Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anders Breivik - the new Jihadist

I’m watching the trial of Anders Breivik via my twitter feed and a couple of disturbing trends are appearing. I think we can all agree that no matter what your political beliefs, you have instantly lost whatever argument you hoped to form when you started shooting children. Lest we forget, our Freemason friend of freedom was quite happy to slaughter innocent members of public minding their own business in the centre of Oslo – for the “greater good”.

He decided to sacrifice innocent lives for what he believed would build a better world – for him. That alone condemns him as a collectivist of the very worst kind – it doesn’t matter what happens as long as what I fear most doesn’t happen. Everybody is expendable as long as the threat to my way of life goes away, these are my people and I feel they are threatened, so by killing some of them, they will see what I see – the ideology of the insane and the paranoid.

Make no mistake, Anders Breivik would kill us all if he believed it would “defeat” Islam. He would lay down the lives of our wives and children and smile smugly whilst declaring himself a saint. He has become what he most fears. A psychotic religious nut job determined to defend the “great truth”against the “great satan” regardless of the cost. Somewhere, deep in a cave in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan, a mad mullah is smiling at his creation- a worthy adversary to the swivel eyed Jihadists who relish the spilling of blood and carnage of body parts in the name of their religion.

Meanwhile, Lee Jasper must be furious that a white right wing nut job has stolen the “black power” salute so beloved of Multi culturalists


Anonymous said...

Just read that they have put up a statue for bomber command . They incinerated 30,000 children in Dresden in a few hours . Makes breivik look like an amateur .

Crumpled Fiveskin said...

Anonymous above is correct in that, whilst the media reels in disgust at this event; it's strangely quiet at the routine and casual slaughter of children conducted by western military units in the quest to achieve their own objectives of destroying organisations that they feel are a threat to their civilisation. It's reminiscent of the adage of a language being a dialect with an army behind it.

Breivik may have "lost his audience" in terms of the mainstream media and their drones, but it's naive to assume he does not have a constituency across Europe.

Your average so-called "far right extremist" would target the symptoms of their ire directly - beating up/shooting the immigrant, burning down the mosque/synagogue etc.. Breivik has "thought outside the box" - by attacking the establishment that is responsible for the presence of the immigrant and the mosque.

Clearly the immigrant is blameless for seizing any opportunity to better their life - that's human nature, and very Darwinian. It's also human nature for them to bring aspects of their identity and stick a wedge in the door, and seek to secure their position in the host country.
It's also human nature for this to be resented by the host population; and human nature for politicians to seek to use a short term tool such as immigration to quickfix economic problems and to then use the immigrant paternalistic culture to seek more votes to secure their own position - it's a poisonous cycle of self-interest.

Crumpled Fiveskin said...

Breivik has evidently either analysed this or co-opted an analysis by someone else, and reflecting upon it, concluded that to remove the symptoms one must remove the cause of them, which is the establishment: the left-wing establishment.
He has decided that it is of pressing importance to undertake what in his mind is a "David v Goliath" action by attacking the organisation he deems responsible for creating the problem, and further to attack the future of that organisation and it's own efforts to train future leaders, who may continue or worsen the symptoms from his point of view.
So for him, he is not "killing children", but "killing an organisation". Unfortunatelt for him, this perception is unlikely to be received and understood by the public.
One might expect that he understood that, but felt it was so important to complete this action that it was a price worth paying.
One can observe that he has prepared for this action over several years, and perhaps deliberately not associated with the traditional "far right extremist" for fear of detection or betrayal. From his perspective, he has sacrificed himself to destroy a sinister cult bent on the destruction of autochthonous European ethnic identities. The fact that he waited to be caught, and expected to die in a shootout, makes this event akin to the Malay traditional ritual suicide of "running amok".

It is a core part of human behaviour to be ethnocentric - it's an extension of being family-centric, and ego-centric, to self-identify with one's origins and ones own people. This same aspect of human behaviour that results in "far-right" behaviours, is the exact same behaviour that results in immigrants setting up their ethnic enclaves with their religious buildings, food, shops, and bringing over as many of their own as they can.
It would be nice to think the politicians were intelligent and thoughtful enough even to be disingenuous, but it's evident that their thoughts don't even go that far, they are simply using a tool to fix a short-term problem and moving on, leaving wreckage behind.

It's because of this core human trait, that most people are not, and are unlikely to ever become "Libertarians". Libertarianism is a religion itself, one where you strain to adhere to a dogma (as you will find written in any Libertarian blog or manifesto - as they feel compelled to explain their lunacy to the rest of humanity). One thing openly "Libertarian" people should reflect on, is that the establishment that Breivik targeted, is the same one that zeaously attacks all infidels who are apostate from their religion of "multi-culturalism, diversity, tolerance" etc.; the same establishment that will send people to prison for fairly innocuous, irrelevant, and uninteresting comments posted online; and that wants to collect and store immense amounts of data through the internet, cctv, and large-scale IT systems etc.. So Breivik, acting alone, was attacking a large collectivist state.
Surely anyone can see that Breivik was behaving like a Libertarian...

"He decided to sacrifice innocent lives for what he believed would build a better world – for him. That alone condemns him as a collectivist of the very worst kind – it doesn’t matter what happens as long as what I fear most doesn’t happen. Everybody is expendable as long as the threat to my way of life goes away, these are my people and I feel they are threatened, so by killing some of them, they will see what I see – the ideology of the..." Libertarian.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter what breivik thinks the fact is that breivik killed innocent childrens lifes for what because he believed it would make his beliefes stronger and he would be a better person no he derseves to be in jail because he's physcopathic nut job

Crumpled Fiveskin said...

That's too easy, too convenient, and lets other people off the hook.
I doubt very much that you know what psychopathy really is.

This was not a criminal act, but a political act.
Saying that he was just a one-off lunatic, is brushing it under the carpet, and trying to avoid an inconvenient reality.
When the first islamic terrorists acted, they were also described as isolated lunatics, but the political paradigm of their acts is clear now.

The people are responsible are those who put the children in danger by using them in their plans of indoctrinating them into their extreme-left ideology; and who have constructed a threat in their own societies with their extremist far-left social engineering projects.

The end result is this - it doesn't matter whether Breivik is in gaol or not, the sentiment that drove him is still there and can drive others.
If you want to reduce the chances of further incidents, then it does matter what Breivik thinks, simply saying he's a nut job and should be in gaol does nothing to solve or prevent anything - even if it makes you feel better.

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