Friday, 19 April 2013

Anyone Can Be Old Holborn

The beauty of being Old Holborn, an anonymous man in a mask is that anyone can be Old Holborn. Tonight I am Old Holborn. I will choose to be Old Holborn any time I wish to do so.

A little under a year and a half ago I was arrested, charged and found guilty of posting an offensive remark on Twitter. I was subsequently acquitted, because I fought and I fought hard. I didn't do it alone of course, I had a lot of help from thousands upon thousands of people on Twitter, a lot of "big guns" on Twitter helped get my case exposure. Without that exposure I believe I'd not have been as successful as I was.

Old Holborn was one of those people who helped get the ball rolling. I've known Holby for quite a while, I've been on his walks, I've caused mischief at marches with him, we've baited and goaded the left, we've burned the EU flag together, annoyed police forces, hell I even helped him campaign when he stood for MP in Cambridge. 

We're by no means close friends, we hardly see each other, but we have very much in common, an intense hatred for the state, a passion for freedom of speech and expression and enjoy a good laugh by causing all sorts of mischief. Do you know what though? I don't agree with everything he says. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

Over the last few days on Twitter, there has been what I call a faux-outrage about something he posted. I'm not entirely sure what it was, I think it had something to do with the Bulger case. I'm sure it was offensive but similarly I also bet it was funny as fuck. From what I understand, but yet to be confirmed is that he's been charged with a hate crime.

There are also whispers it might have been something to do with a group of people who Tweet under the hashtag b who want justice for those who died at Hillsborough. I happened upon one Tweeter who was "offended" who a few days earlier was celebrating and making fun of the death of Maggie. Total mind-fuck if I'm honest. I'm inclined to think that this is the actual reason for any potential arrest:

Unless of course, they happen to be arson threats to burn down Old Holborn's home and business. Quite what makes David Gregory, who owns a "CRB checked" removals company in Southport think he can email violent threats to anyone is beyond me.

Offence isn't given, it's taken. Everyone has the right to be offended, but by the same token everyone has the right to offend. After all it is only words on a screen.

Free speech is either free or it isn't. You can't say "I believe in free speech but..." It just doesn't work that way. 

Let's take a break for a bit of light relief:

Liverpudlians burning an effigy. I hope the drunk ones at the back of the crowd start pushing to get a better view

Hello #JFT96 and Essex Police, nice to meet you, the name's John Kerlen and I AM OLD HOLBORN, you benefit scrounging, motherfuckers.

As soon as I get more information I'll be arranging a little "get together" at Essex Police Headquarters. Watch this space.

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