Thursday, 29 September 2011

All over by Christmas?

 Germans rounding up the Greeks again

It won’t stop.

Unelected Marxist EU head Barosso, after decades of acquiring power only to watch his visions fail has finally decided that if he cannot get his hands on the money to allow Greeks to drive BMWs like the Germans, he will take it from those who have it via  “Robin Hood” tax on bank transactions. In other words, you and I.

He assumes, as all Marxists do, that all money is evil unless it is in their hands. He assumes that banks generate their profits from thin air (central banks under socialist control actually do, I’ll give him that) and that any cost will not passed straight on to us, the customers.

On the day when German politicians voted for more of the same failure, despite the wishes of their electorate to call it a day and stop the sheer idiocy of throwing their hard earned money at  the profligate backers of melon farmers, the EU decided that what they needed instead of a bucket full of holes was a LARGER bucket full of holes, bailing madly whilst the Titanic gently slips beneath the waves. Taxes, more taxes, more taxes, yes, that will save us all.

It can’t go on much longer because there simply isn’t the will to keep bailing. Sure, Politicians love it, bankers love it and 24 hour media loves it, but eventually it will dawn on the millions of people who actually DO work for a living that 73 per cent income tax is nothing more than State slavery, no matter how much it is dressed up with tax credits and child benefit refunds.

The great German Political dream to dominate Europe could once again bankrupt their nation because although wars are expensive, endlessly printing money instead of simply invading with an army never ends well. Especially when the Germans do it.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


I do apologise for lack of blogging. You've all heard me bark on about getting out of the UK and I'm currently abroad researching a suitable hermitage.

I demand:

Low/minimal taxation
Minimal State interference
Free markets
Low criminality
Solid values of community
Minimal consumerism
Nice weather
Good Internet
Low living costs
Great views
Land to own that suits my need for self reliance

No welfare State.

Nearly there.....

Monday, 19 September 2011

Lord Haw Haw of Cable

St Vince of Cable has raised his ugly head at the LibDem group therapy hug and stated that “the UK is at economic equivalent of war”

Conference hyperbole? Possibly, but one thing is for sure, I can certainly hear the distant rumble of trouble. REAL trouble. German banks are going to have to be “recapitalised” at a cost to the German taxpayer of €167 billion, so that they can hand money to the Greek banks who in turn can repay the French banks for the projects they financed to make the European Union the bundle of democratically elected fun it is today. Van Rompuy states it would be “mind boggling” if the Eurozone were break up into a two tier system and word is afoot that the Chinese housing bubble is about to burst.

In other words, our exalted leaders are struggling in the quicksand they created. More so, they are pleading to stand on our shoulders. Having plundered our money, they are hiring 2,000 new tax inspectors to hunt out the last few remaining morsels of other peoples money and still, they refuse to stare into the abyss that faces us.

A collapsing system, built of straw on a sand foundation is not going to stand up to the battering it is about to receive. The obedient Germans are not going to take much more of bailing out Greek Banks on behalf of the French Banks. Already Merkel has been told in no uncertain terms by the voters of Berlin that it stinks and more is to come.

But to return to Vince’s quote, he may well be right. Our money, our earnings, our labour has been subjected to a brutal assault at the hands of Politicians. Propaganda floods the airwaves telling us to “pay our fair share” of a cake I didn’t order and have no appetite for, and in the background, the Generals of the banks belly laugh at us. No struggling in the swamp (or a single jail sentence) for them, just a vague threat that in nine years, if they haven’t won the war and created what the Politicians promised us all they would create, they will be forced to sit on the naughty step for a bit.

Personally speaking, I am prepared for economic war. I have kept my powder dry and learned my craft. I am no mindless drone slaving away to own an iPad in the hope it will bring me happiness. When the banks come calling, via Vince Cable of course, for more of my money (to fight the good fight – onwards comrades), they will be met by my own little resistance. War is a choice and there is no way I intend to fund the real enemy, the ones who opened fire on us, contrived to enslave us whilst Lord Haw Haw of Cable bleated how we must work longer, harder and faster otherwise the “state” will face great problems.

Bring it on Vince. I’ll see you on the beaches – mind the quicksand, quantitive easing has diluted it to perfection.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Gazan Summer?

Rumblings from Gaza are getting louder. Whilst Cameron and Sarkhozy fly into BPistan to inspect their new acquired oil wells and congratulate themselves on deposing an oil owning dictator without having to put boots on the ground (finally) and conquering a country with no deficit (drinks all round!), the Palestinians are quietly going to the UN to ask for a country to call their own.

The right are kicking off. Hamas will slaughter everyone (whilst the Glorious rebels in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi and Syria will not) and USS Israel will be holed below the water line if it allows Palestinians to own a bit of Palestine. Threats are issued that Israel will take by force what it cannot take er…by force if the UN dares to give a man a piece of land he can call home. A piece of land he used to call home, a long, long time ago.

How often have I rolled my eyes and muttered “if only they had oil”, except of course, the Gazans DO have gas. Lots of it. One of the main reasons Israel simply refuses to let them own the rights to it and imprisons them until they elect a government that will allow the Israelis to claim the resources in the name of Israel, not Gaza.

Following the Arab Spring, Israel is suddenly finding that decades of back room deals with dictators are no longer on the table. Turkey has decided that if anyone is going to fill the power vacuum, they will. In my opinion, a secular Middle Eastern State doing so is the least worst outcome of what could have been a very ugly scene. Compromises will have to be made all round if Israel is to survive. Israelis may have bought the peace with US money before, but the Arabs are no longer buying. They want nothing to do with the billions of “aid” paid to keep the Palestinians prisoners and the likes of Egypts Mubarek in diamond encrusted Learjets.

So Israel is going to have find a way to accommodate neighbours, just as the Palestinians will have to learn that owning a State comes with responsibilities to uphold the law and protect your borders.

I wish them well. The stalemate of the Middle East has lasted too long, it served no one in reality bar a few religious extremists and generations on both sides were blighted by poverty, oppression, terror.

Israel can safely give them their state, build the walls as high as they like, dust off their hands and tell their settlers that what they have, stays. The Palestinians can get back to goat herding and the world can breathe a sigh of relief.

Long live the Arab summer.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Top 3 for Leg Iron

Well deserved.

Tighten your belts says Gideon


Oh noes, living standards are set to drop 10% as the State attempts to make up for falling tax revenues by squeezing us even harder to maintain the flow of funds into the ever emptying coffers. Panic ensues on the left, as we head back towards Victorian England where all children died up chimneys before they reached the age of 6 and 12 Landowners enslaved the entire nation in textile mills.

So where will you make the cuts? 3rd holiday to Disneyland off the cards? Paint your own nails? Learn how to cook a curry yourself? Let the season ticket to watch 11 footballers run about for 90 minutes lapse?

I can imagine the scenes now. School children walking to school, fruit and veg stalls being set up in towns to supply the ever growing demand for people who can no longer afford to buy ready meals from Waitrose. Second cars flooding the market with people no longer commuting from Newcastle to London everyday to shuffle paper around a desk.

Austerity is a GOOD thing. It preserves wealth. Greed and consumerism is a BAD thing, especially when it is financed with credit. We have become addicted to what we feel we are entitled to, instead of what we have actually earned. It’s not just the state benefit addicted sofa surfers who will be outraged when requested to actually contribute or lose their beer vouchers, but the “hard pressed Mums” who will no longer be able to sip skinny lattes whilst someone else looks after their children. I'm expecting riots when a Starbucks in Swindon goes bust.

We are where we are because Politicians believed the banks who offered limitless growth using money they invented. What better device to bribe the electorate with than their own money, not yet earned? The very same Politicians now attacking the banks for lending them all this free money that has yet to exist, yet refusing to destroy what the endless money allowed them to build. The behemoth they control. The ever growing  bloated tumour of “Government”

If the very least we can expect is a 10% drop in living standards for the utter chaos reeked (sic) by 13 years of Socialism, we will have got off very lightly indeed.

We’re all in this together, remember. Me? I’ll look after my own pension, my own health and my own wealth thanks. There will be no drop in my living standards, I already live within my means and I’m damned if I’m paying off the profligate spending ambitions of corrupt Politicians.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Old Holborn joins #Blottr

I’m not a professional blogger or journalist and I don’t carry advertising because I believe the industry of “news” and “comment” is changing dramatically.

We know we can’t trust the media, politicians or lobbyists yet we trust our own eyes and ears to disseminate the vast quantity of information made available to us via the Internet. Everyday, stories and scandals break on Twitter long before media spin doctors and allied Editors can manipulate the news to their own ends. The mainstream media and in particular, the dead tree press can no longer count on a readership drip fed morsels to please their appetites. They are demanding more. Not just news, but a voice in how that news is broadcast.

We’ve set up blogs, we leave angry and critical comments wherever we can, we analyse in real time, we research our own facts and reach our own conclusions.

So I am delighted to have been offered a twice weekly column on Britain’s newest “Citizen Journalist” platform, Blottr. I will take my vitriol and Political disdain to a wider audience and in return, hopefully hold yet more of our Politicians to account. You too have the option to add your own articles for publication, break important news and reviews spread your voice to the masses.

So what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Choose Life

And they squeal again. A quarter of parents are falling into debt because of the high price of childcare - children they presumably wanted and planned for.

Ever since the State decided that it would reward parents for producing future economic units to tax, the decline of the family has been carefully planned. An army of “experts” have been trained to supersede the family unit. Nursery workers, teaching assistants, social workers, diversity coordinators. All on the State payroll and ready to whisk your newborn off and into the arms of others whilst you concentrate on working 60 hours a week to pay for it all.

It has brought chaos to society.

Where once a family was a strong bond that stayed together, taught and nurtured, protected and cared, the chosen model is now either the single parent on benefits, sucking greedily at the teat of the State, or the overworked two parent model, desperate to climb the greasy pole of materialism, out do the neighbours on the Barretts estate who throw their 6 week old infantsearest nursery at 7am so they can power breakfast with colleagues to hit this quarters sales targets (and the reward? A trip with the kids to Disneyland, Paris)

House prices have ballooned as mothers abandoned the home to pursue careers to acquire “more stuff”. What once required a working father to finance, now requires both parents to finance and the State happily makes up the difference with tax credits and child allowance, safe in the knowledge that votes can be bought by bribing us with our own money. The gym subscription, the twice yearly holidays, the pampered Chef parties, the private number plate on the BMW, all so much more worthy of admiration than a couple of loving, well adjusted kids, with good manners and an understanding that the family is where the home is.

Our children are farmed out to strangers so we can work harder and pay more taxes. Our parents are farmed out to care homes so our daily routines are not disturbed and the army of State workers have employment doing what used to be the responsibility of the family.

If you open the window and listen very hard, you can actually hear the State laughing at us – like the useless parent it is.

Children are the only thing you will leave on this earth, your most treasured creation on your short visit to this life. Enjoy them; leave the BMW, the Golf course, the Gym, the Next catalogue. You won’t lie on your death bed worrying about missed sales targets or promotions, it won’t be your work colleagues mopping your brow, it’ll be the people you brought into this world. If you have taught them that iPads and manicured lawns are more important than devotion and love, fitted bedroom suites are more important than manners and that you didn’t have time to care for them because the State enabled you to be selfish, expect a bitter harvest and the cheapest headstone. You’ll have earned it.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

You got it, I want it.

Ken Clark rants about a feral underclass and Ian Duncan Smith says “reoffending rates are ludicrous” shocker. 

Last night, I watched the Radio 4 debate on the Birmingham riots. An invited “panel of experts” along with an “invited audience” chewed the collective cud whilst ticking off all the usual “diversity boxes”. Lessens must be learned, poverty is to blame, people are not respected, cultures are clashing. 

I gave up in the end. It was fairly obvious that no one was going to engage a little common sense. All were too frightened of standing on someone else’s eggshells, laid out more meticulously than any iron curtain minefield. The Statisticians are busy analysing the figures. Most looters were aged over 29, only 50% were black, etc etc etc, whilst swathes of the audience, invited because of their vested interests lobbied for more funding, fewer cuts, a greater slice of the pie. Not one questioned why an unemployed black kid/white kid smashed a window to grab a 52” TV. Sure, the opportunity was there. An entire block of youth permanently glued to their blackberries didn’t have to wait long to work out the best places to hit. Texts and tweets flew as the mice evaded the Police cats. Again, WHY did they feel they could just smash open a shop and loot the contents? After an earthquake, a Tsunami AND a nuclear meltdown, not one single Japanese looted. They collected discarded family photos and pets and tried to reunite them with their owners. Quite simply, the reason shops were looted was down to two causes.

  •   Opportunity. A black man had once again been shot by the Police, so the black community were “expected” to smash up and loot. Precedents had been set and the Police could not intervene to protect businesses, property or innocent people caught up in the mob. To do so would be “victimisation” of “an oppressed minority”, regardless of the terror they were inflicting on their fellow citizens. 
  •  Entitlement – the same entitlement that was taught from birth by sociologists. Entitlement to “respect” regardless of behaviour. Entitlement to “certificates” though not one scrap of achievement endured. Entitlement to benefits, housing, free money, free welfare, cultural status, a loud voice. I’m “entitled” to take what isn’t mine because that is what I have been programmed to do my entire life. 

They are a feral underclass because our Political masters MADE them an underclass whilst telling them they were equal to hard working, honest, law abiding, ambitious citizens. They were entitled to all the trappings of success because no one had the courage to tell them they were not successful, they had failed. Their re offending rates are high because it the behaviour they have been taught. In the rush to not to offend, to award respect where none is due, to indulge in the name of diversity, we forget to tell people what is right and what is wrong. In case they didn’t like what they heard. 

You will not remove this underclass by prison sentences or “rehabilitation” or yet more “diversity”. You will only remove them by removing their entitlements. Refuse to work? Face the consequences – no money, no support. Refuse to study? Face the consequences. The only work you will ever find is manual, minimum wage. No Disneyland for you, no Nike trainers, no iPhone. People who work hard can have them but you have not earned the entitlement to what they have until you have made the effort they have made. They have to be shown the cold, hard facts that all of our ancestors knew. You get out of society what you put in, no more, no less. 

The sooner we start, the better, because once this generation have run out of shops to loot, they will come for YOUR stuff because they genuinely believe, as they were taught by endless armies of bearded sandal wearing Lesbians, that they’re entitled to it.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Boiling frogs in Evian water

My weekend reading was a book by a Bulgarian who aged 17, fled her homeland and the totalitarian regime, finally ending up in New Zealand only to return 18 years later and try and make sense of the new country, as opposed to the brutal socialism she was raised under.

Whilst we rage and rant about liberty, this woman experienced it all. The lack of identity, the starvation, the brutal repression of the IngSoc hammer crashing on her skull every waking moment. We may refer to 1984 as mere literature, this woman lived it, as millions did. Totalitarianism of the extreme. The only freedom being the one to worship the party whilst it enslaved all in its path. All her choices were made for her by who she knew and how connected she was to the elites. This was accepted because no one knew or cared for anything different. Just to survive was a triumph to be celebrated. This was a mere 21 years ago.

She arrived back in modern Bulgaria hoping to heal the wounds that Totalitarianism has inflicted upon her. Deeply scarred, without identity or purpose, it makes fascinating reading.

And I awake this morning and count my blessings that I do not live under the yoke of the elite. My destiny is not planned by a central committee; I am not expected to toil to achieve the glorious 5 year plan of politicians in record time. I am not a production unit, to be controlled, measured, exploited and silenced by a ruling elite. My life is not dictated by “permissions”, my thoughts are not controlled and manipulated to serve “the greater good”.

Except of course, it is.

Just as the hammer and sickle was used to flatten and enslave, our version is taxation, media manipulation and “credit”.

Behave yourself and tow the Party line or your credit rating will ensure you live in grey decaying social housing, on the piss stained 18th floor of Nelson Mandela House, Democracy Street.

You will read newspapers and watch television owned by the elites who appoint politicians as the god fathers of their children or are appointed by Politicians to broadcast their lies

You will live where the State tells you to live through strict planning laws designed to maintain the value of Dachas owned by the elite

You will obey the glorious 5 year plan to transfer your money to the banking elites or the unelected in Brussels for their “plans”. Object, by withdrawing your compliance to pay tax demands and you will be imprisoned just as quickly as any Soviet dissident was for refusing to pick his quota of turnips from the field.

Mindless, endless rules, designed to protect us from ourselves, whilst our Politicians bribe and corrupt, our Police bribe and corrupt, our media bribe and corrupt.

Our children are forced to achieve worthless State certificates of “excellence” whilst being nothing of the sort. Our Police are handed draconian powers to control us, lest we become disruptive and unproductive. At every turn, we are “persuaded” to conform, to obey, to consume – sure, the methods may not be as clumsy and brutal as a Soviet regime, but the power still remains, as ever, with an elite Politburo with no care or interest in the individual.

Hyperbole? Possibly. Of course, you can always test it by selling a 100w light bulb to people who wish to buy a 100w light bulb.

As Goethe said, “there are none so truly enslaved as those who believe they are free”

The book by the way? The Street Without a Name

Friday, 2 September 2011

Lifting Potatoes

The absurdities of “population”

I was listening to an article this morning on the touchy subject of “population control”. In essence, a local Mayor in Serbia has been hosting “romantic evenings” in his town in a desperate attempt to increase the population. Serbians are leaving en masse and he fears his “herd” will vanish, leaving him as the most important person in an unimportant town.

The interviewer spoke to the local young people to find out why none are raising families

“No job. How can I afford to raise a family?” was the standard answer.

Of course. The simple arithmetic dictates that an unemployed person will not be able to support a family, so Serbs are leaving, finding work, sending money home. And sure enough, when they return, pockets bulging with cash from picking English potatoes, they will buy houses and settle down, as all migrant labour usually does. Turkey is awash with money earned by hard work in Germany. The mayor of the Serbian Town may not like it, but he will have to adjust to a population that find their own solutions to lifes problems. No amount of coaxing by a Politician is going to help.

Compare and contrast, if you will with the UK. No Mayor in the UK is desperately trying to bring couples together. Our society is blighted by single parents and unemployment. State sponsored bastards, spawning another generation of unemployables, soaked in the drip, drip of welfare benefits. Tax credits, housing benefit, council benefit, unemployment benefit, endless top ups to ensure that no matter what decisions they make, no matter how bad their choices may be, the responsibility lies firmly with the State – and the taxpayer. 1.8 million UK children now live in a household (I was tempted to write “family” but don’t want a knock on the door at 3am) where no one works. FOUR MILLION households where no one works. Just breeds. And claims “entitlement” and "benefits". Quite remarkable, quite unsustainable and utterly ridiculous.

Meanwhile, our Politicians will spout further nonsense about “lifting people out of poverty” whilst the fields of Lincolnshire are full of Serbians. Lifting potatoes.

Even as a plantation owner, the State is so utterly useless that we need to import genuinely free labour from abroad to bring in the harvest. Whilst our “workers” sit on the sofa, breeding yet more sofa surfers, all sponsored by the taxpayer – including Serbs with aching backs and ambition.

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