Monday, 3 October 2011

The Pit of Despair

Ian Duncan Smith has landed the blame for the UK riots where it needs to be landed. The destruction of families and the welfare State.

Our youth have no need to work. The benefits paid by an army of State “facilitators” will be enough for them to get by on, and those pricey designer phones or trainers can always be funded by nefarious drug dealing. No parent there to stand in the way of our up and coming gangsta and remind him of his responsibility as a citizen, the State assumed that role decades ago.

Well done Tyson. This certificate is because you almost attended some lessons last year, this gold certificate with stars is because you showed such promise as a footballer and this shiny medallion is for being the most caring 16 year old father in the class. Now off you go into the big wide world and show them all what our fantastic education system has created.

An opportunist thief, with no hope of independent income or aspiration other than to own designer shoes and a hat that may make your peers respect you. The voice that demanded “your rights” from your hairy lipped Fabian teachers while you sucked your teeth at them for asking you to sit still in class now demands “your rights” from society in general as you demand money from the Job Centre to top up your iPhone, innit. Respect, braaaap.

We really have allowed a truly horrible experiment on humans to take place under our very noses. As much as the vile psychological experiments with the emotions of new born apes shocked us during the 60’s, we allowed politicians to do exactly the same with our children.

“These experiments involved rearing newborn monkeys with surrogate mothers, ranging from toweling covered cones to a machine that modeled abusive mothers by assaulting the baby monkeys with cold air or spikes”

So now we have swathes of inner cities full of bitter, uncaring, violent youth, denied the chance of a loving family by a political system that replaced the parent with a benefit cheque, the home with a “council flat” and affection with material unearned “rewards”. No future for them, just a lifetime of misery, created by  a step parent who has long lost interest in what it adopted and created.

No wonder it’s so fucking dangerous out there after dark.

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