Saturday, 10 November 2012

So mote it be..Boyo

"All the abusers were members of Masonic lodges" 

No wonder the whole thing is being shifted back onto the BBC. 60 people who were named in the original Waterhouse report are still anonymous after the pulping of the first report. Never arrested, never charged, never mentioned again.

If we are not very careful, the whole thing will be swept back under the carpet. Newsnight is learning the hard way that you cannot just go around exposing Paedophile rings and expect to survive.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Burn it down, salt the earth and start again.

Slowly but surely, the power of the Internet is beginning to unravel a few of the horrors that an elite decided they could keep quiet from the rest of us. Technology now allows us to spread information at a speed and breadth never seen before. Whereby news editors and broadcasters could be threatened and bullied to keep their mouths shut, our masters are fast realising that Facebook, twitter and blogging cannot be silenced in the same way.

I am, of course, referring to the sudden plethora of rumours and stories finally surfacing after the demise of Jimmy Savile and a suspected cover up of various paedophile rings. Certainly, most of the stories have been meticulously documented on the Internet for the past 15 years but only now, following the public denigration of a “national treasure” like our Jimmy, are people beginning to ask where else the wool has been pulled over their eyes.

One of the reasons this blog existed was to cover stories that others would not or could not – using the mask of anonymity to allow readers to focus on the message, not the messenger. This blog has covered a multitude of topics, usually targeted at exposing corruption, hypocrisy and deceit by those who exercise power and influence over us. It has spawned other blogs as readers found their own voices and helped spread a little healthy cynicism around where Party spin doctors couldn’t reach.

The main stream media has known for decades about the filth and stench that purports as politics in this country. Editors were regularly briefed and silenced by D notices designed to keep the power firmly in the hands of an elite few, who thanks to influence and dark arts went unchallenged for decades. That is coming to an end.

I firmly believe we are entering a new decade where the past evils of those who we authorise to act on our behalf will be exposed – simply because they can no longer be silenced. Where once, a brown envelope with some unseen negatives lurked at the back of a safe, we have forums, message boards, twitter, blogs. The Police are already so far out of their depth in new media, they cannot resist arresting people for saying rude things or wearing “abusive” T shirts in public. Their old boy networks are being replaced with a savvy crowd sourced network that can spread information faster than even a television network can manage it. We are all editors, contributors and columnists now.

With reference to the stories you will see hitting the headlines in the coming months, I hope it brings down the Police, the Press and our Parliament. Goodness knows, if even a fraction of it is true, it certainly should. You will see stories of dead children, murdered MPs, rapists, torture, debauchery and cruelty beyond the pale, all done by those who are elected or appointed to make our lives “better”. It has been done in our name, by those who we allow to rule over us. All the “tin foil” hat stories that flood the internet are beginning to look a little more feasible, a little more logical and a little more truthful.

Just as the Soviet people had their revelations as they plundered the archives of their secret police in order to find the true scale of the horrors inflicted upon them, I fear we too may be about to meet our demons. All I ask is that those guilty of perpetuating or orchestrating these crimes be held up to the light of justice. Visitors to the North Wales children's homes were Lawyers, Judges, Police and Politicians - all the willing servants of secret societies that those in power have always used to exert yet more influence over us. I want the mechanisms that have allowed them to thrive; privilege, freemasonry, spindoctoring, lobbying to be closed down so that never again will anything so heinous be done using power bestowed by me on others.

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