Thursday, 30 May 2013

Keep your mouths shut, Comrades

Concentration camp guards demanding their jobs be saved, yesterday

It's been a while since I blogged, but I am forced to take up keyboard once again to voice my anger at current events regarding those who speak unpalatable truths.

I'm not talking about me pointing out to our knuckle dragging Trotskyist friends on Merseyside that the biggest killers of Scousers are in fact Scousers but the ability of social media to turn on anyone, at any time.

Julie Bailey had to watch her mother die whilst the useless, bloated behemoth that employs 1.25 million wastrels in this country tried to cover up the incompetence of the Glorious Socialist NHS. Mid Staffs hospital trust needlessly let 1200 people die and her crime has been to reveal that turnip production is not at records levels. Thousands turned out in Stafford to defend the killing machine - not to defend patient care, or demand higher standards, but to insist that "all is well and tractor production will be on target this year".

She has been hounded from her home, threatened, abused for daring to speak the truth to a collective so obsessed with the conflated idealism of "protect the NHS" that they are unable to see the monster we have created in our midst. Reason and logic vanish as the mob decide that something is better than nothing and attack, en masse, the one person who dared to point out that innocent citizens, their neighbours and friends are being slaughtered by a political creed not intent on treating, helping and curing but enslaving, manipulating and dominating. It doesn't matter what the NHS does as long as the bloated Diversity Coordinators it employs by the thousands can maintain their pensions, cushy jobs for life and Union domination.

The NHS has become a dangerous cult, unaccountable to those it was created to serve. Protected by endless politicians, the very "clients" it serves are in constant denial that the turnip harvest has failed and people are dying. The mob must be assembled to attack the heretic and preserve the order - stand back and watch the vested interests of politicians, lobbyists, suppliers and the damned right stupid take precedence over any level of actual service. God help anyone who dares to question the methods of the Glorious Workers Collective - I'm so grateful we won the cold war. Now, back on your heads, Comrades.

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