Monday, 4 November 2013

Turn up the Heat

If given an inch, they will take a mile. It seems our glorious leaders just cannot resist the temptation to stick it all on expenses regardless of the backlash, so it's time to package their arrogance up in brown paper and send it right back to them.

I'm talking about Members of Parliament sticking their heating bills through on expenses whilst presiding over an energy cartel and levying eco taxes on the rest of us. Not only are you struggling to pay your energy bill, you're struggling to pay theirs as well. Enough is enough.

I'm suggesting you invest a fiver in wrapping up an old jumper and sending it to bloated MP currently sitting in a house heated to the temperature of a vivarium. It's time the likes of Nadhim Zahawi put a jumper on instead of claiming an eye watering £5,822.27 from the taxpayer

Send yours to:

Nadhim Zahawi,
3 Trinity Street, 
Stratford Upon Avon, 
CV37 6BL

If you prefer to send your jumper to an impoverished orange Communist, there's always Peter Hain (£4,571)

Peter Hain
39 Windsor Road, 
SA11 1NB

Happy posting, comrades.

UPDATE: Full spreadsheet of MPs claims HERE

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