Sunday, 13 November 2011

Perpetual Growth

The whingeing, the whining. I can't stand it any more.

The Western world is obsessed with "growth". Our useless politicians seem to be of the opinion that if there is no "growth" we will all die (or hang them from lamp posts) and every thing MUST be done to maintain growth. Out taxes must be reinvested in programs that will bring growth, our labour and effort must only be used to promote growth, God help us all if we don't have at least as much as our parents had, we will have all failed miserably and the world is doomed.

Except of course, it isn't. Growth promoted by the State usually means growth of the State. It isn't a coincidence that for every major technological breakthrough, the Government manages to employ an army of bureaucrats to monitor, measure, licence and tax it. Not content that something is actually working, a stranglehold must be placed upon it to ensure that every last drop of growth is squeezed out of it "for the common good", so a Politician can sit back and bask in the glory.

Sorry guys, I see perpetual growth as a tumour. In the rush to make sure everyone on the planet owns a Govt funded iPad just because our parents didn't (and that MUST be progress, right) all we have ended up with is enormous corporations feeding from enormous Governments feeding from us. It might be "admirable" that the unemployed can now drive fucking cars because I'm paying their rent and council taxes but if that is growth, I'd rather keep my own money, thanks.

I've reached that stage in life where I'm not looking for growth. I have all I need, certainly all I want and now, I'd like to enjoy it without the constant nagging that someone, somewhere hasn't and therefore society has failed and I need to work harder or pay more in taxes.

Growth in the Greek state has bankrupted the nation, likewise in a basket of other Southern European countries. Growth for growths sakes has killed them. Not much point in handing out iPads to schoolkids if they can't afford the electricity bill to recharge them.

So I say kick back. Maintain, adjust, prune where necessary but stop looking for perpetual growth. you'll end up throwing away a fiver in the hope you'll find a tenner. Be thankful for what you have and enjoy it. In just 100 years, we have seen remarkable things and now is the time to slow down and make use of them. If that means living with an Xbox2 whilst claiming the dole, is that really such a sacrifice?

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