Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Who is Old Holborn?

Total Politics magazine have asked me the following questions, so I thought I'd share the answers here.

Who are you?

Anybody can be Old Holborn. The reason I choose anonymity is that the focus remains on the message, not the man. Poilitics and the blogosphere is full of those trying to promote themselves for their own ends, desperate to climb the greasy pole, whilst I can sit back and smile every time I bump into them safe in the knowledge they have no idea who I am and can't vent their frustration by rummaging through my dustbin to undermine my arguments. Even standing for Parliament last year as an independent in Cambridge, I became the first person to stand completely anonymously. It drove the electoral commission and my fellow candidates to distraction, much to my amusement and that of my readers. Humour is the key, until they find a way to tax it.

Where do you blog?

I use blogger. I did host my own domain, but it was closed down as I refused to give the authorities my name and address. I will probably take it offshore to an anonymous US host when I have time and let the 1st Ammendment do it's job.

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging four years ago because I was sick of being censored and moderated on Internet forums. There is no moderation or censorship on my blog at all. The comments section is, as far as I am concerned, a white wall. I refuse to be held responsible for what a passing individual chooses to daub on it.

How would you describe Old Holborn to the uninitiated?

I fight for the individual. I'm sick of being told what I must do or finance "for the common good", sick of legislation that removes my freedoms to do as I please when I'm not adversely affecting the lives of others and have nothing but contempt for Politicians. In my ideal world, I would live as a hermit and shoot anyone that trespassed on my land. Small State, anti authoritarian, leave me alone, not right or left just stop telling me how to live my life. It's mine, not yours.

Why the name?

No reason at all

What has been your best or most controversial blogging moment?

Well, I have released people from prison who shouldn't have been there, I did name the murderers of Baby P and I do my utmost to upset anyone who assumes they hold any power over me that wasn't expressly given to them by me and I'm always ready to break super injunctions or challenge authority. It's a hobby of mine.

What are your thoughts on the Occupy movement?

What a wasted opportunity. No sooner did something get started than it was hijacked by the usual suspects. Anti cuts, Greenpeace, the Unions have all piled in to attempt to make it a Fabians wet dream, a cooperative of the left. A great shame as not one banker or Politician, those who we really should be hanging for the utter mess we are in, has been touched by any of it. I can actually hear them laughing yet again whilst the European Central Bank installs new leaders all over Europe to protect the very same banks from the consequences of their own actions.

In your ideal world, how would our political system look?

Direct democracy, no borders to immigration (yes, odd isn't it?), no political parties, minimal state, minimal voluntary taxation and where the rights of the individual trumps the rights of the collective. Sadly,  it'll never happen, so I hope to buy an Island and run it as an international tax haven, issue currency based on Gold reserves (remember them?) and declare war on the unelected EU Commission.

What other blogs do you read?

Any blog that attacks the status quo will find its way onto my radar. I rabidly consume news in the hope of finding the nugget of information that will hang the great and the good who assume they are my master.

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