Saturday, 3 March 2012

the Blockwarts of the Right

The blockwarts of the "Neue Recht"

I know many of my readers here don't follow me on Twitter but I became embroiled in a rather ugly spat with some "Libertarians" the other night over free speech.

Allow me to explain. Jenny Tonge, the odorous Lib Dem sitting in the Lords had been spotted doing her usual spouting off against Israel and declared that it would not exist forever. Now, I'm no friend of Israel and I'm certainly not a friend of Jenny Tonge but in my mind, she's right. Just as South Africa could not exist with apartheid forever, eventually Israel will have to adapt to a multi faith population and stop declaring itself as a Jewish State.

What followed was quite, quite remarkable. A pack of attack dogs, led by ├╝ber Tory Harry Cole decided that free speech was fine as long as whatever you are saying is what they want to hear. It resulted in the Jewish Chronicle calling the police to have the words of Jenny Tonge "investigated", her being thrown out the Liberal Party and various "right wing" bloggers parading around declaring to have claimed another "scalp".

I remember a time, not that far back, when the Police were called to investigate crimes, not thoughts. I also remember a time when the right wing Blogger brat pack went after Politicians for their foul deeds, not their mere words and thoughts.

If this is the future of social media, public school bully boys scouring the web for the hint of "off message" thoughts, then reporting the evil thought criminals to the Police, it makes me wonder what any of us have achieved. I may detest what you say, but I defend to the death you right to say it is ALWAYS what Liberty means. Hunting down and slaughtering someone for their spoken thoughts is the exact opposite of Liberty and worthy only of  a fabian IngSoc.

Be very careful what you wish for guys, you might just get it. A state where all politicians are the same and speak from one centrally controlled hymn sheet, lest anyone be "offended" - is that progress? Is that why we threw out the authoritarians of the Left? Your attack on Jenny Tonge was an attack on free speech and your tactics in decrying the "thought Criminal" you were "monitoring" is the antithesis of the very Liberty that Libertarians seek.

Membership of the Fabian Society is only a tenner. If what I saw last week is anything to go by, they'd welcome you with open arms.

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