Sunday, 13 May 2012

ARBEIT MACHT FREI says Plantation Owner Hague

 William Hague, yesterday

With breath taking arrogance, William Hague has declared that the only way the nation can be saved from the ravages of people like William Hague borrowing money and giving it all to rich bankers is for us, the citizens, to stop moaning and work harder.

We already pay amongst the highest taxes in the known universe, at the barrel of a gun, so the simple answer of the benevolent Mafia who run our lives for us is to produce more, enabling more to be taxed.

The plantation owner is spoiling for a fight methinks. Yesterday saw mass demonstrations against Politicians throughout Europe. Certainly, the media will spin it as anti austerity in the hope that a magic wand will be waved and we can simply go back to building underground systems for donkey riding Greeks or diversity coordination projects for albino Roma but push too far, and you will see things our children will study in history books.

The beast is hungry and is now demanding that we work longer, harder and faster to feed it and it's endless appetite for OUR money. Wake up people, it's time to throw the cuckoo out of the nest again

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