Thursday, 27 October 2011

Over the border...

I notice that our masters have struck up a deal to keep the endless stream of free money flowing, greasing the wheels of their own vanity promises to make us all rich and equal. One trillion Euros is to be produced to recapitalise the banks that lent the money to the states that made the promises they couldn't honour. Only another €4000 debt for every man, woman and child in the EU, nothing serious....

As my more astute readers will know, I have a plan that revolves around getting the hell out of here. I have achieved what I wished to achieve financially and no longer see the point in supporting a state that would happily grab 100% of my wealth if it could just find a way. Meanwhile, the promises of more wealth for all continue to spout forth from politicians in the pockets of the banks who will lend it to you, just sign here

So let's have a quick look at what happened to Greek prices when they decided to take the offer of endless EU cash that was on the table and Southern Bulgaria, the country I plan to make to make my home, that didn't. Indulge me, I am moving to a village just 40km from the Greek beaches and want to know what my carefully managed savings will buy me.

A little research tells me that Greece is around three times the price of neighbouring Bulgaria. You can find detailed prices here and here

A Greek peasant now has to find three times the money of his neighbour to buy a beer ( I'll focus on the important things). Why? All part of the dream, I'm afraid. If Greeks are going to drive BMWs like their Northern European backers, they'll have to pay the same prices as Northern Europeans, even if it means borrowing the money to do so. In the glorious EU, no one is allowed to live a simple, low cost life. That would be treason against a state that is designed to invade every aspect of your life, control your finances and your thinking and dictate how you may live. In the name of "equality"

The Greeks have now been told that they can't have any more money to buy BMWs and their wages have just been slashed by half. Yet a coffee still costs £3 and they are still burdened with the crippling and expensive debt, legislation and regulation that a Northern European is taxed to death to supply. No wonder they are rioting.

Greece was sold a pup and is now trapped in poverty. Greeks will return to riding donkeys and herding goats for a pittance but unless they drop the Euro, they'll still be paying the same rate as you or I for that mandatory EU health and safety audit or translation of their benefits forms into Latvian. Drink up Kostas, another coffee?

Brussels attempted to place Bulgaria in the same position as Greece when they joined the EU. Sofia refused to take the shilling and as such, has a flat income tax rate and corporation tax rate of 10%. Coupled with bank deposit interest rates of 7% per annum, a shrewd businessman will pay just 3% tax per annum. My kind of State. Sure there aren't as many diversity coordinators in Bulgaria as Brussels would like, and their commitment to climate change is appalling, probably best not to mention building regs or planning permission or vehicle emissions zones or disabled access and cycle lanes, but then again, Bulgarians are not hopelessly in debt to the bankers  whilst admiring a gleaming new airport either.

Sorry, Kostas my short jaunt over the border to visit the beaches of the Aegean will almost certainly involve a picnic hamper and a thermos flask. Brussels made sure of that.

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