Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Once again, not in my name.

 An outraged John Kerry having dinner with Assad, yesterday

After two years of civil war in Syria, our Parliament has been recalled to debate yet more military action in the Middle East. Our dish faced "man of the people" Prime Minister, desperate to add yet more war to his CV is keen to teach those pesky Arabs a lesson from the comfort of his armchair, ignoring the fact that Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and all the other Middle Eastern hotspots are still burning after being bombed back into the middle ages. Egypt stands on the brink of civil war, Yemen, Bahrain, the Sudan...the list is endless. As if bombing these people back to the middle ages is a known and trusted cure to the worlds ills.

Well, Sir, once again, you do so without my consent. Like Blair before him, his eyes are only the glory and riches of a military victory against a people not important enough to actually care about - he may as well order cruise missile strikes against squabbling Amazonian tribes for all the difference it will make to the region. I've written at the Backbencher that the only cure against Islamism is the same cure we used to rid ourselves of religious fanatics - industrial progress and capitalism - now we have to somehow remove the millennium old vendettas of warring tribes intent on wiping each other off the face of the planet for the sake of a few more acres of goat infested desert rocks.

Assad is a monster tolerated and venerated ( like Saddam, Gaddafi, Iranian Shah et. al before him) by the West and the Soviets in our century long battles of imperialism and colonialism. Where T E Lawrence failed, our Politicians suddenly feel they can succeed in uniting the Arabs in a cosy little democratic union, tugging it's forelock at us whilst we extract the last of their mineral wealth to support our bloated States appetite for ever more riches.

Leave Syria alone. That simple. Yes, people are going to die but they are Syrians. And when the Syrians have had enough pain, they will make their peace with their various tribes, call their truces and resume their lives. We have no idea who are the good guys, if any actually exist there at all or what any victorious tribe is likely to look like - it is simply madness to walk into a bar fight and arm everyone with pick axe handles and hope the nice guys win.

Of course, we cannot resist. A seat at the top table of the UN Security Council is a license to inflict your military machines on anyone of whom you disapprove or cannot make enough money from (how is Bahrain by the way, Hague?) and Cameron wants nothing more than a statue of himself, glorious in victory after defeating a few tent dwellers in the barren desert with laser guided bunker busters dropped from 40,000 feet. Cameron, the only job of our military is to defend OUR borders and OUR private property. It is not their role to wander the planet kicking hornets nests to see if we can install productive bees instead.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Political Scrapbook - the new Blockleiters

Z list Political blogger (s) Political Scrapbook have taken offense at a tweet by the Head of Amnesty International and demanded his resignation, and he has been forced out of office.

Remarkable stuff. Never mind the fantastic work that Amnesty do, worldwide, every single fucking DAY to help those oppressed for having independent thought - these petty  little Stalinists have decided that freespeech MUST NOT be allowed and have taken offense ON BEHALF OF OTHERS.

This is the reason the Left cannot have nice things - they instantly destroy anything that does not conform to their narrow minded and bigoted views - regardless of the good work done. The professionally offended are out of control.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

RIP Twitter

It's been fun, I'll admit. 

I joined twitter back in 2009 and it rapidly became THE medium for breaking news, information and instant comment. It fueled the Arab Spring, overthrew dictators, spread democracy and liberty, held our masters to account and resulted in entire populations being educated at light speed to the misdeeds of their masters.

Tomorrow, that changes. Some of our Elites have been challenged (yes, and criminally threatened) using 140 characters via a mobile phone and that simply cannot be tolerated - so the network will now be handed over to pictures of kittens, photos of lunch and promoting the various tat that celebrities are desperate to sell us. Gone will be any political comment, seen off by the inclusion of the almighty "I'm Offended" button. As I write this, my 29th twitter account has just been suspended, even though the head of Twitter UK (@TonyW) and I spoke this morning regarding death and rape threats sent to me and my family.

Will I miss it? No, of course not. I will continue to monitor the very same news feeds and obscure sources that I use to inform my readers of what is happening out there, but my political comment will be limited to my blog, my various online columns, Facebook (I'm Olde Holborne) and an excellent new Twitter type feed called App.net, which along with a Tweetdeck clone called Cauldron (and 256 characters) and only a block (not report) button, will ensure that my speech remains free.

Tomorrow is the day when all the Elites have decided to boycott twitter in the hope they will be missed. Frankly speaking, if Caitlin Moran or Suzanne Moore think the man on the Clapham Omnibus has any interest in what they tweet all day (mostly to sell more books) then they are in for a surprise. No one cares. Like MySpace or Compuserve, times have changed and progress marches on. If a free speech medium no longer supports free speech, I see little point in using it - and I'm not alone.

You can read my latest column at Backbencher here, or you can join App.net (it's free) and enjoy my rants. Either way, there is a small blue avian carcass out there that is starting to smell. So long  Twitter, so long "the Righteous" and the professionally offended, so long to the unelected twitter elites who have decided amongst themselves what you and I may read or write.

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