Thursday, 24 November 2011

The EU import tax on Garlic. It reeks

Whilst watching my twitter stream today, I spotted a press release from the EU stating that Britain had been a very, very naughty boy and owed the EU £20 million in unpaid taxes. For importing Garlic.

Between 2005 and 2006, the UK customs authorities allowed imports of fresh garlic from the People's Republic of China under wrong authorising documents. They have erroneously stated that the goods imported were frozen garlic for which significantly lower import duties apply. The Commission considers that the UK authorities did not act with all due care when issuing the authorising documents and failed to collect the correct amount of duties.

They are therefore held financially responsible for the loss of own resources (approximately £20 million) to the EU budget.The Commission is determined to protect the common EU interest. Fair treatment of all Member States must be ensured. If a Member State fails to make available all the money it owes the EU budget, the other Member States need to pay more as a result.
I'm going for a lie down. Anyone care to clarify why we are forced to pay import duties on Garlic?

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