Monday, 11 June 2012

Prometheus Review

I’ve waited 33 years for this film. Not sat in the corner, gently rocking but just patiently waiting for Ridley Scott to return to a film genre so brilliant portrayed by his last and only two attempts – Alien and Blade Runner. Both were superlative masterpieces of science fiction, both left the viewer struggling with the concepts contained within and dizzy from the visual beauty. Would it work again?

How 33 years have changed us. Both Blade Runner and Alien used space, light and the suggestion of fear of the unknown to entrance a patient viewer in to a script that moved slowly towards a finale. Watching Prometheus (with the added bonus of iMax and 3D) avoided everything except attention to visual details and violence. Gone were the terrors of the dark, the perpetual rain, the confined spaces, the unknown nightmares lurking around the next corner – in with the fast paced gore, weedy story lines and pale characters badly cast by accountants instead of artists.

In my heart of hearts, I’d like to think that Scott was responsible only for the genius of David8, the “replicant” robot struggling to understand the human concepts of good and evil , the superb visual effects and the first hour of the film, when so much was promised – the usual Ridley Scott subjects – Evil corporations, replicants and robots, genetics, DNA, slave/masters and stunning creative sets. I can only assume he was promptly shoved off set in favour of a gang of 14 year gamers who took control of the rest of this wasted opportunity to explore so many of the concepts opened by the Pandoras Box of “who made us?” in favour of crash, bang and wallop and pathetic screenplay.

Was the film worth the wait? Of course not. Can it stand on its own? Possibly, if you hadn’t already worshiped at the temple of Alien (forget the rest of that franchise, no wait, add this to it) or Blade Runner. Is it a great Sci Fi film? Yes, it probably is, but certainly lacks the depth of a Space Odyssey 2001. Is it worth seeing? Yes, it is, but only to speculate what a Ridley Scott, 33 years younger, leaner and fitter could have done with half the budget and twice the imagination – now that’s a thought.


Lol Mahmood said...

No, it's not a good film. Forbes reviewed it in some detail, pointing out scores of plot weaknesses, character inconsistencies and crappy logic:

There are other, even funnier reviews in a variety of formats.

Anonymous said...

Wot next subscriptions to FILM4 ?

DCIBorxted said...

Trying to find the Internet's most deluded douchebag's Twitter account and all I keep seeing is this :

"Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

Bwahahahahahah !!!!!!

saor in aisce Tibéid !

Joe MacFarlane said...


Flabby McFarlane said...

Before the wailing and Nobel prize nominations start from the left-wing BBC, let's just remind ourselves of Rodney King's record :

saor in aisce Tibéid !

Chris Ferguson said...

Pfft.... did bredrin 'as probbly bin fitted up by de mednacious Plodde innit..

Justice for all us rapists !!

saor in aisce Tibéid !

Anonymous said...

For G_ds sake someone put this crappy remnant of a blog out its misery!

davecatlicense said...

It all went down hill when "OH" joined in the lynching of the two men accused of killing Stephen Lawrence, sneeringly ridiculing their accents at the same time, as "liberals" do!

"Sarf Lohndoners".....the Emperor shod his clothes, he is one of the sheeple, the race gestapo has him well trained, after that this blog lost all credibility and he knows it!

Which is why as the Euro melts, Greece starves, and rich comedians evade tax and get awards from a family funded by....the taxpayer, and as Israel pushes ever closer for WW3, what do we see?

A film review!!

Time to go I'm afraid, as Jimmy Carr is about to find out as Gordon Brown found out, we can lose many things and recover, but the one thing we can not recover from is lost CREDIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You nailed him, catlicense. The cheap and easy lynching of the Lawrence suspects was the turning point for me also.

Anonymous said...

Davecatlicense / Anonymous (above)

Sadly I'm afraid you're right. Rarely visit these days. Great shame.


davecatlicense said...

Its very easy to attack the establishment, comedians do it all the time, Ben Elton built his career on it.

Those that do are often respected and admired, OH was quite good at it too, and eloquent in his delivery.

There is a sacred cow, or better still an "elephant in the room" which spineless public figures, most bloggers, politicians avoid like a plague, and worse,to avoid the inevitable left stigma, the abuse, the alienation they actually join in.

What is it? Race of course,
Lawrence's alleged killers (and to me they are only alleged) Norris and Dobson were easy targets, and OH's comments were cowardly, and his sneeringly smug ridicule of their "class" and accents was disgraceful.

He knows it which is why in the 6 month since it was written we see a handful of bland, safe posts.

I see a comedian has said he has three words for Jimmy Carr "Bush Tucker Trial"....same for OH, bloggersphere wilderness.

Say what any of you like about Griffin and the BNP, when courage was needed, to speak out about the sexual abuse of young white girls he did it, and risked jail for it, whilst others sneered and ridiculed!!!

Javelin said...

Griffin would have seen going to jail for a few weeks as just a career enhancing move. The brave people were all the BNP members who he cheated and conned into getting involved in his sordid little family business masquerading as a political party.

As for OH, he said way back that he doesn't have as much time for posting on our blog here because of whatever shit he needs to do. Got to agree with you about Norris and Dobson though. Whatever you think about them, they were obviously used as a means of removing double jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

They lost the script and made the entire film up as they went along.

davecatlicense said...

I have read all of the Anti Griffin stories, believe almost none of them....Searchlight and Hopenothate have done a magnificent job!!!!

And those that are true? Well he would not be the first, and we all see how Blair and Brown are amassing fortunes and how celebrities invited to the Queen's Jubilee, fawning over her on stage evade the very taxes which pay to support her. Corruption is not confined to the door of the BNP.

But I will say this, it is very easy to dismiss the actions of someone as self serving etc, very easy, but facts are facts, when Muslim grooming was at its height, not a single person spoke out against it.

Labour brought in a law to protect the groomers, persecuting anyone who spoke out, the BNP were the only ones with the courage to do so, and because of that people like me were made aware of it!!
And now/ Groups of dirty, filthy Muslim pedophiles from Pakistani origin are now in jail!!

Never saw a single word about it an any "libertarian" blog, in particular this one, but then OH knows which side his bread is buttered!!!

Joe MacFarlane said...


Man-Boobs McFarlane said...

Have they beaten Italy already ? I thought the game was tonight....

saor in aisce Tibéid !

Reimer said...

"Griffin would have seen going to jail for a few weeks as just a career enhancing move"

IIRC he was looking at several years potentially, as a high-profile hate-figure in the sort of place where the authorities would be only too happy to look the other way for just long enough for him to be left needing a colostomy bag (if he was lucky).

I'm not sure what to think of him nowadays. Would be interested in an insider account from someone trustworthy. The State's sabotage work would make interesting reading too, albeit unlikely in open court.


davecatlicense said...

Several years at least, and old Gordon Brown, when Griffin was found not guilty said he wanted the law changed to ensure things like this don't happen again!!

Once again the elephant in the room is missed by Javelin and people like him

GRIFFIN WAS RIGHT, he was the only public figure to speak out when everyone else cowered.

The police, paralyzed by political correctness and cowardice, and fearful of losing a fat pension by doing or saying the wrong thing, sat back and allowed it to happen, then arrested the only public figure to speak out.

Irrespective of what people feel about him, thanks to him young white girls are that bit safer!!!

And the pedophile enrichers? Locked up, and I hope that prison justice is served up every day of every week of every month!!!

I note this blog has not said a single word about it, no surprise there!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, cat license. Nick Griffin is leader of the only party in Britain with the courage to give voice to what the majority are thinking and experiencing, The LibLabCons are fully aware of what’s going on, but in most cases it is in their own interests to remain silent - or even promote the further destruction of this country according to the plan laid out by their Frankfurt School controllers.
Though Nick Griffin has shown great personal courage over the years, the sad truth is that the BNP has yet to get a single MP elected during that time. Maybe it’s time for a change of leadership or at least a change to a more aggressive and assertive strategy (Golden Dawn?). Maybe Britain needs a total economic and social collapse before the majority will even make the effort to get out and vote for a party that represents their cultural and racial interests. Maybe we already have the government we deserve.

davecatlicense said...

Good post Anonymous!

This septic isle has not fallen far enough yet to cause the people to stir, unemployment, poverty and despair are the only true ingredients.

Problem is New labour saw that and made sure that the foolish electorate did not endure that, and everyone got what they wanted, welfare, housing, healthcare, grants, many enjoying a better standard of living than working people.

All they had to do was trade their dignity which they did!!

The Ponzi scheme is collapsing, and we will see unemployment (without welfare) poverty and despair much like in Greece or late 1920's early 1930's Wermar Germany. Then see the fools awake from their slumber, because they simply have no choice.

As for a New Leader, I agree, he did a great job in difficult circumstances, and his exposing of the Grooming scandal his finest hour.

But to the electorate, thanks to very effective propaganda he is seen as "Toxic". So a change would be for the best.

I actually think AmericaupgLau 42 will collapse socially before we do, after which we will follow suit!!

Note the silence from the "Libertarian" when it comes to issues such as this!

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