Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ship of Fools

It seems no one has learned a damn thing. Four years after the beginning of the banking crisis and the subsequent carnage as Politicians poured in trillions of our money to prop up the ponzi schemes and protesters are once again heading down to the City to "occupy the Stock Exchange". They may as well be occupying Billingsgate fish market for all the difference it will make.

No one has EVER forced me to buy shares. Contrast if you will, the £100,000 of PUBLIC debt carried by EVERY family in the UK, thanks to Politicians and the Central Banks raiding our currency, yet no one has demanded to occupy Parliament or the Bank of England. Germans are protesting outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, thousands of them who know EXACTLY where the criminals are. Us? Sitting on the steps of St Pauls Catherdral and being kettled once again by the laughing Policeman.

Wise up fools. Go for the bankers and the Bond traders. Go for the Politicians who expect you to work harder and longer to pay for their narcisstic promises. Go for the REAL theives, the ones whose hands you are not allowed to remove from your own pockets, the ones who use the LAW to steal your money and place your children in debt. Let me know when you do, and I'll be there, on the front line, as usual. Ranting that people are richer than you is the politics of envy, nothing more and as history proves, just makes everyone pennyless.

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