Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Harder, Longer, Faster. OR ELSE

It’s finally with us!! Think back to the cold dark days of December, think back to the turkey carcass gently composting in the fridge and the last remaining fragments of egg nog lurking at the back of the drinks cupboard and enjoy the thought that every single day since then, every single dark unwelcoming morning you have hauled your carcass out of a warm bed to battle the elements and nit infested public transport has been for the financial benefit of “other people” - an against your will. Those who refuse to work, those who are simply not qualified to do anything other than claim benefits an entire life long, those who push bits of paper around at the Council whilst they wait to retire at 50. All paid for by you, under threat of imprisonment for non compliance.

As of today, you are allowed to keep what you earn for yourself, even though to make up the shortfall in what the State spends, your children will be asked to make up the difference through the sale of their future income as "bonds" to speculators looking to get rich on their labour.

Chin up, it could be worse. That bastion of undemocratic empire building, that foul pit of the unelected, Brussels will celebrate tax freedom day on August 5th, two thirds of the way through a year. 66% pure unadulterated slavery.

Arbeit macht frei, remember? Read the full report here

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