Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One out, ALL OUT

I'm old enough to remember when the Unions really did have the power to bring the country to its knees. Management would carefully and warily tread their way around them lest a shop steward decide that actually working was not in the interests of the Comrades and everyone downed tools. Remarkably, it didn't make them rich or society equal. It just ended up in misery for all concerned. I was also a member of a Union (I had no choice) once and since that day have utterly detested them and pretty much all they stand for.

So tomorrow will see our "public servants" striking to defend their slice of the Government pie when the rest of us have already worked out that the Government is not to be trusted with our pensions and have quietly made our own provisions for old age via property or investments. They will march and scream and stamp their feet, the soundbites of vital public services being decimated will broadcast across the airwaves and Socialists, simply unable to believe that they didn't win the election will rant and demand we do as they say or else.

I have no problem with anyone striking. Go for it. In all honesty, most of the public sector already withholds their labour by ringing in sick 10 times a year on average, one more day won't be noticed. Except of course, should your position be outsourced in the near future, any private HR manager worth his salt will be looking through the attendance records of any staff he is expected to take off the State. Having "absent" on November 30th 2011 is pretty good indicator of work ethic, loyalty and value to any potential private employer.

Should you encounter any donkey jacketed placard waving dinosaurs on your travels tomorrow, hand them one of these:

Monday, 28 November 2011

Racist Tram Woman

Another trending viral has popped up this morning, showing the outburst on public transport (one reason I never travel on it) of a racist woman when confronted with a tram full of people she was obviously not happy sharing the same space with. Cries are going up for her to be named and shamed, arrested, her child taken into care.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Be careful what you wish for. I find her views laughable, ignorant, misguided. But they are her views and she is perfectly entitled to hold them. There is no law to protect you from being offended and I am certainly not going to lobby for the introduction of "thoughtcrime" legislation where she must sit in silence. What IS interesting is that she is not alone. Just this morning, a report comes out telling us white, lower class English are marginalised and feel victimised by what they perceive as a bias towards foreigners and minorities soaking up their precious "entitlements" to benefits, housing etc. Coincidence?

Treat the disease, not the symptom.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Guido called before Leveson

Oh dear. Guido published Alistair Campbells Leveson evidence this morning. Campbell was FURIOUS and now Guido has been summonded to the Leveson Enquiry to explain where he got the evidence from. Best of luck Guido.

Oh BTW, if YOU would like to appear before the Leveson Committee, just read this

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The EU import tax on Garlic. It reeks

Whilst watching my twitter stream today, I spotted a press release from the EU stating that Britain had been a very, very naughty boy and owed the EU £20 million in unpaid taxes. For importing Garlic.

Between 2005 and 2006, the UK customs authorities allowed imports of fresh garlic from the People's Republic of China under wrong authorising documents. They have erroneously stated that the goods imported were frozen garlic for which significantly lower import duties apply. The Commission considers that the UK authorities did not act with all due care when issuing the authorising documents and failed to collect the correct amount of duties.

They are therefore held financially responsible for the loss of own resources (approximately £20 million) to the EU budget.The Commission is determined to protect the common EU interest. Fair treatment of all Member States must be ensured. If a Member State fails to make available all the money it owes the EU budget, the other Member States need to pay more as a result.
I'm going for a lie down. Anyone care to clarify why we are forced to pay import duties on Garlic?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

#OccupyLSX - The Pepsi Challenge

After watching the various crusties and social misfits take over the #Occupylsx movement for their own agendas and turn it into an anti Capitalism campaign - as opposed to the #Occupy movement, which is against Corporate Greed - the time has come to actually challenge them.

I propose a debate. I am prepared to publicly defend Capitalism and Libertarianism, the minimal State and the freedom of the Individual against whatever #Occupylsx want to throw at it. I ask fellow Libertarians and anyone interested in a different perspective to ridding us of big Government and croney State Corporations to join me.

Date to be announced by #Occupylsx

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Who is Old Holborn?

Total Politics magazine have asked me the following questions, so I thought I'd share the answers here.

Who are you?

Anybody can be Old Holborn. The reason I choose anonymity is that the focus remains on the message, not the man. Poilitics and the blogosphere is full of those trying to promote themselves for their own ends, desperate to climb the greasy pole, whilst I can sit back and smile every time I bump into them safe in the knowledge they have no idea who I am and can't vent their frustration by rummaging through my dustbin to undermine my arguments. Even standing for Parliament last year as an independent in Cambridge, I became the first person to stand completely anonymously. It drove the electoral commission and my fellow candidates to distraction, much to my amusement and that of my readers. Humour is the key, until they find a way to tax it.

Where do you blog?

I use blogger. I did host my own domain, but it was closed down as I refused to give the authorities my name and address. I will probably take it offshore to an anonymous US host when I have time and let the 1st Ammendment do it's job.

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging four years ago because I was sick of being censored and moderated on Internet forums. There is no moderation or censorship on my blog at all. The comments section is, as far as I am concerned, a white wall. I refuse to be held responsible for what a passing individual chooses to daub on it.

How would you describe Old Holborn to the uninitiated?

I fight for the individual. I'm sick of being told what I must do or finance "for the common good", sick of legislation that removes my freedoms to do as I please when I'm not adversely affecting the lives of others and have nothing but contempt for Politicians. In my ideal world, I would live as a hermit and shoot anyone that trespassed on my land. Small State, anti authoritarian, leave me alone, not right or left just stop telling me how to live my life. It's mine, not yours.

Why the name?

No reason at all

What has been your best or most controversial blogging moment?

Well, I have released people from prison who shouldn't have been there, I did name the murderers of Baby P and I do my utmost to upset anyone who assumes they hold any power over me that wasn't expressly given to them by me and I'm always ready to break super injunctions or challenge authority. It's a hobby of mine.

What are your thoughts on the Occupy movement?

What a wasted opportunity. No sooner did something get started than it was hijacked by the usual suspects. Anti cuts, Greenpeace, the Unions have all piled in to attempt to make it a Fabians wet dream, a cooperative of the left. A great shame as not one banker or Politician, those who we really should be hanging for the utter mess we are in, has been touched by any of it. I can actually hear them laughing yet again whilst the European Central Bank installs new leaders all over Europe to protect the very same banks from the consequences of their own actions.

In your ideal world, how would our political system look?

Direct democracy, no borders to immigration (yes, odd isn't it?), no political parties, minimal state, minimal voluntary taxation and where the rights of the individual trumps the rights of the collective. Sadly,  it'll never happen, so I hope to buy an Island and run it as an international tax haven, issue currency based on Gold reserves (remember them?) and declare war on the unelected EU Commission.

What other blogs do you read?

Any blog that attacks the status quo will find its way onto my radar. I rabidly consume news in the hope of finding the nugget of information that will hang the great and the good who assume they are my master.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

the Power of the State

Greece is having something of an interesting time. A new leader has been installed, handpicked by the European Central Bank to ensure that the debts racked up by socialists do not go unpaid, just forty years to the day after the Greek people overthrew their last unelected Government of the Generals. Austerity measures WILL be pushed through, ensuring that those who had nothing to do with the debt end up paying the bankers with their carefully saved personal wealth and Merkels dream of a Germany by the Sea can continue.

Of course, certain assets of the State could be sold off to cover them, but be sure, the National Power Company won't be one of them. You see, controlling the electricity the citizens need is a way to control the citizens. Greeks are just about to be handed a new property tax that will simply be added to their electricity bills. Refuse to pay, and the State cuts off the juice.Using a State monoply Corporation to get to your wealth.

Now you know why socialists want so much of the state infrastructure firmly in the hands of their Politburo. Never trust a politician to provide what the market is capable of doing, as the Greeks are finding out once again

Thursday will see the largest Demo in Athens yet seen. Expect real fireworks.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Perpetual Growth

The whingeing, the whining. I can't stand it any more.

The Western world is obsessed with "growth". Our useless politicians seem to be of the opinion that if there is no "growth" we will all die (or hang them from lamp posts) and every thing MUST be done to maintain growth. Out taxes must be reinvested in programs that will bring growth, our labour and effort must only be used to promote growth, God help us all if we don't have at least as much as our parents had, we will have all failed miserably and the world is doomed.

Except of course, it isn't. Growth promoted by the State usually means growth of the State. It isn't a coincidence that for every major technological breakthrough, the Government manages to employ an army of bureaucrats to monitor, measure, licence and tax it. Not content that something is actually working, a stranglehold must be placed upon it to ensure that every last drop of growth is squeezed out of it "for the common good", so a Politician can sit back and bask in the glory.

Sorry guys, I see perpetual growth as a tumour. In the rush to make sure everyone on the planet owns a Govt funded iPad just because our parents didn't (and that MUST be progress, right) all we have ended up with is enormous corporations feeding from enormous Governments feeding from us. It might be "admirable" that the unemployed can now drive fucking cars because I'm paying their rent and council taxes but if that is growth, I'd rather keep my own money, thanks.

I've reached that stage in life where I'm not looking for growth. I have all I need, certainly all I want and now, I'd like to enjoy it without the constant nagging that someone, somewhere hasn't and therefore society has failed and I need to work harder or pay more in taxes.

Growth in the Greek state has bankrupted the nation, likewise in a basket of other Southern European countries. Growth for growths sakes has killed them. Not much point in handing out iPads to schoolkids if they can't afford the electricity bill to recharge them.

So I say kick back. Maintain, adjust, prune where necessary but stop looking for perpetual growth. you'll end up throwing away a fiver in the hope you'll find a tenner. Be thankful for what you have and enjoy it. In just 100 years, we have seen remarkable things and now is the time to slow down and make use of them. If that means living with an Xbox2 whilst claiming the dole, is that really such a sacrifice?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A silent Plan B

 the Elite handing back the small change from your taxes at a Greek soup kitchen, yesterday

For those of you who watch the tellybox, last night had a little gem in it. A program showing how the Greek economy manages to bumble along just fine in the background whilst the Greek State has bankrupted itself by taking the EU shilling. 

It comes as no surprise that the EU have just installed the Vice President of the European Central Bank as new leader in Athens. After all, the entire country is now owned by the EU bankers, lock, stock and barrel, having your own man on the scene makes perfect sense. Rather like the Mafia ensuring only their bouncers and accountants get to the run the nightclub you thought you owned. At least the Rothschilds ran the show from the sidelines, the EU hasn't even got the subtlety to enslave a population quietly. I wonder what his first priorities will be; the people he is supposed to represent? Or re filling the coffers of the ECB with Greek money? Anybodies guess.

Back to last nights TV. Of course the Greeks wised up pretty quickly that the only way to survive what the State had done in their name, was to hide what they have from the State. A massive black market has opened up. Cash is King again, just like it used to be before the State and the bankers got too big to fail, remember? Capital has flown to Switzerland and Bulgaria, precious life savings have been ferreted out of the country where the ever more intrusive tentacles of the tax authorities cannot touch them. Bartering, cash in hand, envelopes are back in fashion.

Sure, those dumb enough to work for the Beast or obediently pay their taxes are now the ones queueing at soup kitchens (one in eleven Greeks now eats at one) whilst those who saw how much power the State had awarded itself are not going to go hungry. They had a personal plan B to ensure their individual wealth did not suddenly become the collective wealth to be plundered by the new Banker Emperor from Brussels.

You would do wise to do the same. At some point, the State is going to come for what little you have left. It's needs FAR outweigh yours and whilst it may supply a soup kitchen in return, to stop you from actually starving, it will be the final mediator as to what you may purchase with your own hard labour, ensuring that what you own, it can also claim ownership to, if needed.

Arbeit Macht Frei, Comrades.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Let's do it again sometime

Well, that was fun. For those who were otherwise engaged on Saturday November 5th, you missed a great day of fun, drinking and political mischief.

Alas, as no debate was held in the Commons, the price of admission to our Parliament was 15 quid a head, cash up front, guv. So we went to the Westminster Arms instead (traditional) followed by a trip up to St Pauls to show my followers what a real protest doesn't look like.

So many vested interests, all jostling for the mic, a chance to remind the massed throng that their cause was the real reason for the protest and everyone should pay attention to them and save a whale or show solidarity with a tribe of goat herders in Kurdistan. And the bogs in Starbucks were bust - can't think why.

Oh wait, #OccupyLSX were going to march on Westminster to demand...er...no idea and out came the Socialist Workers banners screaming all sorts of nonsense. Quick, grab one, Jocasta, this is REALLY happening.

Now as it happens, a couple of the 99% - US, had also bought along a banner stating that taxes are slavery and we really ought to cut the deficit a bit deeper if we are ever going to get a smaller State and less intrusive Government. Our voices count, right? Freedom of speech, right?

So we led the march. And I do mean march. No public sector dawdling when OH is at the front. St Pauls to Trafalgar Square in half an hour, keep up at the back. Now one of the advantages of being at the front of the march is that your banner becomes the head of the snake, the message, if you like, and soon it became apparent to our fellow protesters that our message might not be entirely aligned with their message. First came the hysterical fat arsed black woman (on loan from Tower Hamlets Council, no doubt) , denouncing us at 110 db as "EDL Infiltrators". When that failed to motivate the mob to hang us from lamp posts, our banner was ripped down by outraged crusties - furious that we were not advocating "free speech and a new democracy where every voice is heard".

One of the major problems of a strictly vegan sustainable eco diet is that you do not have the strength to retain whatever banner you may have just ripped out of the hands of your fellow protesters, especially when the one who wants it back is me, six foot two, masked and built like a brick shit house.

We abandoned the March at Traflagar Square for the pub (again), leaving a few hundred out of breath and wheezing protesters to make their way to Westminster where 30 of them sat down (knackered no doubt) until they were told they would be arrested and then ran away. Bravo, comrades.

Many thanks to those who joined me. Let's do it again sometime.

Friday, 4 November 2011

November 5th update

What a week. Greece in meltdown, Europe in chaos, sabre rattling at Iran. Should give us plenty to discuss when me meet at 11am in the Chandos Pub (excellent, cheap beer), Traflagar Square tomorrow as usual on this hallowed occassion. All are welcome, even those who harbour grudges or have no masks. A walk to Parliament, followed by some robust debate with those at #OccupyLSX, who have decided to march to Parliament as well to demand well...er..who knows? 

If you feel, as I do, that things are just about to take a very serious turn for the worse, now is your chance to let your feelings be known to the numerous media outlets scouring the streets for soundbites. See y'all there.

Update: This is too good.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Emperor is naked.

Hang on a minute, that wasn't in the plans. Greece has decided to hold a referendum on whether to return to a simplistic existence herding goats and growing olives or propping up a Ponzi Euro with the sweat of their childrens labour.

The carefully crafted bailout package that nobody understands but would save the arses of  Europes elite bankers and politicians has managed to last just four days. The man behind the curtain has been rumbled.

How come? 

The people are going to be asked whether they are happy to be enslaved in EU debt and living for a pittance whilst prices for a coffee remain as high as Berlin or simply say "sod it. I'll make do like my parents did, this bloody growth bubble not helping me at all, innit"

The markets are not in panic. They are adjusting quite naturally to a hard dose of reality that some people might not get their money back because no matter how much can be extracted forcibly from German taxpayers, the Greeks will simply say "thanks, but no thanks". Capitalism is being allowed to work, banks who recklessly over invested because the Politicians told them the well would never run dry are losing their shirts and the Greeks have spotted that the EURO emperor is naked as the day it was born.

More please, Toto. Keep pulling at the curtains....

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