Friday, 25 October 2013

My Digital Hermitage

It's all coming together rather nicely. As you'll know by reading this blog, I'm very much a member of the "leave me alone" pioneer type Libertarian, desperate to get the State and pretty much anyone else off my back, preferring an autonomous, peaceful existence to live my life how I see fit.

I've struggled hard over the years to remove myself from voting lists, taxation, Government systems, surveillance and all of the little nagging demands that an "interconnected modern society" run by Politicians on my behalf has to offer. I reject "permits" and "authorisation" wherever remotely possible (I'm currently trying to become Stateless negating the need for a Passport) and refuse to seek permission from those who would be my masters. My latest project is a down to Earth instruction manual for budding free thinkers and non Statists to learn from the experiences I've been through and find their own way in this complicated world of regulation and intrusion we live in. I intend to show you all how to do it, how to throw off shackles, how to defeat authority and how to reclaim your life and liberty from those who would rather you didn't. Some tricks are simple, some are complicated and all require courage - if you prefer the warm blanket of State security, high taxation and high welfare benefits over "dangerous" freedom, I wish you all the best - on the condition you leave me alone to pursue my happiness unimpeded. 

Firstly, you'll need to decide what your core values are. I didn't find mine until I reached 40 years old, I was too busy making money to care about anything else. The acquisition of "stuff", business "success" and simple egoism drove me. Then it changed - quite simply, what I owned was beginning to own me. So my core values changed because underneath it all, I was actually seeking freedom. Freedom from debt and security for my large family.

My core values are now:

  • Free Speech to say, write and read what I desire
  • Liberty to choose how to live my life, as I see fit
  • Autonomy to do so - free from the meddling theft of Politicians and their endless promises
  • Minimal taxation - to live in a minimal State that respects my need to defend my property
I've fought the system for a decade now, and I'm not winning. I've tested laws to destruction, exposed hypocrisy and fraud, denounced the corrupt and ridiculed pompous authoritarians who decide they know better than you how to run your life. I've become a determined Libertarian and I'm no longer interested in changing anything for others. My only concern is securing my peace and freedom for me as a sovereign  individual.

My only task is now to leave those who are interested a guide book on how to become free - take it or leave it. If you seek what I seek, I'm happy to help. I expect to publish within the next 12 months. 

Me? I'm finally free. I've found what I've been looking for. I can own an AK47 to protect my life, property and liberty. I can build without "permits", grow produce of my own, feed and house myself, pay a minimal 10% tax on my earnings and live without Diversity Coordinators or a license to watch a television. I can speak and publish freely on the fastest internet connection in Europe. My chosen State has no interest in me, my politics or my "wellbeing". I buy what I require from the free market and am free to sell to anyone. I can work remotely, independently and successfully without interference. I am no longer a slave to consumerism, commuting or taxation, I am no longer a number to filed, stamped, regulated and monitored. Now, that's Liberty and I thoroughly recommend it.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Free Speech 1, Scalliban 0

After 6 months of shuffling bits of paper around a CPS desk, the decision has been made that my "offensive" comments I tweeted back in April to that great bastion of all things Socialist (Liverpool) were not actually offensive enough to see me in court. "There is no case to answer", says the nice man at the Criminal Prosecution Service.

Quite right too. This is a battle that needed to be had and I'm glad that I tested the new Social Media Free Speech guidelines to destruction. I make no disguise of my wish to live in a society where I may speak freely and am comforted that I still have the right to upset a few grief city victim whores who wish to impose their version of the written word upon the rest of us. Tough luck, guys, I won't be silenced.

You have every right to be offended, and in return, I have every right to offend you - officially. So keep your endless screen shots, your faux outrage on behalf of others, your death threats, your endless reporting to the police and your indignation to yourself. If you don't like what I write, don't bother reading it, don't follow me on twitter and don't send my family and work colleagues death threats - just ignore me. And be thankful that now you too have the right to offend whomsoever you choose.

Now, where's the champagne?


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Silence is Golden

Well, it's finally kicking off. After years of Leveson Inquiries and the destruction of any kind of investigative journalism in this country, Miliband has decided to rise to the rather delicious bait laid out by the Daily Mail just one week before "Press Regulation" is discussed in Parliament.

As regulars will know, I'm no friend of the Daily Mail, having been on the receiving end of it recently but I will fight to the death for a free press in this country. If you want to read salacious drivel, as far as I am concerned, no one should have the right to impose that you cannot. Without a free press, we may as well all resign ourselves to being ruled by the famously unelected liar and bully Alistair Campbell, who yesterday set out to destroy Paul Dacre of the Mail in a very public raising of pitchforks. Publishing his home address on twitter was the final straw. I would kindly remind the dry alcoholic nutcase that he is neither elected nor representative of anyone but his own twisted soul, and I refuse to acknowledge any influence he may feel he has over anyone.

The very basis of this public spat is fundamental to what type of country we will end up living in. As Guido Fawkes once said on TV "if you don't want to end up on the front page, don't pay hookers to stick dildos up your arse". He's right. Whether we like it or not, a free press held MPs to account over their expenses, their corruption, their thievery, their bullying and their illegal wars. No wonder the Left are so keen to silence them.

I'm tired of those of the vile Political classes who choose to take offense, and then casually vote to bomb brown children in their thousands with drones. I tired of the professional politicians claiming to be just like you and I. They aren't. They are psychotic power hungry bastards who will stop at nothing in their urge to control every aspect of our lives whilst bloating themselves on stolen wealth. Twitter and social media is currently being used to induce us into their devious little world and what was once quietly spoken about over a scotch or 7 in a Parliament bar is now being shouted across the Internet for all to hear. We are beginning to see the inner workings of the putrid machine that rules us with a rod of iron, sends pitch fork waving twitter mobs to kill the heretics whilst scratching each others backs for mutual advantage.

Freedom of speech is gone, the freedom to privacy is gone and without a shadow of a doubt, the freedom of the press is next. Be very careful what you wish for, Dear Labour Grandees, you might just get it.

UPDATE :War is breaking out. Peter Oborne of the Telegraph has just agreed to publish the smear campaigns of Alistair Campbell. The entire political class is taking lumps out of each other. Fucking delicious.

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