Thursday, 4 July 2013

Chris O'Byrne of Walton, Liverpool

As most of you know, Liverpool has been trying to close me down ever since I pointed out that the biggest killers of Liverpudlians are in fact Liverpudlians. Hell, they've sent everything at me. The Police, my family and business have been threatened, my colleagues, they've even reported people who FOLLOW me on twitter to the Police.

I find out today, on the day we discover that Jon Venables is to be released back into Scouse society (where he will blend in perfectly) that one of my attackers, the son of Labour Councillor Ann O'Byrne and sister of Labour Councillor Rachael O'Byrne is happily trawling the internet for pictures of my children, specifically my underage daughters (I have 5 daughters).

Hello @Chris_OByrne

Now as you know, I am immensely proud of my daughters and the thought of a Scouser getting his rocks off over pictures of them disturbs me. Please fell free to let Ann.O' or
rachael.o' that Chris O'Byrne is showing classic Scouse tendencies towards underage children.


Anonymous said...

Stick with it OH, love all your posts and blogs!

Ivor Grumble said...

Clear sign you've won really, they can't break you, so they concentrate on your wife and children. It's what weaklings do.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody got a picture of Old Holborn's daughter being threatened by a black erection on a train?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Holby. It's always nice to "have" a daughter.

Josef Fritzl

Unknown said...

Bob, people haven't been trying to shut your account down because you 'pointed out that the biggest killers of Liverpudlians are in fact Liverpudlians'. They've been shutting it down because you constantly mock the dead and have show yourself to be a racist.

As soon as you set a new account up you are straight back to goading Liverpool and the cycle continues.

You say our soldiers died for free speech and they did but I'm pretty sure your brand of hate speech wasn't the free speech they had in mind and you dishonour the memory of the fallen by trying to align your cause with theirs.

I know you don't like politicians but when the Prime Minister of the country stands up in parliament to apologise for the 'double injustice' done to the victims and families of the Hillsborough Disaster then you should have changed tack. Here was an establishment conspiracy laid bare, exactly the sort of thing that is supposedly your currency.

In the past you could have claimed you were mocking Hillsborough for satirical reasons but the fact that you continue to mock the disaster to this day just proves it is down to an irrational hatred and bigotry.

Every time I raise a valid point on Twitter you answer me back and immediately block me. If freedom of speech is so important to you then why block me?

The people who threatened your family and work colleagues were clearly in the wrong. What they did was born out of the frustration of trying to deal with such an intransigent person such as yourself but that still doesn't give them an excuse. Your naming and shaming was correct though and I fully support that.

I don't agree with Chris constantly posting photos of your family but he never started this fight and it obviously getting under your skin so why don't you try apologising and see what happens?

Then there is the pot calling the kettle black issue. You have actually, already been outed in the past. Your old address is still on the Guido Fawkes blog where your compatriot Obo the Clown posted it. And Obo's stated reason for posting it was because you had posted details as to the identity of baby P.

I should also say that I've had a good look through your wife's timeline on Twitter before the account was suspended and bar an unthinking retweet of your Boston 'how do you like dem apples' comment I can't see that she's done much wrong. I'm sure she knows that I've been following her other account too and I have sympathy for her position. I do wonder though whether her bio calling for all this silliness to stop was aimed as much at you as it was the people of Liverpool.

I actually think mocking the dead is fine if you are highlighting some bigger, more important cause but this isn't what you are doing with Hillsborough. It's a stretch to say that that was what you were doing with Boston but considering the profiles of the dead that too was wholly inappropriate and you deserve the stick you get for it. If you want to learn what the difference is then take a look at Frankie Boyle's Twitter timeline.

Do you see how it works yet Bob or do I need to explain it to you?

Old Holborn said...

Bless you Simon. If you don't like what I say online, perhaps the Internet is not the place for you?

Unknown said...

Did you even read what I wrote?

Old Holborn said...

Yes. If you feel the internet is only for views you agree with, fine. I'm a big boy and am happy to fight my own battles, indeed to take on entire city if needs be. Your faux outrage is what defines you best - a whinging Scouser, steeped in hypocrisy and marinated in self pity lashing out at anything that "offends" your rainbow unicorn view of chirpy, cheeky Scaliban instead of questioning why your city is a national Pariah

Play nicely.

Matthew Hopkins said...

You just knew there'd be a cripple sticker on their car didn't you?

Ron Scarlett said...

Simon is a classic keyboard warrior.

He expends huge amounts of effort making threats to anyone who he disagrees with, but you just know having seen him (even via 5+ year old profile picture) that he would never have the balls to do anything even vaguely similar in real life.

In fact he's so pathetic he can't even manage online abuse without tagging along with the 'bigger boys' to give him some courage.

But somehow online he seems to take pride in abusing people, publishing their personal details, harassing their families and chasing their employers.

It might be a good idea if he left Twitter behind and concentrated on real life, a background in call centres doesn't exactly point to a prosperous future, and it may be better to redirect the energy from online abuse towards a bit of self improvement while there is still time.

It may also be worth pointing out that inevitably one day he will annoy someone unpleasant and it may go beyond harsh language - he does have a knack of winding people up and the things he takes so much pride in inflicting on others may start to happen to him too.

But somehow I think this will fall on deaf ears and he will carry on regardless.

And just to finish - go fuck yourself Simon you skinny twat.

Unknown said...

Once again Bob you fail to address anything I say to you and just spout abuse.

You say I'm steeped in hypocrisy but fail to offer an example.

I'm not getting into a discussion with you about why Liverpool is treated as a pariah city because you haven't addressed anything I said in my previous comment and because I don't think you're qualified to discuss Liverpool as you obviously know little or nothing about it.

Unknown said...

What a charming post from Ron Scarlett.

You are proving once again that not one of you can provide any debate, only abuse.

If you check the times and dates of my posts you'll see I spend plenty of time away from Twitter thank you.

I don't tag 'bigger boys' to join in online discussions. I do pass information on to interested parties.

Do I need to point out the irony of calling someone a keyboard warrior on a microblogging/blog site?

For the record the only people I have ever outed were demonstrably bullies who cowardly hide behind the mask of their anonymity to abuse others.

I do not take any pride in harassing people's families in fact I have condemned it unequivocally. I do think that companies and sponsors have a right to know exactly who they are dealing with.

It's funny how quick they were to distance themselves from their online personas and comments once they'd been outed. I.e. deleting the offending content or accounts.

As to threats to my person. I have never received any. I offer debate with people. If I feel that they're only going to offer violence then I walk away.

After all someone would have to be pretty stupid to assault someone after an argument on Twitter as the police aren't going to have to try very hard to track down the culprit.

Ron Scarlett said...

That's an interesting response.

But somehow I feel you aren't being completely accurate - maybe you really think this way but it isn't they way the rest of the world sees it.

And I'd also put money on one of your first responses to my post would have been a quick Google trawl, and that you second response would have been to go into attack mode assuming you found a Twitter/Facebook/email account to chase. You've already done it in the past hour or so to another commenter.

It's happened just too many times on your part and it isn't healthy.

And we clearly have very different definitions of 'debate'.

In any case who nominated you to be the Internet Police?

Or decided who was worthy of your attention?

Or gave you the right to pass information to those who you consider to be 'interested parties'? Especially when you know what the outcome will be.

Anyway as you clearly won't listen so there is no point in carrying on.

Unknown said...

Haha. You know me so well.

There is little point carrying on you're right.

If you had anything worthwhile listening to no doubt you would put your real name to it instead of hiding behind an alias.

You ask who gave me the right to act the way I do. I act according to the normal conventions of society. I don't have to hide my name or face as what I say is deemed fair game by the vast majority of society.

You anonymous commentators remain anonymous because you know that most of society finds your arguments and language offensive.

You're trying to defend people who say such horrible things and have such horrid views that they have to remain anonymous.

I'm not the internet police but just a normal member of the community. It's the one's I take issue with that aren't.

Twitter is public. If people want to spout hate speech and bully people in public and it pops up on my timeline then why should I ignore it?

Since when has burying your head in the sand been the right thing to do?

If you've got something worth saying then put your name to it or shut up.

Anonymity is important for whistleblowers but most just use it to spout abuse which I think is a shame.

Old Holborn said...


You ran straight to the "big boys" to tell them, just as you run to them every time I appear on twitter.

In 1930's Germany, you would have been a "blockwart", voluntarily patrolling the neighbourhood and reporting anything not towing the party line. Look it up, it describes you perfectly.

Most of them were hung from lamposts in 1945.

Unknown said...

No, I didn't Bob.

I don't need to tell that gang when you've got another account as they are more than capable of keeping track of them themselves. I did however bring the disabled slur that was posted on this blog to their attention.

You're also comparing me to a Nazi now and so further dishonouring the fallen.

I'm not a nazi because I campaign against hate speech not free speech. I don't have to patrol anywhere because on Twitter it just keeps on popping up in front of me. I'm pretty much the opposite of a blockwart though that's the closest you ever got to using an insult that might actually offend me.

I actually started commenting on this blog hoping to possibly mediate some sort of a peace. I don't think the honourables appreciate that they're actually egging you on and I would like to see an end to it.

I can actually survive with your comments about Hillsborough being out there. God knows I've seen far worse. I've made no move to get any of them removed. Both sides here seem incapable of reaching a settlement or seeing the other side's point of view and personally I don't think that censoring your Hillsborough comments by law is the answer.

Your comments regarding James Bulger are unfathomable. Why anyone would talk about such a tragedy using the terms you do I have no idea. Your comment about pointing out that it was Liverpudlians that killed him while technically true was nontheless crass and highly insensitive. Do you not understand that those comments would have been read by his parents. Have you no compassion? You typed them on a public forum that you share with his parents. What were you thinking? You have six kids yourself. Can you not appreciate how how your comments would be received by James' family?

I'm not going to condemn the block and report campaign that apparently keeps getting you suspended from Twitter however until I see some contrition on your side. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other as far as I'm concerned. The instant you set up a new account you start again on the abuse and so you get suspended again. I think it is clear from the police response you have posted that the police aren't interested in getting involved on either side and unless it escalates to violence including threats of violence they will steer clear.

I also find it hypocritical of you to complain about the apparent block and report campaign when your side are engaged it as well. I don't know who is pulling the strings but a gang of you are constantly blocking and unblocking me including many that I have never ever had an exchange with.

This has gone on for long enough now. The police aren't going to sort it out. Twitter aren't going to sort it out. This whole charade isn't showing anyone in a good light in my opinion and needs to end.

Old Holborn said...


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you ran to the big boys a couple of hours ago. You stalk me on Facebook.

Here you go.

Unknown said...

That was exactly what I was referring to when I said I pass information on to 'interested parties'. It was a particularly nasty comment and the use of the word cripple was uncalled for.

Ciaran Goggins said...

Simon is clearly an inadequate slimy little douchebag..... like most scousers in my experience to be honest.... cunts the lot of 'em....

Free Tibet !

Unknown said...

Thanks Ciaran. You've pretty much just proved my point about argument versus abuse.

I'm trying to find some way to finish this. I shouldn't really be posting screengrabs from Bob's Facebook and I apologise to him. That is admittedly mean and it was alcohol fueled.

Old Holborn said...


You're "offended" by the word cripple in the comments section of this blog so you run to the Internet Police?

Simon, you are beyond help

Unknown said...

Look, I'm sorry everyone. I've got an alcohol problem in addition to a number of personality disorders and various other made-up 'disabilities' - at least that's what I've managed to convince the DHSS....

You should try it - its awesome - how else would a lowlife douchebag like me *ever* get to afford a 2nd hand Merc ?

Anonymous said...

Well done, Chris O'Byrne. You sock it to the bastard! Shove it up his shitter!

Dwayne Wogfucker

Anonymous said...


The state of 'Chris O'byrne'. Nothing about 5k's worth of dental work couldn't sort out, it's rare that I've seen teeth as brown and crooked as those. No wonder his girlfriend resembles a hippo.

As for Simon Scanlon. I've spent some time watching him tugging at your trouser leg OH, and I think it's very sweet. He is a greasy haired skinny wretch, has never achieved anything and so spends his days trying to antagonise on social media in order to try and boost his tragically low self esteem. You'll die alone Simon, penniless and friendless.

96? Not enough.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol problems won't get you anywhere with sickness benefit if that's what your suggesting , unless you have korsakoffs syndrome or cirrhosis of the liver .......
Just saying

Anonymous said...

What is it with Scousers and children? No wonder they house Ian Brady there.

Anonymous said...

You'd think some someone posting people's details online would make more or an effort to ensure their address wasn't online.
Still at Issac Street, Simon?

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Anonymous said...

Wow Old Holborn, What a big boy you are! Give it to those naughty scousers you big boy!

Here's a suggestion:

Why not go to Liverpool town centre, set up yourself a stage with a nice big microphone and some nice big speakers and the share your wonderful views on the Hillsborough victims and the people of Liverpool with the city itself! But this will never happen will it? Why? Because your a big fucking shitbag who hides behind a computer!

Just so you know! I'm not from Liverpool!

Anonymous said...

After all! You do have the right of FREE SPEECH!!!

Anonymous said...

HahaHahaHaha old Holborn a fat ugly old fucker with a big mouth. Go get a bath you dirty cunt. Don't like what I say don't read it. Simple isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up OH, those scousers are pure scum and as for those trawling for pictures of your family, beyond disgusting! Youve loads of genuine supporters.


Suffolk Freeman

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Anonymous said...

Old Holborn is hiding at...
9 Hayes Close

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