Friday, 29 April 2011

Love Police in the Cells

Whether you agree with Charlie Veitch and the deeds of the Love Police is a matter of choice. Personally, I support his peaceful refusal to obey the State and his ability to upset the natural order imposed by the powers that be.

This morning, he was going to be out and about putting his view forward on the Royal wedding. Except he is sitting in custody after the Police raided his home and arrested him for "conspiracy to cause a public nuisance".

A pre crime. A thought crime. On a day on which he hoped to highlight the lack of democracy in the UK and the States use of "bread and circuses" to amuse the consumer/wage slave/subject.

If you would like to speak to the custody officer holding Charlie and ask why his voice is considered a threat, please feel free to call (+44) 845 456 456 4 and ask for the custody block.

Apologies for lack of blogging. I am currently away in Turkey, the land of the female moustache, pissing rusty water out of my arse and trying to keep the locals off my wife.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

spare a thought...

If only the poor bloody Syrians had oil that we wanted.

Our Politicians are pointless distractions, powerless to change anything other than taxes.

Do not watch if you are of a "sensitive" nature or a pathetic politician. No apologies for posting. Happy Easter.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Every little helps

Reproduced in full courtesy of things to do in Balham when you're dead

There was a big old riot in Bristol last night, resulting in the smashing up of a Tesco. I hold no particular brief for Tesco Express, but I'm the last person to complain when I need late night milk.

There's not a lot in the news yet, but it seems that a bunch of superannuated studenty greebos concerned activist citizens, squatting in a violently-painted building with the filthy name "Telepathic Heights" (ugh), were to be evicted after a long-running court battle. And there were rumours they were preparing to firebomb a new Tesco opposite their house too. So the police stepped in. And because the entire country is aflame and it's like Paris '68 and we're all rushing to man the barricades, it turned into a riot. And Tescos was smashed up. Cue breathy reportage from the streets.

Of course the civil disorder was the fault of the police. Who were - AS BLOODY USUAL - disproportionate in their response (although of course anything other than standing by whilst legal enterprises are demolished counts as disproportionate). The police are always disproportionate. Funnily enough, they're especially disproportionate in self-styled "cultural quarters". Stokes Croft in Bristol is a cultural quarter. I'm guessing - in my terribly blinkered and close-minded way - this means there are a handful of white rastas juggling in the street whilst a couple of downtrodden Laurie Penny public school girls weave daisies into their pubes. I hate cultural quarters. It makes me want to go to Tesco Express in Stokes Croft and purchase every single item made by Nestle, every single bag of non-Fairtrade coffee, every Israeli avocado and then smear them all over myself outside Telepathic Heights whilst screaming and wiping my bum with £5 notes. One git said "the message [of Telepathic Heights] is one of freedom, not just getting stuck in the system or having a 9-5pm job". Yeah well I'd like to live like you too, shit head. I'd like to sit around playing a tin whistle and eating lentils, but - you know what - I don't want to die on the street at 35. Shove that up your system.

But meanwhile Bristol is still drowning in Tescos, probably. So here's a tip for the illegal residents of Telepathic Heights. Although - given they're so telepathic - they'll probably already know it. If you don't want to feed the beast, don't buy your groceries there. It's Tele-pathetically simple.

If Tesco cause local shops to shut down - which they probably do - and you have a problem with it; if people are so angry about local mom & pop stores closing, don't shop at Tesco.

Then it will shut down and all the falafel shops and vegan superstores can move back in. It's a very simple bit of economic theory. Build it, and they won't come, because they're too busy shopping for hemp seeds next door. Campaigners have stated that 90% of the local population didn't want the shop to be built and actively fought the council. OK, well talk to the council about that - whilst not shopping there. Sadly, a spokesperson for Tesco said 3,000 shoppers have been through the doors in the week since the shop opened. Using the protestors' figures, that can only be the 10% of the population who didn't boycott the new shop. That would make the population of Stokes Croft 300,000. Really? What is certainly true is that well over 90% of the local population will be against senseless acts of violence against property.

I buy my fruit and veg from the market stall in Balham, when I can - but it's not always convenient, and I'll happily pay a premium for convenience generally - because I have a job (and it doesn't involve teaching performance art or poi). Small, well-run local shops, if they successfully meet a need, will thrive. Chadwicks here in Balham seems to do alright. But why do you think that Tesco head office have decided to plonk down a shop in this precise location? It's because they think there's a local demand for ready meals and emergency toilet paper. There may well be five other branches within spitting distance, but why would you doubt that one of the UK's most sucessful corporates wouldn't undertake some pretty complicated modelling before investing its cash on yet another branch. Here's an insight for you - Tesco don't want the branches to have to compete with each other, they want all of them to make enormous profits. They know there's a need, so get over it and go buy yourselves some Rizlas and Pringles.

And guess what. Plenty of people who walk past your hideously garish squat every day would probably be grateful for a McTesco-job. They're the people who didn't get to go to university, unlike you and Leaf and Tigerlily. It may well not be the greatest employment in the world, but you get a uniform, a staff discount and a salary - and there are 3 million people out there who haven't got that at the moment. What kind of muddle-headed bullshit makes these self-professed anarchists think smashing up a provider of local employment - because they don't like it - is acceptable? Can we really retrain all the checkout staff to make organic soy lattes?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Birthplace of Democracy

The Greeks are rioting again. It appears they are not prepared to undertake the austerity measures imposed on them by the EU, Germany, the European Central Bank and a whole plethora of investors who have imposed draconian interest rates in return for covering the wild spending of the socialist Government who insisted that everything was free because someone else was going to pay. Retire at 50, the infrastructure of Germany and free everything for everyone, comrades.

They are now insisting that the Greek Government defaults on its crippling repayments and they can throw off the debt, re issue the Drachma and go back to melon farming, this time without the State supplying 42" Plasmas and half your life retired.

I hope they do. The Bondholders and the banks could do with a serious lesson in economics. Do not lend money to Socialists. They will spend it on buying votes to keep themselves in power. In return, they will sell the very people they insist they represent into slavery to the highest bidder, confident , just like the banks, that if things get really ugly, some idiot taxpayer (from a country that does behave responsibly) will be forced to pick up the bill.

So do it, Comrades. Free yourselves of debt and let the bondholders take the hit. Isn't that why they charged you interest of 12%? PS, you might have to actually, like, work and make stuff, but if you ask your grandparents, I'm sure they'll give you a few tips

Thursday, 14 April 2011

What Elephant?

"What Elephant? Unwise to mention Elephants in a room full of mice" says Vince "I predicted 17 of the last 2 recessions" Cable as the old chestnut "Immigration" heads up the pre election scramble for the medias attention.

Contrary to what many assume, I am PRO immigration. I have lived in several countries and integrated perfectly until I could no longer stand the bastards and then promptly left again. I learned their languages, their customs, their peccadillo's, their laws and ultimately, their respect. Not their contempt by demanding I be allow to roll cheese down a hill or let off fireworks on a wintry November night "because it's my culture, innit".

I am anti borders. Most of nature has no borders. Explain to a European (not African) swallow that it may need a visa to visit the UK and it would laugh. The only reason we need a border is because we offer free money for doing nothing, plus a free health service, free education and free housing. Not even swallows get that and they have to fly all the way from Africa, not pay smugglers to get them here.

Of course, if you leave milk and honey out in the open, you will attract wasps and labour was keen to attract 2.2 million new voters who would not bite the "socialist" hand that fed them. So the borders were opened and in they poured. I can't blame them. Sitting under a tree is MUCH easier when all the bills are paid by the bloke commuting to work every day via a large benefits cheque delivered by a Diversity coordinator who speaks your language because you refuse to learn ours.

When the queues at Sangatte are gone, we will know that our welfare system has it right. I read a report from the Peoples Glorious Republic of Tower Hamlets on their 70,000 strong Somali population (71% of which are unemployed)

If I may quote

“In Somalia, you worked six days and chewed khat one day. In England, you chew khat seven days.”
Page 31

Mind the Elephant. It's fucking HUGE. Remember, the difference between a Welfare State and a Totalitarian State is merely a matter of time.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Subverting Democracy *UPDATED*

I am not Old Holborn. I thought I’d sneak in whilst no one was looking, and since I still have the keys, post a quick update about Bexley Council following on from my post a few weeks ago.

In the few weeks since that post, along with another local blogger I have uncovered instances of fraud, corruption, deceit, a blatant disregard for taxpayer’s money and most importantly of all total disrespect for democracy.

I won’t bore you with the intricate details like last time, feel free to go and have a look for yourselves:

*Blatant Plug*

There’s quite a bit to digest and I’d recommend at a minimum to bookmark the Bexley is Bonkers site for further reading.

Sitting at the very heart of our so-called democracy is something called accountability. One of the ways in which the government likes to give the impression of accountability is by publishing various documents and accounts so as the electorate can scrutinise spending etc. This is the case at local level too, councils are obliged by law to publish their annual accounts and just recently they’ve had to start publishing any expenditure which exceeds £500. Holding our leaders accountable is our right, as their electors.

This is where I’ve stepped in, I’ve downloaded Bexley’s annual accounts, and I have also downloaded the documents that give details of any expenditure over £500 and I’ve cross referenced them. The results have been pretty surprising, it’s quite fantastic how much information you can gain from these documents, I’ve uncovered all sorts of shenanigans going on at the council. My digging around is further enhanced by making good use of the Charities Commission website and the online search facility at Companies House (not free, but not expensive). Sadly not enough people are doing the same, it’s easy and takes only a couple of hours to uncover something smelly. I recommend it!

Armed with all this information at my finger-tips, and with a bit of handy help from a few sources from within the council I’ve managed to point my finger at various employees at the council and shout: “Thief!” I also pass on the information and substantiating evidence to Bexley is Bonkers to use as they wish.

Malcolm over at Bexley is Bonkers takes a more sensible and responsible approach to things and only ever publishes anything on his blog if he’s been able to confirm the information the post relates to. Malcolm also doesn’t resort to foul-mouthed rants about people either (unlike myself), and at worst resorts to giving councillors a nick-name or two. So I was surprised yesterday when I visited his site and happened across this:

Obviously the council are very worried and have now had to resort to intimidation to try and silence Malcolm. Luckily Malcolm is made from tough stuff and he’s not allowing them to achieve the goal of silencing him and he’s going to continue in his quest to hold the council accountable.

This is a perfect example of how the police force has been moulded and shaped to become the “Enforcers” for the political elite. Get too close to the truth and the police will step in. Make the political elite panic and they’ll resort to dirty tricks.

Why? Why if they’re as innocent as they claim to be do they feel the need to silence those who try and hold them accountable? Is it because they do actually have something to hide? Of course it is! That much is clear.

Malcolm has taken this letter in his stride and along he plods, if I ever received a letter like the one above, I’d have quite a hissy fit, and I’d go to any lengths to make sure the WHOLE world knew about the fraudulent activities at Bexley Council….

Oh... I forgot to tell you. I have exactly the same letter waiting for me at my local post office, I wasn’t home to sign for it yesterday.

I'll be burning said letter outside the council offices soon. Watch this space!


See you on the streets!



Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bonded Labour

Further to my posts below regarding the power of banks and their "ownership" of an entire country like Portugal, I've been reading up a bit.

Icelanders decided yesterday that no, they wouldn't be asking their children to spend their lives working to repay the debts of private banks. The EU is furious of course. Without debt enforced by the unelected in Brussels, the Icelanders will be free to choose their own destiny. Free to thrive, set their own interest rates, and do as they please. That won't do at all.

Then I stumbled across a little blog that shows who the debt is actually owned by. Guess what? It isn't our debt. Not you, not me, not our children. the "Gilts" sold by the Government were bought by.....

Politicians have placed us in slavery once again to the very people who caused the mess.

I will not be accepting this debt. I didn't make the contracts, I didn't vote for the politicians and I won't be paying.

All you have to do is default on your payments on a debt that isn't yours. Stop paying taxes. Stop consuming. Withdraw your labour. Your taxes are funelled directly to these companies in a never ending spiral that already owns the labour of your children, like a six year old forced to work a in carpet factory because the landlord built an extension to his mansion.

Enough is enough.

Take aim at foot. Fire

A new video from the No2AV crew achieves exactly the opposite. It shows Politicians to be the scum they are. Well done.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lock, Stock and Barrel

It had to come. Portugal has run out of other peoples money, the Socialist govt has quit and new austerity measures, draconian to say the least, are to be enforced by the unelected of Brussels, their new masters.

Money will be controlled directly from the unaccountable (and very likely insolvent) European Central Bank, based on the future earnings of the Germans and overseen by the unelected European Commission. Taxes will be raised, services will be cut, interest rates will soar.

Portugal, as a sovereign nation is finished. As Rothschild said "give me control of a country's money supply and I care not who makes the laws". He was right. Portugal is now owned, lock, stock and barrel not by the people, but by the banks who will buy the bonds issued by the ECB to fund their public services.

Without entering into too much hyperbole, are we entering a new age where democratically elected governments are quite literally replaced by banks? Citizens become mere overdrawn "customers" to be held in ever increasing debt slavery and bondage to unelected masters? Icelanders knew this and simply defaulted, leaving outraged "bondholders" who had bought into power AND return holding the stinking nappy, unable to suck the future earnings of Icelanders with 60% tax rates. The EU is DESPERATE to get Iceland into the quicksand so that it can control Icelands debt and more importantly, the only means it has to repay. The very labour of the future people of Iceland.

The EU and it's central bank have performed the perfect coup. All future labour of the Portuguese now belongs to bankers, backup with the money of EU taxpayers, if required. No bank can fail. They have become our masters. They own us using our own money and that of our children not yet born to do it. Masterful slavery indeed.

Where is John Galt?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Do as I say, not as I do

Legislation to prevent the practice of disguised remuneration, which uses trusts to provide non-repayable tax free loans and offshore pension schemes to avoid tax, was included in the Finance Bill.

With one minor clause.

section 554E (8) "specifically exempts members of the House of Commons and the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority from the new legislation in situations where they are actually caught by it"

Making laws THEY don't have to abide by. Four legs good, two legs better eh?

Monday, 4 April 2011

Debt is Slavery

Whilst Fabians demand that we continue to borrow (or simply print) yet more money to support spending that has left us crippled with debt, some sensible people (you know, the ones who have to actually pay the fucking bills at the end of the day) are set to peacefully demand that our debt and our deficit be paid back, leaving our grandchildren the opportunity to live in a world not shackled by the chains of 13 years of profligate Socialism.

(Chances are, if my kids are anything to go by, they'll just spend it all on posters of Emo Vampires or Blackberry credit, but heyho, it'll be their choice, not some swivel eyed public sector droid)

So if you are not doing anything on May 14th, a London Stroll may be in order to politely but firmly ask those who rape our wallets every month to do what they have to do to clear the deficit. It will be painful for those who are accustomed to others paying their bills and it will enrage "the vulnerable" (who can only afford iPhone3's on their benefits or 42" plasmas from their "mobility" allowance)

Now is the chance to do something to break the chains of bonded labour and slavery that all Governments rely on to keep their citizens in line and working until they drop. To be free, you need to be debt free. Hence our record Socialist deficit (yet again)

I will post dates and places nearer the date but feel free to follow the facebook group HERE

Friday, 1 April 2011

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