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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A message to Osborne

It will not have escaped the more politically astute amongst you as you sip your Starbucks skinny lattes that an all out tax war is breaking out. The economy is not “growing” at the predicted rate and the State is moaning that tax revenue is lower than expected and borrowing must continue at unprecedented levels to fund the vanity projects of the 650 idiots whop plunder our wallets every week.

Well, I’m tired of it all. An article published this week in the Sun proclaimed that the average UK working couple struggling to make ends meet are taxed at eye watering rate of 73%. I’d like you to sit and consider what that actually means for a moment. Three quarters of your working life is spent solely for the benefit of stuffing the coffers of the State who relentlessly demand a slice of whatever cash you earn, save or spend – we are fast approaching the Rubicon of 100% taxation – whereby the State pays your wages after deducting whatever it sees fit (before you scoff, a proposal for all wages to be paid directly buy the tax office was briefly mooted last year). At least the slaves on the plantations had their food and housing supplied free of charge by the slave masters.

Just this morning, as Osborne prepares to re arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic once again to raise £5B, Captain Cameron has reversed the ship and declared that before he takes another full speed run at the iceberg, he will be donating another borrowed £2B to corrupt African dictators so they can buy Chinese made wind turbines and Soviet weapons systems to bolster their regimes.

So I have decided to kick back, fight, struggle and resist. I will not tolerate this anymore – my children are being cast into deeper and deeper debt to finance the sublime and the ridiculous. 2013 is the year that the taxpayer fights back by withholding the very life blood the State needs to continue with this madness – the money extracted with menaces by Politicians.

I want to raise an army of the outraged, the enslaved, the downtrodden and the fed up. I want to use the Internet to cut of the supply of funding to the financially addicted in Whitehall. I want borrowing stopped, projects cancelled, donations cancelled. I want to deny those who already consider us and our property to be their chattels denied access to our funding. I want the powers that be reminded that they have no money of their own, it is all extracted by force from us – not the other way around.

So dear reader, if you also feel that something has gone terribly wrong with this country, if you also feel that your existence is nothing more than a pale excuse to be harvested by the state, if you feel that your money belongs to you, not an African dictator or an American arms company or the shareholders of a wind turbine company based in Shanghai, if you are fed up with paying too much for books or coffee because the state demands a slice of the action, if you are sick of being turned upside down and having your pockets emptied then I ask you to join me in setting up a taxpayer strike to starve the beast that is taking more than just liberties.

I want help with websites, printing, commentary and outrage. I want us to become a movement that is no longer sneered at by our useless spendthrift politicians. I want spokespeople shouting on every corner that our money belongs to us, not Whitehall and most of all, I want all of you to stop paying taxes by whatever means possible – we are in this mess because we allowed them to make this mess and send us the bill. Ignore their promises to remove us from the mire they delivered us into, we are going to have to fight this one ourselves.

About bloody time too.


Anonymous,  30 December 2012 at 01:12  

"An article published this week in the Sun..."

Anonymous,  30 December 2012 at 08:35  

Is it just at my end or have 87+ comments just been censored?!

Agent Goggins 30 December 2012 at 13:24

Jah, me tinks dat they might be trying to fit up some of de Mooslim yoof doe dis, innit.....

Anonymous,  30 December 2012 at 13:42  

Here's the moment that Russian plane hits the bridge, as seen from the dashcam of a car that runs straight into the wreckage a few seconds after it hits. I think you can see that unfortunate air hostess flying onto the road... RIP...

Dashcam footage of passenger jet crashing into highway outside Moscow

DCI Broxted,  30 December 2012 at 17:45  

Banned on Auntie Maggie's "Jolly Farm" Derek was reduced to wanking over Old Holberstein.

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 13:07  

here's a piss-boiler for you OH.

Anonymous,  31 December 2012 at 18:38  

You may delete my messages but my cock remains as hard as rock!


Super-hard Cock

CJ Goggins 1 January 2013 at 14:05  

Pakistan: Seven charity workers shot dead

Jah, these Feminazi Ras-Claarts probbly arrlso made false rape accusations against me Mooslim bredrin, innit....

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