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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Unaccountable - Bexley Style

It's been a while since I've given my two pennies worth here, and I'm going to take advantage of our esteemed host's hospitality in order to give wider coverage to a story I think regular readers of this blog may be interested in, especially if you're of the opinion that the police service in this country is rotten to the core. Police corruption, dishonesty and plain incompetence has now become the rule and not the exception, you only have to look at the recent stories concerning, "plebgate" and Hillsborough to see there is something intrinsically wrong with those who are tasked with policing this country.

The building you see in the picture above is home to Bexleyheath Metropolitan Police Service. I have had the honour of having been arrested twice in said building and I have also spent more time than I care to admit in their cells. The reason I mention this is because I have first hand experienced incompetence, dishonesty and outright unaccountability at the hands of Bexleyheath Metropolitan Police Service, for it is they who are the subject of this blog post.

I am not going to bore you with every single detail of the story, if you want the complete story, feel free to pop over to Bexley Is Bonkers and read all about it. It's an ongoing saga that is yet to be completed. What I am going to do is give what I feel are the initial facts of the case and let you read further if you so wish.

When a judge rules that almost all the evidence that is presented to him is fabricated, and that everything the police have done is aimed at getting the culprit "off the hook" because of his close links with the local police, you really do have to start wondering whether we can actually trust the local police service. Yet this is what the judge said, and judging from the details of the case so far I am inclined to believe him.

Here are a few facts to whet your appetite.

  • A school child is assaulted at school in Bexley, his eye socket fractured and he is left with a permanent visual disability.
  • This is all recorded on CCTV which the headmaster confirms.
  • The suspect is arrested.
  • The arresting officer fails to see the assault in said CCTV footage and notes that the main assault not captured on CCTV and that the suspect and victim can be seen falling to the ground at the start of the fight.
  • 23 days later a PC is tasked with reviewing the footage.
  • 4 days after that it is noted that the PC had still not reviewed the CCTV.
  • A further 6 days later it is noted that enquiries are still continuing.
  • Another 8 more days pass and the footage is eventually reviewed where it is noted that the CCTV does not capture the incident.
  • 46 days after the initial assault the evidence sans CCTV is submitted to prosecutor.
  • Prosecutor notes "I am reliably informed that it merely shows a group of persons at the end of a playground and they cannot be identified".
  • Prosecutor advises "No further action" and the case is dropped.

It is a long convoluted story, so far we've discovered that the police falsified evidence, admitted that they were exempt from keeping accurate details, refused to correct their false details and attempted to pressure the judge into re-opening the case because it damaged their integrity.

When you read further you will see that incompetence, dishonesty and corruption are rife within Bexleyheath Police Service. The judge may well have ruled that all the evidence was fabricated, but do you know what? Every one of those police officers still has a job.

A quick reminder to read the whole story at Bexley is Bonkers.

Why not follow Bexley Metropolitan Police Service on Twitter and tell them what you think? @MPSBexley

The mind fucking boggles considering they're paid by us.

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