Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tally me Banana...

As regular readers will know, I detest the concept of involuntary taxation. I see it as theft with violence by the largest gang with the biggest guns – the Government. Certainly we can vote for whoever can assume the “right” the help themselves to the fruits of my labour or risked capital but with all democracies, my opinion only means something if everyone else agrees – as an individual, I am powerless.

I was pointed in the direction of a new report, prepared using data by Ernst and Young illustrating “Tax Liberation Day across the members of the Glorious Fourth Reich of the EU.  It makes very depressing reading for anyone attempting to live their life with any level of autonomy. The Glorious state has its claws deep into the citizens and shows no sign of relenting.

For example, the Belgians are not technically free of handing over all their wealth in taxes until August 5th. Think about that for a moment – two thirds of everything earned by a Belgian does not belong to him, but his master, the State. Two thirds of his day are dedicated entirely to labouring for a Mafia that will put him in prison if he refuses to hand over what he created, using his own labour or capital in the morning.

Again, regular readers will know that it is my duty to avoid as much tax as physically possible. I am in the process of relocating my business interests away from grasping politicians and unelected civil thugs in Brussels not because I refuse to help my fellow man but because I refuse to empower another to do it on my behalf, without my permission. I barter, I trade. I withhold my labour and hide my capital. I refuse to consume whilst a government can demand 20% of the price of my consumption. I mend, I make do, I repair and in return, I get to keep what I have earned or the rewards of my investments. I get to spend less time in the cotton fields to support myself and I eat when I am hungry and sleep when I am tired - not when a bank or credit card company demands a return on their "investment".

My responsibilities in life are not to ensure that motorways or high speed railway lines are built for the vanity of grinning politicians. Any fool can build anything if he can steal enough money from his neighbours. My responsibilities are to ensure the health and happiness of those around me and to live my live as I see fit, without hindrance to others. We have become enslaved to politicians who in turn have become enslaved to bankers and corporations. We worship the golden calf of fame and fortune and happily allow ourselves to be robbed of billions in order to watch a few thousand athletes perform whilst our Mayor reminds us all how "lucky we are". We willingly hand over monthly tithes to be “entertained” by multimillionaire  morons who remind us just how shitty our regulated, monitored and licensed existences really are and how truly unfree we have become.

Come Mr Tally man, tally me banana. Daylight come……..

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