Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Burn it down, salt the earth and start again.

Slowly but surely, the power of the Internet is beginning to unravel a few of the horrors that an elite decided they could keep quiet from the rest of us. Technology now allows us to spread information at a speed and breadth never seen before. Whereby news editors and broadcasters could be threatened and bullied to keep their mouths shut, our masters are fast realising that Facebook, twitter and blogging cannot be silenced in the same way.

I am, of course, referring to the sudden plethora of rumours and stories finally surfacing after the demise of Jimmy Savile and a suspected cover up of various paedophile rings. Certainly, most of the stories have been meticulously documented on the Internet for the past 15 years but only now, following the public denigration of a “national treasure” like our Jimmy, are people beginning to ask where else the wool has been pulled over their eyes.

One of the reasons this blog existed was to cover stories that others would not or could not – using the mask of anonymity to allow readers to focus on the message, not the messenger. This blog has covered a multitude of topics, usually targeted at exposing corruption, hypocrisy and deceit by those who exercise power and influence over us. It has spawned other blogs as readers found their own voices and helped spread a little healthy cynicism around where Party spin doctors couldn’t reach.

The main stream media has known for decades about the filth and stench that purports as politics in this country. Editors were regularly briefed and silenced by D notices designed to keep the power firmly in the hands of an elite few, who thanks to influence and dark arts went unchallenged for decades. That is coming to an end.

I firmly believe we are entering a new decade where the past evils of those who we authorise to act on our behalf will be exposed – simply because they can no longer be silenced. Where once, a brown envelope with some unseen negatives lurked at the back of a safe, we have forums, message boards, twitter, blogs. The Police are already so far out of their depth in new media, they cannot resist arresting people for saying rude things or wearing “abusive” T shirts in public. Their old boy networks are being replaced with a savvy crowd sourced network that can spread information faster than even a television network can manage it. We are all editors, contributors and columnists now.

With reference to the stories you will see hitting the headlines in the coming months, I hope it brings down the Police, the Press and our Parliament. Goodness knows, if even a fraction of it is true, it certainly should. You will see stories of dead children, murdered MPs, rapists, torture, debauchery and cruelty beyond the pale, all done by those who are elected or appointed to make our lives “better”. It has been done in our name, by those who we allow to rule over us. All the “tin foil” hat stories that flood the internet are beginning to look a little more feasible, a little more logical and a little more truthful.

Just as the Soviet people had their revelations as they plundered the archives of their secret police in order to find the true scale of the horrors inflicted upon them, I fear we too may be about to meet our demons. All I ask is that those guilty of perpetuating or orchestrating these crimes be held up to the light of justice. Visitors to the North Wales children's homes were Lawyers, Judges, Police and Politicians - all the willing servants of secret societies that those in power have always used to exert yet more influence over us. I want the mechanisms that have allowed them to thrive; privilege, freemasonry, spindoctoring, lobbying to be closed down so that never again will anything so heinous be done using power bestowed by me on others.


Anonymous said...

Well done. Time we rid this land of these scum and their cowardly, corrupt protectors in blue.

Anonymous said...


Don't know if its all true, but certainly believable

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's happened to all the other comments? Looks like censor scum are on the loose protecting their fellow scum on the square and elsewhere.

terrence said...

While all the child abuse lawyers, investigators etc proclaim their outrage and rectitude from the rooftops the fact remains that the builk of this iceberg remains hiden from view.
I don't think the inner core who control things will be ruffled by the internet. The management consultants and the "coupon clippers" continue to be paid while A&E shuts down to finance them.

Tachybaptus said...

It would make no difference if you cut out the cancer. It would grow back swiftly, as it always has in the past. It is the nature of human beings to let unscrupulous and evil people climb to the top of the heap.

Anonymous said...

OH, I thought that this was a great idea:


What happened to it? How about disseminating it to other blog writers so we can all get involved and make it happen, if it isn't already?


Anonymous said...

"What's happened to all the other comments?"

Old Holborn believes in Free Speech.... just so long as that speech is something he agrees with...

Its a special kind of Libertarianism

Anonymous said...

All very true, but what you don't mention is what's happening with exposure of Islam. Web sites show how heinous Mohammed's behaviour was, how this links to the ideological heart of the religion and what violence, killing, misogyny and barbarism is happening every day, across the world, in the name of this Religion Of So Called Peace. Its like Christianity hundreds of years ago getting put in its place, achieved with the internet. They still try to stop it with violence as with the latest film, death threats against writers etc, but they cannot stop it. This has never happened before with Islam and when you see whats going on, you see its long overdue.

Anonymous said...

I think people have been too hard on Jimmy Savile. Ok. He did have sex with several hundred young girls, true, but most red-blooded men amongst us can say the same. Many of the girls were mature thirteen year olds - or even older! Jimmy got something out of it and the girls got something out of it, no pregnancy resulted, and a good time was had by all. Age is just a number after all. Where's the harm?

Anonymous said...

What's with the picture of a Master Mason? What have you got against Freemasonry? I'll see you on the square you old cunt! Fee-fi-fo-fum! Jubilee-jubilo-jubilum! Stick a penny up a Scotsman's bum!

Anonymous said...

@ the Anonymong talking about Islam: You think that's bad? It's actually written into JEWISH law that it's OK for Jews to fuck children as long as they are under nine years old! Never mind the protocols of Zion, it's there for all to see in the Talmud!

Anonymous said...

All is not what it seems and it is very saddening to see so-called Libertarians gleefully joining in with the irrational witch-hunt that is being whipped up in this country.

Some disturbing allegations and this is a must read for anyone interested in this case :


Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I really don't give a flying F what books say, as such. What concerns me Muslim - I assume thats what you are - is, for example, legal child marriage in Yemen, common child marriage in Egypt, honour killings in Islam countries and when those people come to live in Britain do the same. And lets not forget the recent pimp rape and paedo gangs - Muslims - targeting white girls. What you refer to in the Talmud is stupid nonsense. What exists in Islam is a leader who had sex with a child and a still living legacy of such ignorant barbarism.

Anything else?

Anonymous said...

What's in the Talmud is that YOU are an inferior subhuman compared to Jews, whom you are born to serve. Not all Jews believe this but there are a considerable number ALREADY in position of power in Britain and the West who think YOUR purpose is to serve their crackpot racist colony of Israel and that they will own the world.
They, incidentally, dupe morons like you to fight their enemies because you are thick as shit and easily led. I will not be duped into hating Muslims, so fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Like I said boy, I don't give a F what stupidity is in the Talmud. Jews I know don't either. How exactly, Muslim, should I "serve Israel"? How is that even possible? That is just Muslim hate speak for the West supporting the country against hordes of mad angry people who want to kill them - when they're not forcing their women into tents, that is. And its not even me doing it - its government - so stop projecting your crap onto me. It must be tough being trapped in such a stupid religious system where the only way of reconciling its stupidity with facts is to invent more stupidity. So your mosques represent fantasy nonsense, and then in the world you have to construct the same for the latter to have any credence - but its the credence of a deranged mind. Jews are not the problem old boy - touche on that - Muslims are and how, for example, over 150 of them are in prison for terrorism offences, 3 more arrested 2 weeks ago, and scores of them arrested and imprisoned for pimp rape and paedo gangs. And when these people are questioned and scrutinsed we see it traces back to their books, culture and teachings. Do you understand, boy?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how many Jews have actually heard of the talmud, let alone read it. I'm reasonably sure that most jews don't follow it's teachings, foul as they are. The same cannot be said about the koranimals and their terrorist manual.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

I'm a devout Muslim and have to admit to liking a slice of "white meat". There's something kind of exotic and energising about repeatedly screwing a young white girl legless.

Abdul Al Hazerad

Anonymous said...

If you weren't as thick as shit you might have noticed that you've had to pay and send your kids into various wars against Muslims, who didn't attack us, recently. That is how the dim like you are made to serve their Zionazi masters, you thick Moron.

Anonymous said...

I note that sadly the Muslim haters are back in force. Fucking idiots.


Anonymous said...

Right. Lets start again. Excellent! - the religion of Islam is also being exposed on the internet as I originally noted and described.

Whats not so good is the cess pit of nonsense such remarks attract, which parallels the riots, burning, threats and killing of Muslims when they see their religion criticised or exposed.

One part of this is how these foul dumbfuck people like to PROJECT their crap on you like a pressure, a hate, an anger, they simply have to express like a leak in toilet bowl. The filth leaks out - and they try to fling it at you.

So for the 3rd time, Muslim, I don't give a flying F what the Talmud says and don't know any Jews who do. I do not "serve Israel", boy, a stupid and absurd remark which - I assume - is actually a reference to government. I am not government, Muslim.

And finally, I don't send any kids into "wars against Muslims" and the term itself - stupid, crude, hissing like a snake, backward, innacurate - testifies again to your hostile stupidity. And nor do I serve "Zionazi masters", boy, sorry! I know Islam is all about subjugation, social control, oppression, totalitarian control, and the "master" control of imaginary "Allah" - but thats your world little Muslim, not mine, and nor does it have a parallel except perhaps with Hitler, Stalin, or maybe N Korea.

Anything else boy? You clearly need a slap and I'm happy to give it.

- and then, we will come back to the topic here which you HATE - which is the exposure and criticism of Islam.

Anonymous said...

And here's a question for you little Muslim.

Why do YOU obsess about the Talmud when no one else does?

Is it perhaps because you hate criticism of the Koran?

I know it is - and the answer to this issue is obvious to any half intelligent person. Another poster here provided it. Do you understand what he said, boy?

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep on and on and on about Muslims, Loon? Are you a Hasbara ZioNAZI or just a brainwashed moron?
You are actually a dim little girlie woefully failing to sound like an adult.

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep disrupting it? Making stupid remarks, talking about other stuff, playing stupid name calling games. Oh, because you're a Muslim, its the internet, and you can.

All I said, boy, is Islam is being exposed and criticised on the internet - which it is - and this is long overdue and welcome.

Muslims can't stand this. Tough. You won't stop it.

Anonymous said...

....and check out the Jew hatred, everyone. If you dislike Islam - a perfectly reasonable position anyone is entitled to have - you are a Zionist, Nazi (? yes, it is utterly stupid!), work for the government, you're brainwashed (? when you oppose brainwashing!), etc etc.

This is the downside of the internet: you have to wade through this crap. But Muslims know about the web sites exposing the day to day horrors of their religion, whats happening around the world, and how their books are being scrutinised and condemned where they tie in with this heinous stuff.

I won't say what the sites are because it will just prompt another round of sneering bullshit - "lies! its Jewish evil! you are an idiot!" etc etc.

Well, little Muslim, thing is, people read those sites, think about the content, and make up their own minds. And you can't stop it.

Anonymous said...

Religion = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55h1FO8V_3w

Fucking idiots!

Gill said...

If it's true that there's a video floating around concerning the high-profile North Wales abuser then now is the time for whoever has it to make it known.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to an update about the girl shot by the Taliban for wanting an education. Worldwide condemnation blah blah blah. The fact is such attitudes are endemic in barbaric Pakistan and all the Taliban are doing is expressing and enforcing them. Which puts them all on the spot: do you, Muslims, think girls should have an education and be equal etc etc or not?

Second point: what would Mohammed's views have been on this matter? Did he accept women as equals? Did he think they deserved an education?

Its not looking good for Islam, this is long overdue, and much of the work is taking place on the internet. Cartoon, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Jewish law from the Talmud:
Yebamoth 98a. All Gentile children are animals.

Abodah Zarah 36b . Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

They mean you, anonyminge.

Just balancing the endless anti-Muslim hatemongering with samples from the Zionazistic belief system.

Anonymous said...

Stupid isn't it Muzzzzlim? And as I said before since no one cares whats in the Talmud, including Jews, why do YOU obsess about it?

Now boy, would you care to address the real world, not your Muzzzzlim Jew hate world, with any reference you can find to Jews shooting a young girl because she wants an education?

In short, boy, you are THICK. The issues have been laid out to you several times and you simply ignore them and carry on being THICK. Which is rather like Jizzzlam - it carries on much the same as it was centuries ago in a primitive time and place.

Anonymous said...

There are endless tales of barbaric Muzzzzlim treatment of girls, boy, including the notorious paedophile activity of Mohammed with Aisha. You know it, we all know it. In Pakistan there's about 1-2 Muslim honour killings every day and a stream of them in Britain. Theres a court case about it now. In Sweden more than 50% of rape is perpetrated by the small minority of Muslims against - you guessed it - non Muslims. Dozens of UK Muslims were recently arrested and convicted for pimp rape and paedo gangs and its become clear this has been going on for at least 10 years. All of this traces back to Muzzzlim values and teachings.

But rather than address facts you prefer to obsess about a stupid old book to distract from those facts, eh boy?

Anonymous said...

In addition to politicians etc re this post, the religion of Islam is also being criticised and exposed on the internet. The Mohammed cartoons for example, expressed in satirical form historic fact - Mohammed was a killer.

And my goodness, how the Muslims hate these issues being exposed, and the extent they go to, trying to stop it.

Anonymous said...

WTF have Muslims got to do with indigenous lilywhite "honourable" Freemason paedo scum, Stinkyminge? You really are quite obsessive with your frothing hatred of arabs. Did one turn you down?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing, Muzzzzzlim boy. It doesn't have to. Any more stupid troll remarks?

Just about had enough have of your shit, Muzzzzlim boy.

Jizzzlam IS also being exposed and criticised on the internet despite the stupidity of lowlife like you, and that's all there is to it, boy. Thats essentially all I've said - and inevitably, it attracts mad dog Jew-hating trolling idiots like you, boy. Allah Fuckbar and all that, eh boy?

Anonymous said...

Go play with yourself, Stinykminge, it's pretty obvious you're just another zioracist Hasbara whore.

Anonymous said...

Er, no it isn't, THICK BOY. What is obvious, THICK BOY, is how you HATE criticism of Jizzzlam and have tried to deflect away from my points this way, that way, the Jew hate way, any way you can think of, each time told to cut the crap - but this is the internet which allows you to continue with your crap. Allah Fuckbar, THICK BOY.

terrence said...

Anonymous, 7 November, 2012, 20:33


Thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

Aisha's Revenge said...


It never stops.

Allah Fuckbar to these people and the scum here who seek to block criticism and exposure of Islam.

Jim said...

Here's the original Scallywag article with regards to McAlpine.


Nowhere man said...

Right, now can we begin a clear out of Common Purpose placemen/women.

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Darren Laverty said...

Seems to me that folk don't want the truth as it is. Only their own truths. See my take on McAlpine on you tube. You won't like it or believe it. Tough its the truth

Darren Duckworth said...

Bobby Ambridge is just a Tit, he has to much time on his hands.

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