Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Prodigal Son

I was involved in a rather interesting debate yesterday evening with none other than Lee Jasper, ex "advisor" to Ken Livingstone and champion of black only schools and forced reparations for slavery "of his people" by white folk.

The crux of his argument was that Boris Johnson was to blame for the shooting of a 5 year old girl by three black feral teenage thugs on the Stockwell Estate in SAARFF London yesterday. The Mayor of London had "failed her" he rallied and should be held responsible

Now, as a Libertarian, I believe the individual is responsible for the actions of the individual. You have a choice and you face the consequences of that choice, rightly or wrongly. Lee (quite rightly in my opinion) argued that these children have no home, no family to speak of other than "the gang"no aspirations and no future. Quite why this means they should shoot a 5 year old girl escaped both of us but this result was that he believes Politicians are at fault and I believe that those who made the choice to raise the gun totting shitheads so badly that they became gun totting shitheads capable of shooting 5 year bystanders are. Their "parents"

We had our usual courteous exchange on twitter whereby I blamed the culture of certain sections of black society that couldn't give a fuck about their offspring as long as the state housed them, fed them, handed out enough money to have their nails painted once a week. His exchange was that these kids have been abandoned by society. White society. And the resulting carnage is of our own making.

For all my rantings, my doctor, highly and proudly qualified, is a fat, Gold Rolex wearing Nigerian. He came from a family that realised education and hard work was the key to freedom and he earned it. He's a rich man and he saves lives every day. He is married, has two children and inspects their homework every evening in the full knowledge that if he doesn't, they may fail. They may become just another black face on the dole. "Not a chance" he says smiling "I'll make sure they are too smart for dat, no matter what I have to do, no matter what I have to pay".

Right now, in Southwark, the council is employing people to make sure that our gun toting shithead feral black youth never ever have to face anyone like my doctor. The local council has employed ARMIES of welfare officers who do not want to see stable families, aspirations, success for the black community. They want "clients". They want "victims". They want "funding"

You see, my Nigerian doctor looked, saw what was required to succeed in the white mans world and applied himself to succeeding in the white mans world. Southwark council on the hand have looked and seen what is required to succeed in the black world of Kingston, Jamaica. Guns. Drugs. Money. Bitches. No WAY are they going to deny dem yoof their "cultural heritage".

My Doctor has no interest in state funded hip hop workshops. He listens to Mozart instead. He IGNORES politicians who tell him his "heritage" and how to behave. He ignores the army of diversity coordinators who would have celebrating Voodoo with 5 wives. He is his OWN man.

Watch the excuses fly when the scrotes are caught. Watch the ARMY of council ethnic advisors pour out to justify their existence. Watch the "state" wring it's hands and say "but we gave you the Notting Hill Carnival, isn't that what you wanted?"

And no, and don't worry, poor white kids are not far behind. Ask another city full of "community advisors" expressing their "cultural heritage", Liverpool.

60 years of the Welfare State and 14 year olds are shooting 5 year olds. That's progress? God, I hate Politicians. They make awful parents. Perhaps Lee and I have more in common than I knew.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

So This Is How It Ends ?

I have been on the phone this afternoon to a colleague who was telling me the reality of what happens when a country is slowly 'going bust'.

This week (and it is only Wednesday) the local tax office have telephoned his accounts department and asked for a meeting. In the UK you know this usually means trouble, however the meeting was to ask if there was any possibility of paying their equivalent of National Insurance early because the Government has run out of money.

Then this morning he received a letter from their VAT office saying that the Government cannot actually afford to pay a refund this month can they wait ?

The State concerned is probably going to be unable to pay its employees and benefit claimants on Thursday, unless the German taxpayer is prepared to dig deep.

We are avoiding this situation at present by two means, quantative easing (printing money) and massive borrowing.

Those marching on saturday under Unite's and Unison's banners have no idea of economic reality, because they work for the State and have an 'entitlement' to be paid first.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

the Meek shall inherit the Earth

lunch at the Castle before popping off to Fortnums

Yesterday saw hundreds arrested for their actions. Trespass, violence, intimidation. Today they are being released slowly back into whatever circles they mingled in before deciding to become volunteer tax collectors for the all powerful state.

None has done more for the movement than Adam Ramsay , a brave new socialist determined that those who have been successful in business, taking risks with their OWN capital MUST support those who have not by handing over said capital to the feckless. Or else.

Tonight, he is free from jail, after being arrested in Fortnums and Masons. Where will he return to to chew the cud with the great oppressed? A squat in Islington? A council flat in Tower Hamlets? Maybe a doorway with the homeless?

It won't be for long, I assure you. He is going to inherit Banff House and Estate (1300 acres) in Perthshire, ancestral home of the Ramseys of Banff (since 1232). As the website prefers to call it a small castle, I'm sure Fortnum and Masons has not seen the last of Adam Ramsey of the Banff Estate

I'm off to see if his ancestral home has ever claimed any EU subsidies from the taxpayer. Up the workers, bruvver.

A Grand Day Out

Yesterdays TUC March provided something for everyone. It gave me and Olly C a chance to to head into London and meet up with Lawful Rebellion and the Love Police who were objecting to the Census, it gave the TUC a chance to head up a "It's a knock out" style competition over which union had the most members or colourful displays. It gave the Socialist workers an opportunity to try and sell newspapers and it gave #Ukuncut yet another excuse to sit down in other peoples property and demand they pay more taxes to the Government. they hate The Police got plenty of overtime, the faux anarchists had their day out smashing stuff up (not much of it belonging to their number 1 enemy, the State) and the press got their pics and story.

I'll say one thing. The TUC pulled BIG numbers. That WAS a crowd yesterday. I have no idea if it was 400,000 or less, but it was big. Certainly, they are the type of people who expect to be fed by politicians promises, and most were simply there not to protect the rights of others, democracy, freedom. No, they were their to make sure their slice of the pie they have greedily gorged from over the past 13 years remains intact. Wave after wave of diversity coordinators headed from the Embankment, proudly waving their "hands OFF MY pension" banners. People who claim disability allowance instead of working managed to briskly trot the few miles to listen to Ed Miliband declare himself the new Nelson Mandela. Unemployed scousers headed in from Euston to demand more "funding" (yet never managed to get to London to find a job) and of course, the evil tories were all to blame.

But what of this alternative? We are woefully in debt, money has no real value, we produce nothing, are owned by banks and the vested interests of those who fund our political parties, our laws are made by unelected foreigners and we employ millions at the cost of those on minimum wage just to support "the consumer price index" and put enough money in the system that nail salons opened by people with a grant to get them off the dole can paint the nails of those ON the dole.

I wish the Public Sector well. The fat, talentless, grey zombies I saw shuffling through London yesterday are not interested in anything but their own vested financial interests. Solidarity bruvvers? Well, only for the likes of you and me to pay their wages and mortgages whilst they dictate how we must live from their council empires .

Sorry, guys, you had your cake, you ate it all and now it's time to pay the bill. Don't even THINK about handing it on to my kids. The Party is over, time for the hangover to kick in.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Baiting the Masses

Olly C and I were out and about today, winding up 250,000 fat, middle aged welfare addicts.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cutting Edge

Those that read this blog will know that I stand for the freedom of the individual over the State. The last 100 years have seen huge swathes of responsibility taken from the citizen and passed to faceless bureaucrats to control, whilst the money to fund it all has been extracted under threat of violence by the State.

In return, the state has offered the feckless, lazy and talentless "jobs and security" in the way of non jobs, paper pushing, climate change defending, non smoking, health and safety, diversity, lesbian vegan morons in their thousands. Protected. Safe. Secure in the knowledge they will never have to do anything other than vote for the party of Statism to protect their right for others to pay their bills.

Saturday will see a march by welfare addicted no hopers to complain that their "funding" (your money) might be cut off and they might have to stand on their own two feet (in"comfortable" shoes, mostly) for once. This I HAVE to see.

If you want to join me spectate as they troop past, demanding their right to open and extract whatever they please from YOUR wallet, do feel free to join me:

Assemble Victoria Embankment, 26th March, 11am to march to a rally in Hyde Park
You know you want to. Then it's down the pub, to drink and smoke and eat animals. Using what little of YOUR money you have left over after the wages of State Diversity Coordinators have been paid

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Internal Exile

Remember the bad old days when horror stories would be leaked to us from the evil Soviet Empire of citizens who were not allowed to travel without papers, exiled to remote places, denied the freedom to travel...we all shook in our beds and built more bombs to stop something like that EVER happening in OUR country.

Simon Frodsham made his 44th appearance in court on Monday. For simply standing in the street of his own town. He has spent 8 years in prison, for defying an order that says he may not stand in the street of his own town. He has cost the taxpayer over £2M in various attempts to stop him standing in the street of his own town.

His crime is that he sleeps in church doorways and steals sandwiches. Both of which I believe could be dealt with under existing legislation. But no, far simpler for the all powerful state to impose an internal exile order (ASBO) upon him, denying him the freedom to move about unhindered in his own town. No Jury was used. He was simply told he may not stand in the street and if he does, they will put him in prison. And they did. For a total of 8 years so far.

For reference, Nobel prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn also spent 8 years in Soviet prisons for simply not doing as he was told by the State. Coupled with the UK secret courts revealed by Anna Raccoon this week, it makes you wonder who really won the cold war

Monday, 21 March 2011

NOW I'm interested

Exactly what was a CIA private jet, owned by an American Bank doing landing in Tripoli whilst the UN was voting?

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The REAL enemy

Once again, we cannot learn the lessons history keeps telling us we must, and the ultimate aim of the politician comes to the fore.

Organised Violence of behalf of the State

The anti Gadaffi rebels in Libya are not peaceful protesters. They are armed rebels seeking to overthrow the State. Whether I like it or not, I DO expect the Libyan state to defend itself, which is what it appears to be doing.

I have no time for Gadaffi. I have no time for his brutal regime and I certainly have no time for a UK state that knows it can apply organised violence better than Gadaffi and therefore MUST become involved. Oil and Tax revenues are there for the taking by the ones with the biggest guns.

It is not OUR problem, it is the problem for the tribes of Arabia to solve. Until they do, they will remain

Alas, unlike the Yemen, or Bahrain, where the repression of peoples and the shooting of innocent protesters with Western supplied arms is tolerated by our masters, Libya has oil. Lots of it.

I defy any reader to find a country that the UK or West will not bomb to defend the shareholders of BP. God help any peoples who defy the great God of Petroleum. And God help you if you DON'T have any, you really ARE on your own.

Bumper Harvest, Tractor Production UP

Today, Pravda announces a record haul of pennies from the glorious citizens as hundreds of desperate State media employees spent 7 hours "entertaining" their careers in aid of "charity".

I have never given a penny to Red Nose Day and never will. The sight of those who the BBC has promoted to "spread the agenda" flying to Africa (1st class) to instruct a remote tribe with bones through their noses on the correct use of the blue, silver, green and brown recycling bins found in Tower Hamlets or lecturing an Innuit on the joys of Wind Farms frankly sickens me.

If you have the stomach, you too can find out where all that money is spent by simply looking at the Red Nose Grants audit site. My favourite was handing out free carbon monoxide detectors to gypsys. Really

Suffice to say, anyone forcing me to donate to Comic Relief WILL end up with a Red Nose

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Controlling the Media

I notice that ITV has taken offence on behalf of "others" that some shite TV programme based in a fictitious English village contains no Eskimos or Amazonian tribes with plates in their lips.

One of the reasons I refuse to watch TV. Utterly ridiculous that my brain and my own eyes are not to be trusted by the "authoroties" to make their own decisions, instead, a rural English village must be the mirror image of the Fabians dream of Eastenders, chock full of one legged Lesbian Muslims with ADHD and Aids. To reflect "society"

Tickets for Olympics went on sale today. I intend to kick up an ALMIGHTY fuss when the 100m men's final is full of straight black men, not in wheelchairs. What on EARTH are they thinking, the bastards? Heads, like wheelchairs, must roll.

(apologies for lack of blogging. I'm making serious money so I can fuck off from this shithole asap)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Barmy Bexley Borough *UPDATED*

I am not Old Holborn.

Many thanks to OH for allowing me to grace his place with my unworthy presence, much appreciated.

As most of this blog's regular readers know the democratic process in this country is practically non-existent, and can only be described as a "faux-democracy". The farce that is our democracy is evident at both local and national level. When you delve into local politics it quickly becomes evident that local councillors beat the thieving 650 hands down when it comes to troughing at the expense of the taxpayer, whilst perverting the course of OUR democracy for their own gain.

Bexley Council is one of those councils where they laugh in the face of democracy as long as they get to do what they want, where they want and how they want, nothing else matters. In my opinion this is because there is far less scrutiny at local level than there is at a national level.

I had occassion last week to attend one of their council meetings, and to say I was shocked at how little the democratic process was respected would be an understatement. Bexley's rules are simple, 15 minutes for residents to ask questions, and 15 minutes for councillors to ask questions. Of course those 15 minutes of so called democracy are rather expensive when you take into account how much we all pay in taxes.

The problem in Bexley however is that whilst your are talking or asking questions councillors are laughing at you, insulting you and generally trying to interrupt your train of thought. Our esteemed mayor also gets a shout in, rather impolitely telling residents to keep quiet or sit down. That's the least of her transgressions however, last week she cut those 15 minutes down to 11 minutes, it might sound fickle but that's 11 minutes of democracy for over 200 000 residents of Bexley. Those 11 minutes however pale in comparison to the 20 minutes she gave the councillors to rattle on.

Like I mentioned, I was there, recording every word, of course throwing in a heckle or two. You see our Chief Executive earns in excess of £200k p/a and the council is thinking of cutting local services. Don't get me wrong I'm pro-cuts I believe the state is way over-bloated and we need those cuts, what I'm opposed to is local people, who contribute to the wealth of the council, losing out on services when idiots like Will Tuckley sit minted in their ivory towers. It's not right. I made that clear at the meeting, drawing attention to myself.

I was eventually asked to turn my video camera off as it was against "council rules", to which I said no, of course. THE most powerful word in anyone's vocabulary is NO. That didn't go down too well. I continued to film and I continued to heckle until I couldn't take it any longer and left.

After experiencing the farce of democracy I decided that enough was enough and a few days ago I sent an email to Bexley Council advising them that at this weeks budget meeting I would be making a statement to the council. I explained I was going to withdraw my consent to them, so that they would no longer have my consent to rule/govern me at a local level. My vote belongs to me and as such I can give it and take it away as I please. Sadly our democracy doesn't make this facility available to us, and is why I am an advocate of the Right to Recall, locally and nationally.

I also informed the council that I would be witholding my council tax until such time as they produced a signed contract outlining both mine and their obligations to each other. I also notified the council that I would be filming my statement contrary to what they said I could or couldn't do.

I hadn't heard anything from the council until tonight. Will Tuckley the Chief Executive of Bexley wrote:

Dear Sir,

I am responding to your lengthy email to all Bexley Councillors sent on 6th March.
The Council, consisting of the democratically elected representatives of the borough,
has a Protocol governing the way meetings are conducted. This states that
permission from the Mayor, the Chairman of the meeting, is required for “any video or
audio visual recording of proceedings”. You do not have that permission.
Consequently you will not be able to film the meeting.

We have one Council meeting to set the budget each year as required by statute. In
accordance with Standing Orders this is only addressed by elected Councillors so
consequently you will not be able to make a statement to the meeting. As you know
from your attendance at the last Council meeting residents can contribute to regular
Council meetings through processes such as public questions and deputations.

Yours sincerely,
Will Tuckley
Now an ordinary person would stop there and leave it, an ordinary person would do as they're told and not film, nor would they attempt to make their statement. I'm no ordinary person. So I AM going to film and I AM going to make my statement, we do after all live in a democracy. Other than that though, I'd like you to read this letter from Bob Neil MP which he sent to all council leaders.

I'm sure you can see then that there's a bit of hypocrisy/contradictory stuff going on. Now the reason I've hijacked OH's blog is because I need your help, and it's a rather urgent appeal. Bexley are holding their budget meeting tomorrow at 7:30pm at the Bexley Civic Hall:

London Borough of Bexley
Civic Offices

I'd like to cordially invite like-minded people in the area (or from afar) to attend this meeting so we can facilitate a bit of democracy at a local level and to show the council where the power really lies. With the people.

For more information on the Bexley story you can go here and here. Please note those links will be dead from lunchtime tomorrow until Friday lunch time due to server upgrades.

I hope I haven't bored too many people with my ramblings. Once again thanks to OH for the opportunity to write here and thanks to those of you who can help.


UPDATE: You can read the follow up story here.

The Knock at the Door

Make your "census compliance officer" (yes, really) fill this out in the off chance one makes it to your door.

...You have called here this day __/__/____, at my/our private residence, uninvited, in order to discuss a matter that you allege concerns me/us. Please Note; Non invitation to this property surmounts to trespass.

I/we need to establish lawful grounds for any discussion in order to provide me/us with the necessary lawful protection before disclosing any details to you with regard to any natural private person you believe to reside at this private residence that you allege your business here today concerns.

Please complete and return this brief lawful questionnaire, a copy of which will be provided for your records.

If you cannot provide all the information required below, I/we will take the understanding that you are not who you say you are, and I/we will lawfully decline to speak with you on this occasion while reserving all of my/our unalienable rights not to be bound by any alleged contracts revealed or unrevealed.

Please take note; if you refuse to provide all of the information required below, it may result in your visit being reported to the relevant authorities in accordance with The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and The Administration of Justice Act 1970.

1. Your Full Name:____________________________________

2. Are you here representing yourself or a company:_________________________________

3. If You Are Here On Behalf Of A Company, What Is The Name Of The Company You Represent:


4. What Is Your Address and The address Of The Company You Represent. (include phone numbers)

Your Address: ___________________________________________________

Your Telephone Number:_________________________________________

The Address of The Company You Represent:_____________________

Telephone Of The Company You Represent:________________________

5. Registration Number Of Your Vehicle: ________________________

6. Your Job Title In The Company: ______________________

7. Name Of The Person You Report To, Your Superior (i.e. line manager):


8. Contact number of person you report to , your superior (i.e. line manager):


9. Name of Person, or other, you wish to speak with here today:___________________________

10. Brief Outline Of The Nature Of Your visit:___________________________________


11. Do You Have Proof That I/we Gave You Authority Over Me/Us?
Yes / No (Delete As Appropriate)

(If yes, please provide sight of original documented proof of said contract as to your lawful authority claimed over me/us, as given by me/us.)

You will need to provide sight of a valid original signed contract between you and me/us should you wish to discuss any matter pertaining to alleged Licenses, Debts, Fees, Charges, or any matter concerning a 3rd party that you claim to represent in relation to my/our private commercial affairs;

Your signature: ________________________ Print Name:________________________
Date Of Signing: _______________________

Brussels Sproutastic

Tuscan Tony on the left, OH, on the right.  Deep in the soft and smelly stuff as usual.
Your recipe from Tuscany this morning as an amuse bouche of a sorbet amongst the heavy stuff is a fab little recipe for these otherwise foul-smelling and sulphurous comestibles:
Total time: 30 minutes
Servings: 4
1 1/2 pounds Brussels sprouts, halved
Juice of 1 lemon (about 2 tablespoons)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided
1/2 teaspoon pepper
2 cloves finely minced garlic, or to taste
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1. Heat the oven to 475 degrees.
2. In a large bowl, toss the Brussels sprouts with 2 tablespoons olive oil, then place them in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet.
3. Roast the Brussels sprouts in the oven, tossing periodically, until crisp and lightly browned, about 15 minutes. Toss the Brussels sprouts every few minutes for even coloring.
4. While the Brussels sprouts are roasting, in a large bowl, whisk together the remaining one-fourth cup olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper flakes to form a dressing.
5. When the Brussels sprouts are roasted, remove them and toss them with the dressing. Transfer to a platter and serve hot.


Monday, 7 March 2011

2011 Census

I am not yours to count. I am not "livestock" no matter how many "bonds" and "stocks" the State may issue in my name, auctioning off my future "tax yield" to the highest bidder. I am me. I belong to me and the Old Holborn family. There is no higher authority over me, than me.

The 600 and lawful rebellion

Well, well. 600 people who decided enough was enough and the endless demands of the State and threats of violence for those who refuse to pay for services they have not requested stormed Wirral County Court today, threw the Judge out and declared "case dismissed" against a fellow citizen who simply refused to pay his council tax.

Expect much, much more of this.

Lawful Rebellion has begun and it will stop when we, the people have back what others have stolen. Our right to live our lives without harm to others.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Why you NEVER give money to the banks. EVER.

The Military And The State

The new MP for Barnsley, Dan Jarvis, is an ex military officer with service in Iraq and Afghanistan, shame it is as a Labour MP, but I would rather him than the likes of  somebody like Straw, Balls and the Millibands who are just immature Student Union revolutionaries, ready to storm the gates of capitalism over a cup of lukewarm coffee in the students union.

Thanks to Blair's wars from 1997 to the present we are getting a crop of former serving officers entering frontline politics. In the sixties this was the norm as most if not all politicians in the House had fought in world war two.

I expect that over the next ten years, having 'war veteran' on your CV for going before the electorate is again going to become de rigeur and essential. This will have a profound affect on our politics as it has in Israel where all the senior politicians are ex Generals. A certain mind set develops in the military that likes order, instant obedience to a command and the assurance that somebody else will meet the bills. In Israel , America picks up the tab, who do this new generation of soldier-politicians think is going to pick up the tab here ?

Commerce and manufacturing has been driven into the ground, with Vince Cable's Business, Innovation and skills still dreaming up new regulations to keep them selves in jobs. This morning I hear that Mandelson whilst head of the monolith BIS was proposing that schools and universities be twinned with their counter parts in Libya. So rather that British industry pick up the tab for social projects like education the plan was to outsource education to oil rich cash rich dictators in North Africa, who are currently murdering their own people. Sir Howard Davies has paid the price for another of Mandelson's tainted plans when it was revealed that the LSE had accepted £300 000 from the Al Ghadaffi clan.

While peaceful British industry takes a back seat in national life, and the Banks,Politicians and Military come to the fore, we are in for a time of increased regulation and authoritarian government. The banks, political elite and armed forces all have hierachical models, with one supreme leader at the top of each. Not elected, you get to the top in these organisations by climbing the greasy pole and chopping down your rivals.

Welcome to Mandelson's new post-democratic age !

Is this all gloomy has the Fabian Imperium swept all before it ?

Well no, resistance is not useless.

Banks,the State and the military are all human organisations and they are not filled with automata wedded to the corporate cause, that is why Cameron is going to fail if he has Heath style corporatism as his guiding principle for foreign policy.  What is good for BP is not always for GB in the long run.

If you read ARRSE you will see that the armed forces were becoming very politicised under Brown after the multiple failures over ammunition, equipment and helicopters. Don't forget that we have had the Navy go on strike before in 1931 at Invergordon. The MOD should rember this when dishing out redundancy notices to troops on the front line. They are literally playing with fire.

As sure as Empires and dictatorships always eventually die, so do Corporations fail in trying to run our lives, because we will resist in small ways on a daily basis.

In his farewell address Eisenhower warned America about the growth of the Military-Industrial complex in the 1950's. A Corporate State is fascism. It suppresses the will of the people to the will of the few.

When the fear of the State is removed you have change, not politicians change, real change, and uncertain change, revolutionary change. Whinging changes nothing. Activism changes everything.

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.


It is your duty to resist.

Libertarian Party

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Freedom Of Information (Amendment) Bill 2010-11- The Flint Axe

Dry as dust I know but if you read Heather  Brooke's  The Silent State, you will know that Parliament having passed the FOI Act in a rare moment of  principle, government and officials in particular loathe and detest this legislation.

The Telegraph finally got the scoop and hard evidence, but it was Heather who did the donkey work to expose The Speaker of the House of Commons and the English Collective of MP's ripping off the public with their expenses, using FOI.

Chris Mullin in his aptly named diaries Decline and Fall gives the MP's attitude towards the Act in an entry for 2nd April 2007.

The Treasury has been forced under the Freedom of Information Act (another of our liberal reforms comes back to bite us) to disclose the the advice offered by officials at the time..........To compound our difficulty Ed Balls has foolishly claimed, without the slightest evidence, that the move was supported by the CBI, which triggered indignant denials and only served to add fuel to the fire. All very damaging.

The principle provision is to

A Bill to amend the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to remove provisions permitting Ministers to overrule decisions of the Information Commissioner and Information Tribunal; to limit the time allowed for public authorities to respond to requests involving consideration of the public interest; to amend the definition of public authorities; and for connected purposes.

This is something I have been watching like a hawk since serving Business,Innovation and Enterprise with a notice under the Act in relation to a court case I have been involved with since the dawn of time on 13th October 2009.

This is back before Parliament on the 18th March, and it is the 'connected purposes' bit I am worried about.

Remember it was this Act that deposed the Speaker, for the first time in three hundred and fifty years, and is the primary cause of sending a raft of MP's to jail. So do not expect them to be sympathetic to any changes that make government more accountable, especially not Ministers.

In my case I served the FOI request on Mandelson's office in October 2009, they responded with a trickle of about thirteen heavily redacted emails they held on me. The Act states that they need to take no more than forty days. They did not bother with those annoying timescales and I received what Mandelson's office was prepared to give me late. It was fairly obvious that there was more material they were withholding.

A complaint was made to the Information Commissioner who upheld my complaint and instructed BIS to comply on September 22nd 2010. They responded in October to myself and the Information Commissioner that this data did not exist. By now I had direct evidence that it did exist from an insider.

In October 2010, I made an application in the High Court in Bristol under sec 7(9) Data Protection Act with the blessing of the Information Commissioner. The Treasury Solicitor decided to defend the action, I was served with a witness statement with a statement of truth that the data did not exist.

The hearing was set for January 28th 2011, two days before the hearing the Treasury Solicitor wrote to the Court saying something along the lines of whoops we have found something (no kidding), please can we adjourn. Then bundles of documents on me started arriving, the last on the 2nd March, not bad considering that according to the witness statement, 'simply does not exist'.

I will not bore you with the details, but here is a secret government suppresses evidence in court cases, it tells bare face lies about you and seeks to mislead elected government ministers and MP's.

I now have another application lodged (£75 at time) to introduce this evidence that has been suppressed for nearly eighteen months. THe written evidence from the Treasury Solicitor is that they did not start search Mandelson's Private Office until the 24th January 2011, when they were served with a forty day notice in 2009.

Parliament has handed the public a flint axe in the FOI Act and another in the Data Protection Act against their laser guided missles and vast treasury. Use it, keep it and keep hitting the state with your flint axe, Heather Brooke did, and I have.
It works.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Join me

Nothing scares them more. Anyone can be Old Holborn and Old Holborn could be anyone.

UPDATE: OH voted top ten whistleblowing UK blog

Join me.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The International Mafia

I will repeat myself. As long as you keep paying taxes, the State will continue to spend them. I've had a brisk look through the truly depressing list of despots that can count on £14.7 Billion of taxpayers money, taken under threat of violence.

Mugabe to receive £353M, Pakistan to receive £1.4 Billion, India's Space Program (even they tried to refuse the aid) £1.1 Billion. Somalia, which doesn't even HAVE a government is to receive £250 Million, whilst those trustworthy fellows we meet everyday in our junk mail folders, the Nigerians, wallowing in $100 a barrel oil and diamond encrusted Learjets are to receive £1 Billion

I am not a mean, miserable man. I want nothing more than Africans to throw off their tribal ignorance and be free. I want nothing more than Muslims to enjoy a reformation and stop wiping their arses with stones (that then get thrown at gays or women) but as we have learned with the Welsh, the more you give, the more is taken.

Of course, the real deal is that by forcing UK taxpayers to hand over vast sums of hard earned cash, the Corporations will no longer have to pay bribes for Zambia to install an up to date anti aircraft missile system from BAE to tyrannise the neighbouring tribe with. Access to lucrative drilling rights will no longer have to be funded by BP shareholders but by those on minimum wage, slaving 60 hours a week, stacking shelves in Asdas.

We are a bankrupt country and deserve the leaders we have. Utterly, morally, financially bankrupt. Shame on us.

The only answer is to stop feeding the beast. Now.

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