Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ask the questions that need asking....

As the fog outside becomes ever denser and humid, it appears that our Police, Press and Politicians are able to vanish into the mist with ease. After the mild upset that was the expense scandal, it seems that our Politicians are back to ramming their snouts in the trough whilst shitting in our faces. The age of entitlement created by themselves has not disappeared as a hundred thousand benefit addicted wastrels meandered through London demanding more crippling debt and pointless public sector employment – shove it on the credit card, as long as I get my “living wage” for coordinating diversity, why should I worry?

Our state broadcaster is in turmoil as the institutionalised abuse of the unsackable slowly unravels. The machine that pumps out endless drivel to satisfy the moronic demand for bread and circuses from an electorate too high on soma to realise that nothing apart from popularity matters. No room for morals, integrity, quality – just a headlong rush to the adoration of the worthless and the cult of celebrity.

No one will ask the questions that need to be asked, for fear of the whole emperors suit becoming  exposed. How could the Police become so corrupt as to enjoy free reign over who they can kill in broad daylight? What methods were employed that allowed rampant sexual abuse of children in care homes, TV studios, schools. What happened to honesty and honour? A cesspit of Freemason’s handshakes and scratched backs, dirty deals and brown envelopes, grasping greed and vested interests.

If this is what society has become, then you can keep it. As we approach the very final episode of the Thick Of It (Saturday) you really have to ask how what once was an outrageous Political farce could become a perfect mirror of the vermin that infest any position of power in this country.

This blog was born of my need to expose the filth, double standards, hypocrisy and treachery of those who would assume power over me. After five years, even now with the cold hard light of day beginning to finally shine on the stinking morass of public “service”, I am well aware that an army of apologists are preparing to lift whatever carpets need lifting and once again sweep the whole ocean of corruption beneath – and to continue as normal - stealing, lying, cheating, deceiving.

My days are now spent working around their systems, finding more ways to escape their grasps and live independently and autonomously – I cannot change them, so I will change me to evolve outside of their mantra of consume, dominate, threaten, enslave. If society has decided it refuses to be free, refuses to challenge those shitting in our faces, refuses to ask WHO, HOW and WHY, then the most important minority in the world, me, will break free alone.

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