Tuesday, 15 November 2011

the Power of the State

Greece is having something of an interesting time. A new leader has been installed, handpicked by the European Central Bank to ensure that the debts racked up by socialists do not go unpaid, just forty years to the day after the Greek people overthrew their last unelected Government of the Generals. Austerity measures WILL be pushed through, ensuring that those who had nothing to do with the debt end up paying the bankers with their carefully saved personal wealth and Merkels dream of a Germany by the Sea can continue.

Of course, certain assets of the State could be sold off to cover them, but be sure, the National Power Company won't be one of them. You see, controlling the electricity the citizens need is a way to control the citizens. Greeks are just about to be handed a new property tax that will simply be added to their electricity bills. Refuse to pay, and the State cuts off the juice.Using a State monoply Corporation to get to your wealth.

Now you know why socialists want so much of the state infrastructure firmly in the hands of their Politburo. Never trust a politician to provide what the market is capable of doing, as the Greeks are finding out once again

Thursday will see the largest Demo in Athens yet seen. Expect real fireworks.

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