Friday, 25 October 2013

My Digital Hermitage

It's all coming together rather nicely. As you'll know by reading this blog, I'm very much a member of the "leave me alone" pioneer type Libertarian, desperate to get the State and pretty much anyone else off my back, preferring an autonomous, peaceful existence to live my life how I see fit.

I've struggled hard over the years to remove myself from voting lists, taxation, Government systems, surveillance and all of the little nagging demands that an "interconnected modern society" run by Politicians on my behalf has to offer. I reject "permits" and "authorisation" wherever remotely possible (I'm currently trying to become Stateless negating the need for a Passport) and refuse to seek permission from those who would be my masters. My latest project is a down to Earth instruction manual for budding free thinkers and non Statists to learn from the experiences I've been through and find their own way in this complicated world of regulation and intrusion we live in. I intend to show you all how to do it, how to throw off shackles, how to defeat authority and how to reclaim your life and liberty from those who would rather you didn't. Some tricks are simple, some are complicated and all require courage - if you prefer the warm blanket of State security, high taxation and high welfare benefits over "dangerous" freedom, I wish you all the best - on the condition you leave me alone to pursue my happiness unimpeded. 

Firstly, you'll need to decide what your core values are. I didn't find mine until I reached 40 years old, I was too busy making money to care about anything else. The acquisition of "stuff", business "success" and simple egoism drove me. Then it changed - quite simply, what I owned was beginning to own me. So my core values changed because underneath it all, I was actually seeking freedom. Freedom from debt and security for my large family.

My core values are now:

  • Free Speech to say, write and read what I desire
  • Liberty to choose how to live my life, as I see fit
  • Autonomy to do so - free from the meddling theft of Politicians and their endless promises
  • Minimal taxation - to live in a minimal State that respects my need to defend my property
I've fought the system for a decade now, and I'm not winning. I've tested laws to destruction, exposed hypocrisy and fraud, denounced the corrupt and ridiculed pompous authoritarians who decide they know better than you how to run your life. I've become a determined Libertarian and I'm no longer interested in changing anything for others. My only concern is securing my peace and freedom for me as a sovereign  individual.

My only task is now to leave those who are interested a guide book on how to become free - take it or leave it. If you seek what I seek, I'm happy to help. I expect to publish within the next 12 months. 

Me? I'm finally free. I've found what I've been looking for. I can own an AK47 to protect my life, property and liberty. I can build without "permits", grow produce of my own, feed and house myself, pay a minimal 10% tax on my earnings and live without Diversity Coordinators or a license to watch a television. I can speak and publish freely on the fastest internet connection in Europe. My chosen State has no interest in me, my politics or my "wellbeing". I buy what I require from the free market and am free to sell to anyone. I can work remotely, independently and successfully without interference. I am no longer a slave to consumerism, commuting or taxation, I am no longer a number to filed, stamped, regulated and monitored. Now, that's Liberty and I thoroughly recommend it.


Guy Sanftleben said...

As a long time follower of your blog, but without prior comment, I very much look forward to your publication.
Good luck and power to your pen.

Anonymous said...

The usual load of old wank. First it was going to Bulgaria and now it's putting pen to paper. Shite is as shite does and Old Holborn has always been shite.


FTFoff said...

What idiotic Tosser deleted all the previous comments! I think it's the blogger site staff themselves who cause a lot of shit on this blog!

Rickie said...

I think Old Holborn resents free speech when it rips apart his freedom religion. i had written at great length how his "finally free" crap applies to everyone else too, he deleted it because he has no answers.

As for Old Holborn celebrating writing what he wants when he wants as a victory...well OH, you lost your job, sold your house and you are currently in hiding with an AK47 hanging around your neck as a warning to them out to get you.

Dosen't seem like the Scaliban lost to me ..lmao

lilith said...

Fantastic news OH. Jealous or what. Come and see us next time you are in the West Country if you haven't thrown away your passport :-)

Anonymous said...

The trouble with free speech is that almost all of it is toss, or, in the case of this blog complete and utter toss.

Time to call it a day.

Only confirmed tossers will miss you.

Dave Kat License

Leg-iron said...

OH, if you are self publishing, pay nothing. I do it for free and will be glad to help. Getting onto a wide range of sellers or print and ebooks costs absolutely fuck all. Don't believe those who say it involved parting with cash - it does not.

I'll also offer my grammar-nazi editing and proofreading abilities.

Do it.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if many of Old Holborn's readership can read without help. Best thing to do would be to release the poisonous bilge as mp3 files for download so that Holby's backward audience, who couldn't read properly without pointing at the words with their fingers and saying them aloud, could just listen to the verbiage without making an effort.


Paris Claimant

P.S. Don't forget the chapter about suicide bombs and how to make them. Hopefully some of your "readership" will blow themselves up and remove their shoddy genetic potnetial from the human gene pool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How anyone can take someone with a fake twitter tick and fake Lord ship seriously is beyond me. Added to that he finds the city who is fighting against a corrupt government and corrupt police (both that he himself is against) offensive to him. At least the people of Liverpool have showed some balls and are fighting back not moaning and hiding behind twitter

Anonymous said...

Laughable. If you can own an AK47 so can any Tom Dick, or Harriet who wants to rob or murder you. And as for the 10% tax rate? Well, what kind of medical treatment will that get you if you become seriously ill or any member of your family becomes seriously ill? Going to pay for thirty or forty years of ongoing treatment and surgery to keep you alive are you?

Probably you'll try scuttling back trying to sponge help from the country you hate and abandoned, but thanks to people like you will find the door slammed in your face.

Fuck off you fucking idiot.

Liverpool Lou

Rickie said...

Exactly Anon 08:20, the most ridiculous version of campaigners who hide behind fake names are pro smoking lobbyists, who are terrified they will be outed as smoking denialists.

The latest shite from the pro smoke lobby is "octabber" which has stories of lobbyists and their smoking denial....all of these are bloggers who have decided to post possibly their real names on Octabber but instead have not shown their blog names., these host bloggers won't say on their blog who they are on the Octabber blog nor will they connect themselves on Octabber to their blog.

Hosting obsessive single issue blogs for several years and desperately making sure nothing connects their blog to their real identity is a fucking joke, what would the publics attitude be if stop smoking advisors appeared on television with their real names and faces covered up or published articles online or in newspapers under the name "slightly rusty nail".

It's so obvious they keep their blog secrect from friends, neighbours, employers, colleagues because of the shame over being a smoking denialist, which obviously ruins their credibilty.

For those who don't know there is a sect of bloggers who believe smoking does not kill, health scares about smoking are lies and health advisors on smoking are liars, this is the reason for host bloggers obsessive secrecy.

Anonymous said...

LOL, there seems to be a sudden infestation of whining scouse loser scum and even an anti-smoking drone. All scouser lice want is more Bennies from taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Wow another one suckling on Holborns fat saggy titties. Also whining himself. Do we offend you too?

Ron Broxted said...

Greenpeace man fears 'losing years of life' in Russia

"He also described some of the food provided. Lunch - soup and a fish stew - "tastes like an ashtray full of seawater," he said. Another dish "is clearly boiled from breakfast onwards"."

Gosh, this must be awful for the poor dear. Maybe we could ask comrade Adam Ramsay to get his staff to send over some expensive ethically-sourced, organic wild boar sausages.....


FTFoff said...

@anonymomong 10:32: You are the ones sucking on working people's tits and wallets, you Scouse dross.

As for the anti-smoking cretin, studies actually found that pipe smokers live longer than non smokers.

Anonymous said...

Climate change is the thing we ought to be talking about not the fate of some martyred blogger. We MUST cut carbon emissions NOW! We MUST rein in our addiction to fossil fuelled transport NOW! For the sake of our species and other species we MUST act NOW!

Green Warrior

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, OH, all the way and congratulate you, from the bottom of my heart, for discovering a better way to be. Forget about the "Hey, hey, hey" Liverpudlian scum. I look forward to reading you in print.

James Savile

P.S., I sex between a grown man and girls under the age of 16 - somewhere between 10 and 13 was the age range I had in mind - legal where you are? On you travels do you know of any countries that do not frown on such relationships?

Anonymous said...

Hello Jimmy, there is a culture and colony whose religious laws specifically permit sex with children under 9 years old, is that any good? It's Judaism and Israel.

Sanhedrin 54b . A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

Kethuboth 11b . "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous but I'm not Jewish and in any case find the idea of sex with any girl younger than 10 years of age repulsive. What do you think I am? Some kind of a pervert or something!

James Savile

Anonymous said...

Freedom? Yet you ran to plod when scousers were beastly to you.

Anonymous said...

The score so far:

Old Holborn 0 Scousers: 1

The scousers managed to run you out of the country? This country wasn't big enough for the both of you, eh?

Heh, heh.

Grant Shapps

FTFoff said...

Actually, stupid scouser, OH was looking into emigrating long before you bunch of nobodies began strutting around like the bunch of underclass losers you are.

Lindsey Eastwood said...

Calm down, calm down!

Anonymous said...

This has got to be radical rodents alter ego. Sad retarded fuck. Got a job you little dicked jizz guzzler

Anonymous said...

Thing is little cock sucking shitbags like above would never say this shit to their face

Anonymous said...

FTFoff. What do you do for a living?

Anonymous said...

He sucks little fat warty sausage cocks hahahahahahaha

FTFoff said...

LOL, I'm retired and emigrated to a much nicer place, with nicer people and a nicer climate. (Before OH did, as it happens!)
Meanwhile you're stuck in Loserpool with a bunch of thick, whining Mongs. Thing is that Morons like you are precisely the reason why GB has turned to shit and more and more earners are GTFing out. You'll have to start thieving from each other!

Anonymous said...

@ FTFoff

If you really live in a "much nicer place, with nicer people and a nicer climate" why the fuck do you waste so much of your ever shortening life writing shit on a defunct blog like this? Haven't you got something (or someone) better to do?

You sound more like a fantacist, low-skill, minimum wager or benefit claimant to me.

Eat shit and die you poor whiny bastard.

D. Hatton

Anonymous said...

So Old Holborn has gone overseas. So what. He was only a fucking recruitment consultant for fuck's sake, not a scientist, inventor, surgeon, doctor, business magnate, or anybody worth giving the time of day to really.

The UK won't miss him.

For all the good and bad OH accomplished in the world he might as well have never existed.

G. Jackson

Creggan Rentboy said...

I think the Formula 1 race officials need to seriously consider banning the spraying of Champagne on the podiums - they need to understand that for many Muslims it is deeply offensive to see alcohol being splashed around in public like this.

In other news, I really hope my cheap rented caravan doesn't get blown over in all this stormy weather....

Anonymous said...

Det Sgt Joe Poulton is a (cont p.9)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! FTFoff! I pay for scousers hahahaha! Doesn't even fucking work! Hahahaha! In short, he's a fucking bum himself! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

FTFoff said...

You really are even thicker than they say, AnonyScouse 20:56.
People who worked hard still pay income taxes after retirement. See if you can work out why, Dimwit.

Creggan Rentboy said...

Cameron to unveil Islamic bond plan

"The Treasury hopes to launch an Islamic bond - called a sukuk - worth £200m as early as next year. It will be structured to bring in a fixed return from a tangible asset or service, and without charging interest, in accordance with Islamic financial principles."

Jah, it is only right dat Britain should lead the way in sucking de cock of Isslaarm, innit.....

DS Jack Kelly said...

YOU Cunt!!

Anonymous said...

Not when they're talking out they're arse. Fuck off retired you express your self as a pathetic fucking child.

Creggan Rentboy said...

'Deplorably dirty' Bristol meat supplier avoids jail

"A man who supplied raw chicken from a "filthy" illegal meat processing plant in Bristol has avoided a jail term.

Kamran Ajaib, 28, used underpants to clean his makeshift butchery, which had no washbasins by work areas and no knife steriliser."

This is typical of the racist hounding of hard-working Pakistani Muslim businessmen that goes on day after day in Ingerlund - we should make allowances for other cultural practices and traditions.

I often use a pair of crusty old Y-Fronts to wipe down a surface or knife, etc..

Anonymous said...

uses old undies when kiddy fiddling.

Anonymous said...

If you hate Muslims so much why don't you fuck off and live with your ZioNAZI master-race friends in Israel, you stupid Qeeirdo?

Anonymous said...

I'm half hard.


Anonymous said...

The Liverpudlians fucked Holby up the arse and didn't even pay him for the privilege. Them that messes with scousers gets fucked up the arse by scousers.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading your book OH.

Walden said...

As a long-time Twitter follower and blog-reader of yours, I look forward to you publishing this. I seek what you seek.

Anonymous said...

I went to liverpool once..... ONCE !
Can i get a signed copy if i pre-order?

Anonymous said...

Ciaran Goggins for the prestigious ROI Cottager of the Year Award 2013. Vote now 07500575737.

Anonymous said...

Poor Goggins looks like he has fucked with the wrong bull again. The guy is loeer than Whale shit. Twitter ye not......Ooh matron!

Anonymous said...

Have you cut your dick off yet? No libertarian seeking to live their life the way they wish can impose life upon those that don't ask. This is the only way to live your life without being a hypocrite. It's up to you, a womb is just a slave factory.

Anonymous said...

only a fuc.
makes an effort beyond.
joyful is a state.

Anonymous said...

Not passed though here in a while.

Well what can I say, OH has pissed the scousers off, well they are a sensitive bunch.

Sensitive in the way they get all upset about the deaths of a few footie fans.
Yet not so sensitive that they wouldn't cause the deaths of a few Italian footie fans.
Not so sensitive to prevent them from mocking the deaths of a few manc footie players for 30 years.

I went to Liverpool once, had a good shit and left.

Anonymous said...

I had a shit in Liverpool once but when I turned around someone had nicked it!33855996

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