we are.

We won't riot, we won't protest, we won't throw Molotov cocktails, it isn't the English way, but we are changing how we wish to be governed. Our Political masters have never been more despised, more scrutinised or more vilified. Many are simply opting to stand down and pursue other interests and Party membership by citizens has plummeted to almost nothing. The 650 are shortly to become powerless as we withdraw our consent to be governed in this way.

Short of total Minarchy, I'm lobbying for Swiss Style Direct Democracy, where the people decide the agenda of Government and then vote on it, as often as possible. I don't want celebrity politicians, I want administrators. I don't want Party manifestos, I want public debate and I want power returned to the people who must live under the laws enacted by by them, for them.

When the dust has settled, and the foul stench of corruption and abuse of privilege finally clears, I want the establishments that made it possible returned to museum pieces and I want to see modern, small government and citizens as free as the Internet can make them. The time for a Medieval Parliament is over. Let the revolution begin.

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