Friday, 7 November 2014

25 years after the Wall

As we celebrate 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell and the bloodless revolution that overthrew four decades of horrific abuse by the State, it might be worth remembering what our Political Masters learned from the German Democratic Republic

1. Free Speech must be controlled - already we are seeing Tweeters jailed, and calls by the Police to close down the Internet as it is a home for "paedophiles and terrorists" 

2. Exit visas to imprison citizens - removing the passports of those who wish to leave is the best way to contain dissent - yes, this actually exists in modern Britain

3. Monitor citizens at all times - our Emails, tweets, phone calls and website visits are all constantly monitored and recorded by the Secret Service. Even our legitimate businesses are bugged by CGHQ 

4. Where are the citizens? -  It is a crime not to register to vote, and thereby hand over your address to the State.

5. Report your neighbours - Be vigilant, citizens, your State may be at risk. Report suspicious activity (such as to voluntary agents of the State

I won't continue, the list is sadly endless. From being arrested for spurious "hate crimes" to being bundled into black bags and shipped off to Guantanamo without trial, this country has learned well how to control us and to silence us. And yet still you will vote for more of the same in 6 months. Whoever declares themselves the "winner" will have the very worst mandate of our so called "democracy" in that they will rule by minority, no better in effect than just allowing a few party faithful on the Politburo to dictate every minutiae of our lives for the next 5 years.

I implore you to take a leaf out of the book of the East German people and simply declare "enough is enough". They had a job for life, free housing, free education and healthcare and an ample pension, yet in the end they craved the one thing no Politician can afford to promise any of us. Freedom from the State. Now that IS worth fighting for. Ask any German.

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