Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A message to Osborne

It will not have escaped the more politically astute amongst you as you sip your Starbucks skinny lattes that an all out tax war is breaking out. The economy is not “growing” at the predicted rate and the State is moaning that tax revenue is lower than expected and borrowing must continue at unprecedented levels to fund the vanity projects of the 650 idiots whop plunder our wallets every week.

Well, I’m tired of it all. An article published this week in the Sun proclaimed that the average UK working couple struggling to make ends meet are taxed at eye watering rate of 73%. I’d like you to sit and consider what that actually means for a moment. Three quarters of your working life is spent solely for the benefit of stuffing the coffers of the State who relentlessly demand a slice of whatever cash you earn, save or spend – we are fast approaching the Rubicon of 100% taxation – whereby the State pays your wages after deducting whatever it sees fit (before you scoff, a proposal for all wages to be paid directly buy the tax office was briefly mooted last year). At least the slaves on the plantations had their food and housing supplied free of charge by the slave masters.

Just this morning, as Osborne prepares to re arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic once again to raise £5B, Captain Cameron has reversed the ship and declared that before he takes another full speed run at the iceberg, he will be donating another borrowed £2B to corrupt African dictators so they can buy Chinese made wind turbines and Soviet weapons systems to bolster their regimes.

So I have decided to kick back, fight, struggle and resist. I will not tolerate this anymore – my children are being cast into deeper and deeper debt to finance the sublime and the ridiculous. 2013 is the year that the taxpayer fights back by withholding the very life blood the State needs to continue with this madness – the money extracted with menaces by Politicians.

I want to raise an army of the outraged, the enslaved, the downtrodden and the fed up. I want to use the Internet to cut of the supply of funding to the financially addicted in Whitehall. I want borrowing stopped, projects cancelled, donations cancelled. I want to deny those who already consider us and our property to be their chattels denied access to our funding. I want the powers that be reminded that they have no money of their own, it is all extracted by force from us – not the other way around.

So dear reader, if you also feel that something has gone terribly wrong with this country, if you also feel that your existence is nothing more than a pale excuse to be harvested by the state, if you feel that your money belongs to you, not an African dictator or an American arms company or the shareholders of a wind turbine company based in Shanghai, if you are fed up with paying too much for books or coffee because the state demands a slice of the action, if you are sick of being turned upside down and having your pockets emptied then I ask you to join me in setting up a taxpayer strike to starve the beast that is taking more than just liberties.

I want help with websites, printing, commentary and outrage. I want us to become a movement that is no longer sneered at by our useless spendthrift politicians. I want spokespeople shouting on every corner that our money belongs to us, not Whitehall and most of all, I want all of you to stop paying taxes by whatever means possible – we are in this mess because we allowed them to make this mess and send us the bill. Ignore their promises to remove us from the mire they delivered us into, we are going to have to fight this one ourselves.

About bloody time too.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

So mote it be..Boyo

"All the abusers were members of Masonic lodges" 

No wonder the whole thing is being shifted back onto the BBC. 60 people who were named in the original Waterhouse report are still anonymous after the pulping of the first report. Never arrested, never charged, never mentioned again.

If we are not very careful, the whole thing will be swept back under the carpet. Newsnight is learning the hard way that you cannot just go around exposing Paedophile rings and expect to survive.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Burn it down, salt the earth and start again.

Slowly but surely, the power of the Internet is beginning to unravel a few of the horrors that an elite decided they could keep quiet from the rest of us. Technology now allows us to spread information at a speed and breadth never seen before. Whereby news editors and broadcasters could be threatened and bullied to keep their mouths shut, our masters are fast realising that Facebook, twitter and blogging cannot be silenced in the same way.

I am, of course, referring to the sudden plethora of rumours and stories finally surfacing after the demise of Jimmy Savile and a suspected cover up of various paedophile rings. Certainly, most of the stories have been meticulously documented on the Internet for the past 15 years but only now, following the public denigration of a “national treasure” like our Jimmy, are people beginning to ask where else the wool has been pulled over their eyes.

One of the reasons this blog existed was to cover stories that others would not or could not – using the mask of anonymity to allow readers to focus on the message, not the messenger. This blog has covered a multitude of topics, usually targeted at exposing corruption, hypocrisy and deceit by those who exercise power and influence over us. It has spawned other blogs as readers found their own voices and helped spread a little healthy cynicism around where Party spin doctors couldn’t reach.

The main stream media has known for decades about the filth and stench that purports as politics in this country. Editors were regularly briefed and silenced by D notices designed to keep the power firmly in the hands of an elite few, who thanks to influence and dark arts went unchallenged for decades. That is coming to an end.

I firmly believe we are entering a new decade where the past evils of those who we authorise to act on our behalf will be exposed – simply because they can no longer be silenced. Where once, a brown envelope with some unseen negatives lurked at the back of a safe, we have forums, message boards, twitter, blogs. The Police are already so far out of their depth in new media, they cannot resist arresting people for saying rude things or wearing “abusive” T shirts in public. Their old boy networks are being replaced with a savvy crowd sourced network that can spread information faster than even a television network can manage it. We are all editors, contributors and columnists now.

With reference to the stories you will see hitting the headlines in the coming months, I hope it brings down the Police, the Press and our Parliament. Goodness knows, if even a fraction of it is true, it certainly should. You will see stories of dead children, murdered MPs, rapists, torture, debauchery and cruelty beyond the pale, all done by those who are elected or appointed to make our lives “better”. It has been done in our name, by those who we allow to rule over us. All the “tin foil” hat stories that flood the internet are beginning to look a little more feasible, a little more logical and a little more truthful.

Just as the Soviet people had their revelations as they plundered the archives of their secret police in order to find the true scale of the horrors inflicted upon them, I fear we too may be about to meet our demons. All I ask is that those guilty of perpetuating or orchestrating these crimes be held up to the light of justice. Visitors to the North Wales children's homes were Lawyers, Judges, Police and Politicians - all the willing servants of secret societies that those in power have always used to exert yet more influence over us. I want the mechanisms that have allowed them to thrive; privilege, freemasonry, spindoctoring, lobbying to be closed down so that never again will anything so heinous be done using power bestowed by me on others.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Khyber? Pass.

More than ten years after a pumped up psycho President  Bush decided to teach them ragheads a lesson for 9/11, it has finally dawned on the powers that be that invading Afghanistan was all just a big farce to extract as much money from the taxpayer as possible, whilst handing it to manufacturers of bombs and greedy Vichy government officials.

All the lives lost on both sides, all the limbless children, all the horrors inflicted on the civilian population in the name of “civilisation” have shown the Afghans that the West is anything BUT civilised. Their steadfast refusal to adopt a western model of work, consume, pretend to vote, die, whilst handing every aspect of their lives over to the central state (to be auctioned to every corporation with a vested interest) has infuriated our Politicians and military leaders who were convinced that if the savages could just be bombed into submission, an emerging market, ripe for exploitation, would validate the slaughter and sacrifice.

Like Somalia before, Afghanistan just shows that there are alternative models apart from the bloated centralised State. Sure, it might not be paradise to you or I, but you have never been able to bomb a people out of the middle ages, no matter how many diversity coordinators and wimmins rights activists you send into a village that hasn’t changed for 1,000 years.

Get out, build a wall high enough to keep them in (and Pakistan out), cut the funding, cut the bribes and corruption, stop the bombing, let the dust settle and see what develops – it certainly cannot evolve into anything worse than the fly blown hell hole and death trap we so proudly declare to be the current solution to their problems.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ask the questions that need asking....

As the fog outside becomes ever denser and humid, it appears that our Police, Press and Politicians are able to vanish into the mist with ease. After the mild upset that was the expense scandal, it seems that our Politicians are back to ramming their snouts in the trough whilst shitting in our faces. The age of entitlement created by themselves has not disappeared as a hundred thousand benefit addicted wastrels meandered through London demanding more crippling debt and pointless public sector employment – shove it on the credit card, as long as I get my “living wage” for coordinating diversity, why should I worry?

Our state broadcaster is in turmoil as the institutionalised abuse of the unsackable slowly unravels. The machine that pumps out endless drivel to satisfy the moronic demand for bread and circuses from an electorate too high on soma to realise that nothing apart from popularity matters. No room for morals, integrity, quality – just a headlong rush to the adoration of the worthless and the cult of celebrity.

No one will ask the questions that need to be asked, for fear of the whole emperors suit becoming  exposed. How could the Police become so corrupt as to enjoy free reign over who they can kill in broad daylight? What methods were employed that allowed rampant sexual abuse of children in care homes, TV studios, schools. What happened to honesty and honour? A cesspit of Freemason’s handshakes and scratched backs, dirty deals and brown envelopes, grasping greed and vested interests.

If this is what society has become, then you can keep it. As we approach the very final episode of the Thick Of It (Saturday) you really have to ask how what once was an outrageous Political farce could become a perfect mirror of the vermin that infest any position of power in this country.

This blog was born of my need to expose the filth, double standards, hypocrisy and treachery of those who would assume power over me. After five years, even now with the cold hard light of day beginning to finally shine on the stinking morass of public “service”, I am well aware that an army of apologists are preparing to lift whatever carpets need lifting and once again sweep the whole ocean of corruption beneath – and to continue as normal - stealing, lying, cheating, deceiving.

My days are now spent working around their systems, finding more ways to escape their grasps and live independently and autonomously – I cannot change them, so I will change me to evolve outside of their mantra of consume, dominate, threaten, enslave. If society has decided it refuses to be free, refuses to challenge those shitting in our faces, refuses to ask WHO, HOW and WHY, then the most important minority in the world, me, will break free alone.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Look in the mirror

“We have been living beyond our means. We have been paying ourselves more than our efforts were earning. We sought political leaders who would assure us that the good times would never end and that the centuries of boom and bust were over; and we voted for those who offered that assurance.

We sought credit for which we had no security and we gave our business to the banks that advertised it. We wanted higher exam grades for our children and were rewarded with politicians prepared to supply them by lowering exam standards. We wanted free and better health care and demanded chancellors who paid for it without putting up our taxes. 

We wanted salacious stories in our newspapers and bought the papers that broke the rules to provide them. And now we whimper and snarl at MPs, bankers and journalists. Fair enough, my friends, but, you know, we really are all in this together.”

Matthew Parris h/t Guido

Read my latest at Blottr

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Report Barclays to the Police

So today we find out that a few nods, winks and bottles of champagne is all it takes to manipulate the rate at which banks lend money to each other. Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS are all in it together and expect this one to rumble. Millions of borrowers were stitched up like kippers and the banks made billions at our expense.

So here’s your task for today. You are going, as a diligent citizen, to report Barclays bank to the Police. It is your duty.

“I am contacting you as the police authority responsible for the area in which Barclays PLC, 1 Churchill Place, London has its HQ. From press reports today and, in particular on the basis of the Final Notice issued by the Financial Services Authority today, 27 June 2012 (FSA Reference No. 122702), I have reason to believe that a crime of fraud (Section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006) has been committed by Barclays Bank PLC and hereby report this alleged crime to the Metropolitan Police.”

If we continue to allow anyone in authority over our lives, property, liberty or money to do as they please, we will only have ourselves to blame for the corrupt State we allowed to flourish. Our Police, our press, our Politicians and our financial institutions are rotten to the core and our refusal to hold those responsible to account is to blame. So act now.

Contact the Police HERE

h/t to  Andy Wightman

Monday, 11 June 2012

Prometheus Review

I’ve waited 33 years for this film. Not sat in the corner, gently rocking but just patiently waiting for Ridley Scott to return to a film genre so brilliant portrayed by his last and only two attempts – Alien and Blade Runner. Both were superlative masterpieces of science fiction, both left the viewer struggling with the concepts contained within and dizzy from the visual beauty. Would it work again?

How 33 years have changed us. Both Blade Runner and Alien used space, light and the suggestion of fear of the unknown to entrance a patient viewer in to a script that moved slowly towards a finale. Watching Prometheus (with the added bonus of iMax and 3D) avoided everything except attention to visual details and violence. Gone were the terrors of the dark, the perpetual rain, the confined spaces, the unknown nightmares lurking around the next corner – in with the fast paced gore, weedy story lines and pale characters badly cast by accountants instead of artists.

In my heart of hearts, I’d like to think that Scott was responsible only for the genius of David8, the “replicant” robot struggling to understand the human concepts of good and evil , the superb visual effects and the first hour of the film, when so much was promised – the usual Ridley Scott subjects – Evil corporations, replicants and robots, genetics, DNA, slave/masters and stunning creative sets. I can only assume he was promptly shoved off set in favour of a gang of 14 year gamers who took control of the rest of this wasted opportunity to explore so many of the concepts opened by the Pandoras Box of “who made us?” in favour of crash, bang and wallop and pathetic screenplay.

Was the film worth the wait? Of course not. Can it stand on its own? Possibly, if you hadn’t already worshiped at the temple of Alien (forget the rest of that franchise, no wait, add this to it) or Blade Runner. Is it a great Sci Fi film? Yes, it probably is, but certainly lacks the depth of a Space Odyssey 2001. Is it worth seeing? Yes, it is, but only to speculate what a Ridley Scott, 33 years younger, leaner and fitter could have done with half the budget and twice the imagination – now that’s a thought.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Harder, Longer, Faster. OR ELSE

It’s finally with us!! Think back to the cold dark days of December, think back to the turkey carcass gently composting in the fridge and the last remaining fragments of egg nog lurking at the back of the drinks cupboard and enjoy the thought that every single day since then, every single dark unwelcoming morning you have hauled your carcass out of a warm bed to battle the elements and nit infested public transport has been for the financial benefit of “other people” - an against your will. Those who refuse to work, those who are simply not qualified to do anything other than claim benefits an entire life long, those who push bits of paper around at the Council whilst they wait to retire at 50. All paid for by you, under threat of imprisonment for non compliance.

As of today, you are allowed to keep what you earn for yourself, even though to make up the shortfall in what the State spends, your children will be asked to make up the difference through the sale of their future income as "bonds" to speculators looking to get rich on their labour.

Chin up, it could be worse. That bastion of undemocratic empire building, that foul pit of the unelected, Brussels will celebrate tax freedom day on August 5th, two thirds of the way through a year. 66% pure unadulterated slavery.

Arbeit macht frei, remember? Read the full report here

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tally me Banana...

As regular readers will know, I detest the concept of involuntary taxation. I see it as theft with violence by the largest gang with the biggest guns – the Government. Certainly we can vote for whoever can assume the “right” the help themselves to the fruits of my labour or risked capital but with all democracies, my opinion only means something if everyone else agrees – as an individual, I am powerless.

I was pointed in the direction of a new report, prepared using data by Ernst and Young illustrating “Tax Liberation Day across the members of the Glorious Fourth Reich of the EU.  It makes very depressing reading for anyone attempting to live their life with any level of autonomy. The Glorious state has its claws deep into the citizens and shows no sign of relenting.

For example, the Belgians are not technically free of handing over all their wealth in taxes until August 5th. Think about that for a moment – two thirds of everything earned by a Belgian does not belong to him, but his master, the State. Two thirds of his day are dedicated entirely to labouring for a Mafia that will put him in prison if he refuses to hand over what he created, using his own labour or capital in the morning.

Again, regular readers will know that it is my duty to avoid as much tax as physically possible. I am in the process of relocating my business interests away from grasping politicians and unelected civil thugs in Brussels not because I refuse to help my fellow man but because I refuse to empower another to do it on my behalf, without my permission. I barter, I trade. I withhold my labour and hide my capital. I refuse to consume whilst a government can demand 20% of the price of my consumption. I mend, I make do, I repair and in return, I get to keep what I have earned or the rewards of my investments. I get to spend less time in the cotton fields to support myself and I eat when I am hungry and sleep when I am tired - not when a bank or credit card company demands a return on their "investment".

My responsibilities in life are not to ensure that motorways or high speed railway lines are built for the vanity of grinning politicians. Any fool can build anything if he can steal enough money from his neighbours. My responsibilities are to ensure the health and happiness of those around me and to live my live as I see fit, without hindrance to others. We have become enslaved to politicians who in turn have become enslaved to bankers and corporations. We worship the golden calf of fame and fortune and happily allow ourselves to be robbed of billions in order to watch a few thousand athletes perform whilst our Mayor reminds us all how "lucky we are". We willingly hand over monthly tithes to be “entertained” by multimillionaire  morons who remind us just how shitty our regulated, monitored and licensed existences really are and how truly unfree we have become.

Come Mr Tally man, tally me banana. Daylight come……..

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cut the Gordian Knot.

A problem that has been bubbling away for decades is finally about to reveal the true nature of the European "experiment". Desperate to acquire power and wealth after a century of fruitless wars, the German - Franco powers saw the European Union as the answer to the Commonwealth. Unlike the British Empire however, the European Project needed to be run by Socialists who could redistribute the wealth of a thousand years in return for unbridled power for themselves.

As Greece now lies trapped in a Gordian knot, shackled to a currency it cannot control, with debts it cannot repay and dictated to by masters it cannot replace, the scale of the deception is becoming clear. Already, those who welcomed Greece into the club as "brothers and equals" are demanding that if their vichy politicians in Athens cannot install a Government that will do the bidding of European Central Bankers and the Politicians they purchased, then simple technocrats should be installed like bailiffs taking over the property of a debtor. To hell with the democratic will of the people who will have to repay the debts  -  money above liberty or property

Endless attempts to plug the dyke with bailouts or furious meddling cannot conceal that which is now clear to see. Greece has a choice. Fail slowly, with crippling debts and austerity as shiny new airports and motorways purchased from fellow members at the Brussels Lodge sap every penny the citizens can earn or fail quickly, eject the bailiffs and print a new currency and hope for growth.

Naturally, should Greece fail quickly, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and France will follow - the Germans simply cannot sell enough BMWs to finance a continent of feckless donkey farmers. Banks will collapse, life savings will vanish, stock markets will plummet, property will become worthless and no end of "service industries" will vanish, leaving millions and millions across Europe with no way to support their bloated lifestyles.

Should Greece fail slowly, the others too can expect a long drawn out death, as austerity starves the citizens to finance the banks and the coffers of Governments. Formula One and premiership football will appease the masses only for so long - they are luxuries the third world has no need of and when standards really start to fall in Southern Europe - to pre WWII levels, expect to see an exodus of Southerners to warmer or benevolent climes. Angola for the Portuguese, South America for the Spanish, Switzerland and Germany for the Italians, and the US and UK for the Irish.

Interesting times indeed. If we survive the next thirty years without European civil war, we will have escaped by the skin of our teeth - and all for the vanity, once more, of a few deluded Socialists who thought they could have it all if they could just get their grasping hands on the earned wealth of others.

Head for the hills folks, it's coming.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

ARBEIT MACHT FREI says Plantation Owner Hague

 William Hague, yesterday

With breath taking arrogance, William Hague has declared that the only way the nation can be saved from the ravages of people like William Hague borrowing money and giving it all to rich bankers is for us, the citizens, to stop moaning and work harder.

We already pay amongst the highest taxes in the known universe, at the barrel of a gun, so the simple answer of the benevolent Mafia who run our lives for us is to produce more, enabling more to be taxed.

The plantation owner is spoiling for a fight methinks. Yesterday saw mass demonstrations against Politicians throughout Europe. Certainly, the media will spin it as anti austerity in the hope that a magic wand will be waved and we can simply go back to building underground systems for donkey riding Greeks or diversity coordination projects for albino Roma but push too far, and you will see things our children will study in history books.

The beast is hungry and is now demanding that we work longer, harder and faster to feed it and it's endless appetite for OUR money. Wake up people, it's time to throw the cuckoo out of the nest again

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anders Breivik - the new Jihadist

I’m watching the trial of Anders Breivik via my twitter feed and a couple of disturbing trends are appearing. I think we can all agree that no matter what your political beliefs, you have instantly lost whatever argument you hoped to form when you started shooting children. Lest we forget, our Freemason friend of freedom was quite happy to slaughter innocent members of public minding their own business in the centre of Oslo – for the “greater good”.

He decided to sacrifice innocent lives for what he believed would build a better world – for him. That alone condemns him as a collectivist of the very worst kind – it doesn’t matter what happens as long as what I fear most doesn’t happen. Everybody is expendable as long as the threat to my way of life goes away, these are my people and I feel they are threatened, so by killing some of them, they will see what I see – the ideology of the insane and the paranoid.

Make no mistake, Anders Breivik would kill us all if he believed it would “defeat” Islam. He would lay down the lives of our wives and children and smile smugly whilst declaring himself a saint. He has become what he most fears. A psychotic religious nut job determined to defend the “great truth”against the “great satan” regardless of the cost. Somewhere, deep in a cave in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan, a mad mullah is smiling at his creation- a worthy adversary to the swivel eyed Jihadists who relish the spilling of blood and carnage of body parts in the name of their religion.

Meanwhile, Lee Jasper must be furious that a white right wing nut job has stolen the “black power” salute so beloved of Multi culturalists

Saturday, 3 March 2012

the Blockwarts of the Right

The blockwarts of the "Neue Recht"

I know many of my readers here don't follow me on Twitter but I became embroiled in a rather ugly spat with some "Libertarians" the other night over free speech.

Allow me to explain. Jenny Tonge, the odorous Lib Dem sitting in the Lords had been spotted doing her usual spouting off against Israel and declared that it would not exist forever. Now, I'm no friend of Israel and I'm certainly not a friend of Jenny Tonge but in my mind, she's right. Just as South Africa could not exist with apartheid forever, eventually Israel will have to adapt to a multi faith population and stop declaring itself as a Jewish State.

What followed was quite, quite remarkable. A pack of attack dogs, led by ├╝ber Tory Harry Cole decided that free speech was fine as long as whatever you are saying is what they want to hear. It resulted in the Jewish Chronicle calling the police to have the words of Jenny Tonge "investigated", her being thrown out the Liberal Party and various "right wing" bloggers parading around declaring to have claimed another "scalp".

I remember a time, not that far back, when the Police were called to investigate crimes, not thoughts. I also remember a time when the right wing Blogger brat pack went after Politicians for their foul deeds, not their mere words and thoughts.

If this is the future of social media, public school bully boys scouring the web for the hint of "off message" thoughts, then reporting the evil thought criminals to the Police, it makes me wonder what any of us have achieved. I may detest what you say, but I defend to the death you right to say it is ALWAYS what Liberty means. Hunting down and slaughtering someone for their spoken thoughts is the exact opposite of Liberty and worthy only of  a fabian IngSoc.

Be very careful what you wish for guys, you might just get it. A state where all politicians are the same and speak from one centrally controlled hymn sheet, lest anyone be "offended" - is that progress? Is that why we threw out the authoritarians of the Left? Your attack on Jenny Tonge was an attack on free speech and your tactics in decrying the "thought Criminal" you were "monitoring" is the antithesis of the very Liberty that Libertarians seek.

Membership of the Fabian Society is only a tenner. If what I saw last week is anything to go by, they'd welcome you with open arms.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Papa Lazarou - You're MY wife now, Dave

And that's that for the time being. An unelected, ex EU commission "installed" Prime Minister has capitulated to the bankers of Germany and France and signed over the future labour of the citizens of Greece to slavery. Not one single penny of the latest €130 Billion "bail out" will go into the pockets of starving Greeks, it will head straight back to the banks that refused to stop lending money to Socialists on the orders of Fabian EU politicians intent on creating the Fourth Reich come hell or high water.

The 1st Hellenic Republic of Goldman Sachs has been founded. Coming along nicely are Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland. Not one shot fired, not one revolution and all of a sudden, entire nations are to be owned by banks, overseen by the European Central Bank and the unelected EU Commission. Refusal to play the game will see your elected representatives replaced and your economy overseen by merchant bankers, employing ex Eu commissioners as advisors to make sure the job gets done.

At some stage, we really are going to have to go to war against the bankers, for the sake of our children and our grandchildren. Forget Iran, the greatest threat to democracy and the Western way of life is coming from the money lenders and the Politicians they so easily control. See Greece for further details.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Enough is enough

I don't follow football (being a Palace fan soon stops that nonsense) but a HUGE bru ha ha has broken out about a satirical fanzine showing a cut out mask or something. Now I have no interest in such things, but the reaction is fascinating.

The Police have:

  • Confiscated thousands of copies
  • will take appropriate action against anyone either found selling this particular fanzine or provocatively displaying the image in public.
  •  anyone found wearing one will be required to remove it and hand it to police
Have we gone mad? It's a humorous image in a satirical magazine. Not one person has complained. All hell has broken loose because it is "potentially offensive".

I quote:

The police's match commander, Ch Supt Mark Roberts, said: "Shortly before kick-off we were made aware that a Manchester United supporters' fanzine being sold outside Old Trafford featured a potentially offensive image.
God forbid anyone ever publishes a picture that might offend someone ever again. Fucking idiots.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Carry on, Comrades

Great to see that the left are still wandering around, scratching their heads, unable to find one single way that they can defeat the evil Capitalists and convince the public that borrowing and spending is the only true path to Socialist enlightenment and record tractor production.

Sunny Hundal, that stalwart of collectivism is furious that the message just isn't getting across and stupid voters have been sold a pup. Saving money? Cutting expenditure? Hogwash. What we need is more of the same shit that got us here, he bleats

The left are in disarray. The traditional Labour voter has abandoned the party either to head to the BNP (working class nationalist/socialist, keeping them bloody wogs out) or is sat counting the pennies after the money tree dried up. A few Fabian intellectuals are all the party has left and infighting is rife. The leadership is non existent, rats are abandoning the sinking ship for Blue Labour under Cameron and the traditional messages of "equality, diversity, fairness" mean nothing to the man in the street trying to hold on to what little he has left.

Should the Scots succeed in their bid for autonomy, 51 Labour MPs will be thrown out of Westminster. Offer Wales the same and Labour will be left with a few Marxist scousers and Geordie MPs to fly the red flag in Westminster.

We need an opposition dedicated to REMOVING power from Politicians. All the Left can offer is MORE state, MORE laws, MORE distribution of your wealth to the "needy and vulnerable" (people who used to vote for Labour). In effect, we are now a one party State with mere factions within the politburo. Legislation is not rejected, it is modified for general consumption to appease all and satisfy none.

How exactly is that serving a democracy? No one gets anything except a weak, watered down tasteless gruel served from the Masters table. Do I have any answers? Nope. I pray for direct democracy, a chance to vote on the things that affect my life, a chance to be heard over Party and Lobby interests. All I see is a cabal of varying shades of blue with their fingers in their ears and their hands in my pocket, whilst the opposition run around calling the electorate fools for not voting for more of the same that got us here.

Quite frankly, the sooner I can set up the Republic of Old Holborn (pop. 1) and plant my own turnips, the better.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Don't cap it, scrap it.

"Keep them enslaved and they'll vote for us"

And it begins. The long awaited clamp down on exactly how much of our money the idle can lay claim to as "entitlement", the Welfare Cap will be tested tonight in the house of Lords.

The unelected and appointed and the Bishops will pontificate over whether £26,000 is enough of a free handout for a family to raise children and buy necessities whilst up and down the land, the employed are cleaning toilets and stacking shelves at night to make ends meet.

The left is apoplectic, as it's client voters are told by evil men that they might, just might have to make do on less. Except of course, they aren't making do on less. The poor never saw a penny of the huge rents private landlords were able to charge the Council for ex council houses they bought at knock down prices just 25 years ago. As long as the money tree was there, they could charge what they liked, safe in the knowledge that the Council Tax payer and "Central government" would rather cover it than see one homeless person on the street.

So let's spare a minute to think about the poor employed person in London. His wages are kept low because someone else is paying his rent for him. His landlord and his boss are laughing all the way to the bank as the state makes up the difference between what he should earn and pay for rent if the market were free, his Labour MP is delighted knowing he'll never bite the hand that feeds him and his social worker gets to keep her job making sure he never knowingly misses a state benefit to keep him hopelessly dependent on handouts.

It's a step in the right direction. Personally, I see no need to fund the feckless, let them live off the land in Wales if needs must. After all, their grand parents did before a hairy lipped Oxbridge Fabian turned up and told them they could have exactly what the rest of us have, by force if necessary. If you want to free the poor, strip them of the enslavement of State funded landlords and employers happy to exploit the taxpayer, they'll do just fine in the real world.

Falling rents, higher wages, lower taxes - all due to the State just leaving us alone for a change. About time too.

Oh, and don't forget to read my Monday column at Blottr

Thursday, 12 January 2012


His Grace, one of the few Christians to spout some sense, has drawn my attention to a Home Office Consultation that is currently running online AND FINISHES TOMORROW, regarding various topics very, very close to my heart. Namely:

  • the relevance of the word ‘insulting‘ in section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986
  • new powers to request removal of face coverings
  • new powers to impose curfews

Where to begin.

If you are reading this, chances are, you are a moron. There, have I insulted you? I'm asking because I have no idea if what I just stated has insulted you. Only YOU can be the judge of what you find insulting, yet plans are afoot for it to be a criminal offence to "insult" someone. So if you feel insulted, there is nothing to stop you ringing 999 and having the evil perpetrator banged up, DNA'ed and given a criminal record, although they will have had absolutely no idea that their actions or words have insulted you. If we criminalise "insults", we shut up everyone and everything. For ever. Do you want to live in a society where you dare not speak in case the State decides your words may cause offence to people you will never meet? Now's your chance to speak against it, USE IT, whilst you still can.

Now, I choose to be anonymous on my many public outings because, well, my face is my business. Unless I am actually committing a crime, it is not the business of the State to know what I look like anymore than it is the business of the State to randomly sweep bus stop queues for fingerprints. One of the reasons I wear a mask is because of the habit of the state to record the faces of those "who might" cause trouble, "for future reference". The Met employ teams of photographers to take photos of any members of public who may be dissenting, sticks them on a database and cross references them. No thanks. My face belongs to me, it is my property, I will cover it when and if I choose. Naturally, this proposal is stop women wearing Burqas because some sensitive souls "may be offended" (see above), but as always, I say it is not the role of the State to dictate how I may dress. Here's a video of me winding up the Met's "future intelligence Team" trying to take my photo whilst I was minding my own business (for your amusement)

Lastly, the Police want to have powers to impose curfews as and when they decide it would be far easier for them to just clear the streets and not have to deal with pesky members of the public going about their lawful business. Be warned. Once this starts, it will NEVER stop. Long gone are the very principles of Peel whereby the Police are the Public and the Public are the Police: this draws the line very clearly indeed. Them. And Us. It HAS to be stopped. This land belongs to us, not the authorities, we are not sheep, to be herded back into our pens at the whim of the shepherd.

I'd hope things would get better after 13 years of the ridiculous authoritarianism of Labour. It looks like they are going to get worse. Make a stand, do it now. If you don't, the Police will have the right to shut you up, photograph you in the street on demand and then ban you from leaving your house.

Quite, quite remarkable. Possibly the last chance to have our voice heard. Right HERE

Sunday, 8 January 2012

High Speed Fail

A politician inspects "the Peoples Train" yesterday

Once upon a time, some entrepreneurs spotted that there might just be a market for transporting goods up and down the country and producers would pay them to carry their goods to new markets. Low and behold, the industrial revolution began. Gangs of imported Irish labour toiled relentlessly to build the canal system in the UK and suddenly, Britain became a powerhouse of engineering and commerce. Cost to the taxpayer? ZERO

Next, some entrepreneurs decided that there might also be a market for transporting people around the country. Once again, the Irish navvies were sought to lay thousands of miles of tracks across the nation, the postal system was revolutionised, fresh produce could be transported the length and breadth of the country and people could actually choose to live away from their place of work. The age of the commuter was born, giving rise to the middle classes and massive wealth redistribution across the entire social sphere. Cost to the taxpayer? ZERO

So why is the taxpayer being asked to fund a high speed rail network to Birmingham? I have no problem with high speed rail, indeed, I find it infinitely preferable to being stuck behind some old biddy in her Nissan Micra on the M6 and am happy to pay for that service, but I will not be forced, through taxation, to subsidise the building of a network that I will then be charged to use. As if we don't have any experience of letting private finance raise the capital, our Government is keen to plunder the earnings of people who will never use a high speed railway network to the Midlands so that the history books will gleefully show the Transport Minister cutting the ribbon on yet another vanity project designed to show us, the people paying for it all, how benevolent our Politicians are for "facilitating" a new era of transport.

If business wants a high speed rail network, business knows what it has to do. Raise the capital and build one - build it and they will come. But no, our glorious politicians are FAR too interested in the glory of the State for national infrastructure to be left to people who actually have money to risk, so once again, a shelf stacker from Truro will be forced to cough up for a political project that will add no value to his existence and our glorious leaders can pretend they are doing something for the "nation", using money we don't have to spend if only we would allow the market to decide.

Dig deep folks, there's plenty more "national infrastructure" projects to come as Government tries to spend money we don't have on projects we don't want and can't afford. All in the name of State "progress"

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Justice for Stephen Lawrence?


No matter what you may think of Blunketts decision to introduce double jeopardy in order to re try the original suspects of the Stephen Lawrence murder, we now have convictions. There is no doubt in my mind that these Sarf Lahnden thugs killed him and have used a combination of Police incompetence, police corruption and CPS idiocy to escape the law. They will be sentenced tomorrow as juveniles and can expect moderate sentences although they have yet to spill the beans on who helped them stab an innocent man because of the colour of his skin.

In the 18 years that have passed since his murder, we have seen a great deal of political manoeuvring and many vested interests playing their hands in this case. Our Police are still corrupt, still racist and the CPS is still incompetent. Perhaps the one good thing to come out of it is that an acquittal through the incompetence of the prosecution is no longer final. And in the case of justice, I find that rather comforting.

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