Saturday, 26 February 2011

the Unelected speak for no one.

What a week. Gadaffi spouting the glorious nonsense of all Politicians. "You are only free as long as I am your leader" "those who do not love me should be shot" "the enemy is what only I can protect you from" "Al Queda and drugs are behind this evil plot to overhtrow the State"

Sound familiar?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Saturday, 19 February 2011

too good to miss..

Today, lots of idiots are demanding that the beast that already takes most of our money by force receives more of it to spend on Diversity Coordinators instead of clearing up the £1.3 Trillion debt we are handing to our grandchildren to pay. Yup it's #ukuncut action day which appears to mean sitting in a branch of Barclays Banks and reading a book. This, however was simply too good to miss. Enjoy the brave new world of #Ukuncut

The monopoly of power

Today I read that the "State" of Libya has decided it will not tolerate Libyans doing anything other than what they are told to do by the State. 84 citizens lie dead

The "State" of Bahrain and the "State" of Yemen have decided to do likewise and turn the shiny weapons so eagerly supplied by the "State" of Britain on the flesh and blood of the people who live there. People are dying simply because they wish to live different lives than the one the State has decreed they will live.

The Arab revolts are not "Islam" inspired anymore than the Jarrow March was Quaker inspired. 21st century technology, satellite TV and the mobile phone have made millions in the middle east aware that there are alternative civilisations on the planet, where the leaders are not the mightiest tribe, the elders, the most armed. They have discovered that other peoples can talk, walk, work and live lives of their own choosing without blind obedience to the powers that be. Sure, Islam will attempt to fill any power vacuum that may exist, just as our religious leaders attempt to do on a regular basis, but a people now educated in the 21st Century are not going to install an Ayatollah who will dictate how many stones they may use to wipe their arses or chop their hands off if they look at a pretty girl on the Al Internet.

And when the dust settles, as eventually it will, we will see the same curve of civilisation that we went through on the road to freedom - hopefully without the pointless wars of Empire or religion so beloved by our forefathers (or rather those who ruled over them). We will see commerce, wealth, art - things that make western civilisation the standard. We will see human rights where there were none. We will see equality where there was none. And we will see freedoms where there were none.

All we have to do is nothing. Stop selling "states" the weapons they need to bully, torture and murder their citizens. Stop trading with the elites who treat their populace as a slave army. Stop supporting regimes that are friends of our friends. Stop bloody interfering in the politics of others unless they are a direct threat to OUR citizens.

So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.
And if our "state" allows it, the Arabs will be free at last

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Burst the bubble

Oh, they're screaming again. The average age of a 1st time buyer is now 37 years old and the Government is sticking its big bastard nose into the economy again in an effort to manipulate the housing market. "Give money to 1st time buyers" says Grant Shapps, minister for keeping voters happy as he tries to tell banks to cough up.

No. You have the right to own a property. You do not have the right to buy a cheap property. If property is too expensive for you to buy, move to where it isn't (one of the reasons I don't live in Mayfair). Do not expect the taxpayer to subsidise your property aspirations. Rent. Work hard. Save. Buy a house you can afford.

And Minister, once again, get out of the economy. Get out of the planning process, get out of the financial sector and let people house themselves. Now.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Freedom for Arabia

And it all started because the State demanded that a Tunisian youth selling fruit and vegetables in a market to earn a living needed permission from the State. Look and learn politicians, look and learn.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Not for everyone

but certainly for some. I tweeted this a few months ago and it is still as relevant as ever. In a free society, you do not need to ask permission to house yourself. You build a house. All that is required is that you can defend it and it does not adversely affect the lives of others. 150 years ago it was all the rage in America and millions took up the challenge to "go west". This house does exactly that on another brutal and unforgiving landscape. The UK State.

Built on arable land, without permission, and it shows that you can be free if you have the courage to be free. It took the builder 4 months, a chainsaw, a hammer, £3000 and some hard work.

"Oh look, a stone age hippy" I hear. From the very same people who happily pay £2000 a week to stay at Centreparks. "A hobbits cave", say those who will spend their entire lives in hock to a banker, the council and their desks to pay for it all whilst travelling underground to work every day. And what remains when they die from stress, the all powerful state will grab what little it didn't manage to grab whilst you were alive.

Low impact, almost no cost and the chance to actually live a life worth living instead of being the tiniest cog in a brutal system, grinding towards inevitable death. Of course, you may consider this a pitiful existence in the same way Abramovich sneers at you in your Barretts house on a Barretts estate from his super yacht. You may consider it hard work in the same way that you now work 12 hours a day, 300 days a year whilst peasants in the middle ages toiled for just 140 days a year and partied the rest.

And you have to ask yourself exactly where humanity is headed when we actually have to protect the last few remaining truly free people on the planet from us, the "civilised."

"What the fuck is that? A Government? Taxes? Laws? Permission? Huh?"

If you too, would like to educate yourself on how to live a simpler life, feel (truly) free to join us

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Freeman on the Land update

For those who have been following my progress as a "Freeman on the Land", there has been a significant event in legal history.

To recap, Freemen on the Land refuse to live under statute law. We do not consent to be "governed" (as is our right) and therefore the endless laws pumped out by the 650 morons in Parliament are what they truly claim to be, "Acts". They do not apply to me

When you are born, the State issues you a birth certificate for a reason. It assumes you belong to it and can therefore sell the taxes it knows it will extract from you by force over your lifetime (they are called Government bonds).

You however are NOT your name. You are simply a human being, made of flesh and blood, your labour belongs to you and you can call yourself what you wish. Your name, in effect, becomes a mechanism whereby the Govt can tax you, monitor you and measure you. Your name belongs to THEM, not you. So Freemen reject their name. I am Old of the Holborn family, whereby the Govt insists on sending tax demands to Mr Old Holborn. Mr Old Holborn does not exist other than on a state issued piece of paper, for the purposes of taxation. Following at the back? Good.

So if Mr Old Holborn refuses to pay his council tax, the council can only pursue a piece of paper for payment, NOT Old of the Holborn family. And it's just been proved in court.

Captain Ranty has the details

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Live and let live

Today, Dish Face will tell an eager press that "Britain" (he means you and me) must rejoice in being "British" (he means being like him). It will be lapped up by right wingers and nationalists as a way to ensure conformity, if necessary by force.

What he will not say is "do as you please, as long as it does not adversely affect the lives of others", the Libertarians motto. He will insist it is for the good of the "State" that he inflicts a thinly veiled attack on Islam. He will insist that the "British" have values that all must adhere to (whilst roundly ignoring the very same values as he bombs wedding parties in far off lands). He will insist that all are welcome (whilst quietly cancelling the 30 year direct debit that supported an authoritarian regime in Egypt) as long as they aspire to be "British". He will give succour to the thousands of EDF marching in Luton against "the Islamification of Britain" whilst continuing to fund Somali pirates.

I am not a Nationalist. I do not celebrate my "Britishness" whilst adoring roast beef, fine ales and my stiff upper lip any more than I celebrate my "Britishness" when drinking Margaux, feasting on Lamb Madras or listening to heavy dub with a joint.

In his attempt to stamp "conformity" on the tiny percentage of radical Muslims in this country, he will alienate huge swathes of the public that do not wish to watch cricket on a Sunday afternoon or prefer to grow dreadlocks and smoke weed. The harmless pastimes of those who choose their own lifestyles will be crushed and derided as "un-British".

In your rush to appease the masses, Mr Cameron, you will simply repeat what many others have attempted and failed to do- State controlled behaviour.

If you want to deradicalise Muslims, stop bombing their children. Stop supporting brutal regimes. Stop bribing your "friends" in the Middle East with weapons deals, stop stamping your "influence" on all you can see to aid the vested interests of those who fund your politics. In short, leave us alone.

If how others live does not adversely affect my life, I am happy for them to live their lives how they wish. If they wish to eat halal and pray 5 times a day, it is no business of mine and certainly no business of your all powerful State to insist they shouldn't.

My version of "Britishness" doesn't need State protection. It needs protection FROM the State

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

He who pays the piper..

I find it rather sickening to discover that since 1995, the unelected EU has handed the authoritarian thug Hosni Mubarek over €2.25 BILLION of OUR money.

I thought I'd check how much the UK gave via our very own DFID ring fenced development budget, but alas, Winston Smith has busy at work and deleted the record from their website. It never existed.

Make no mistake. The US, EU have been funding this dictator for 30 years in the name of protecting Israel. Watch them all rush to congratulate ordinary Egyptians on finally throwing off the brutal chains so eagerly purchased and donated to them with OUR tax money

Politicians really disgust me.

"Where you stand on him depends on whether you've worked with him from the outside or on the inside. I've worked with him on the Middle East peace process between the Israelis and the Palestinians so this is somebody I'm constantly in contact with and working with and on that issue, I have to say, he's been immensely courageous and a force for good,"- Tony Bliar, today

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