Thursday, 6 October 2011

Our Jobs, who art in Heaven

 Apple Store in San Francisco, right now

Our Brave New World

The New God has risen unto Heaven, avail yourselves of more Soma and pity the savages with iPhone3s

Hours after the sad but not unpredicted demise of a senior industrialist, points of sale of his products have been inundated by faux worshippers to the religion of consumerism, bereft that their ability to display their wealth and status may be drastically afffected by the absense of the man who made the lives of little people a bit more interesting by giving them shiny things.

Excuse my cynicism. I am an anti consumer. Whilst I can recognise that Steve Jobs was extremely creative, and a cut throat businessman determined to succeed, he was and will remain in my eyes a human being, not the new Messiah. I have never owned an Apple product because I believe money is too precious to squander by displaying to others how much of it you have. And that was the marketing ploy of Steve Jobs. Design something that works, then create an image of something unattainable to the masses, treble the price and watch the demand soar. Mass produced designer goods created to make sheep look a bit less like sheep whilst acting more like sheep. Display your individuality by buying what no one else around you can afford (yet ship millions). Offer special versions in white plastic and watch the faithful queue through the night to be yet more unique and attain a higher order in the Holy Church of Apple.

I find no comfort in humanity from watching wannabee Alphas fall on their knees at the departing of "our Jobs", devasted that their desire to be admired for owning a "product" may be coming to an end. How will they attain their superior intelectual status and affirm their now that "the creator" has i-shuffled off this mortal coil? Is our society so shallow and baseless that we can only be happy if we own what others cannot?

Steve Jobs will not be mourned by the majority of humanity. He created extremely expensive consumer products, designed to be built, shown off and discarded by the fools whose money could not wait to part from them. Out there, families are cutting back yet would never dream of owning an outdated model of any of his products, lest they be judged to have failed. No private number plate on the four year old car to disguise its age, Apple would never allow that. No, you buy new, you upgrade, you stay with the Alpha elite or you become a Beta, destined to merely work and consume, rather work, consume and be admired.

So long Steve,


John the Savage

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