Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A silent Plan B

 the Elite handing back the small change from your taxes at a Greek soup kitchen, yesterday

For those of you who watch the tellybox, last night had a little gem in it. A program showing how the Greek economy manages to bumble along just fine in the background whilst the Greek State has bankrupted itself by taking the EU shilling. 

It comes as no surprise that the EU have just installed the Vice President of the European Central Bank as new leader in Athens. After all, the entire country is now owned by the EU bankers, lock, stock and barrel, having your own man on the scene makes perfect sense. Rather like the Mafia ensuring only their bouncers and accountants get to the run the nightclub you thought you owned. At least the Rothschilds ran the show from the sidelines, the EU hasn't even got the subtlety to enslave a population quietly. I wonder what his first priorities will be; the people he is supposed to represent? Or re filling the coffers of the ECB with Greek money? Anybodies guess.

Back to last nights TV. Of course the Greeks wised up pretty quickly that the only way to survive what the State had done in their name, was to hide what they have from the State. A massive black market has opened up. Cash is King again, just like it used to be before the State and the bankers got too big to fail, remember? Capital has flown to Switzerland and Bulgaria, precious life savings have been ferreted out of the country where the ever more intrusive tentacles of the tax authorities cannot touch them. Bartering, cash in hand, envelopes are back in fashion.

Sure, those dumb enough to work for the Beast or obediently pay their taxes are now the ones queueing at soup kitchens (one in eleven Greeks now eats at one) whilst those who saw how much power the State had awarded itself are not going to go hungry. They had a personal plan B to ensure their individual wealth did not suddenly become the collective wealth to be plundered by the new Banker Emperor from Brussels.

You would do wise to do the same. At some point, the State is going to come for what little you have left. It's needs FAR outweigh yours and whilst it may supply a soup kitchen in return, to stop you from actually starving, it will be the final mediator as to what you may purchase with your own hard labour, ensuring that what you own, it can also claim ownership to, if needed.

Arbeit Macht Frei, Comrades.

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