Saturday, 8 October 2011

November 5th Walk, Westminster

It would be a shame to let a November 5th pass without protest at that most sacred of institutions, the Royal Palace of Westminster, so I have decided that this years protest WILL take place.

For those who are unaccustomed to my November 5th walks, it involves large amounts of beer, Guy Fawkes costumes, a great deal of humour and a willingness to poke the great and the good on their own turf. no one usually gets arrested, although we all usually get stopped and searched, giving us all the perfect opportunity to show that we know our rights and tell those who would usurp them where to get off - "no officer, you may not detain me".

Past walks have been a great chance for likeminded Libertarian or anarchist individuals to meet up and of course, as this time it falls on a Saturday, you'll have no excuse to confuse tourists, test your law skills, upset the ground staff at Hogwarts, get in the paper and on the tellybox and show that you care a little for the abuse of our rights and freedoms by the 650 idiots who pretend to act in our name and with our mandate.

So it's time to dig out the V for Vendetta masks (or a Burqa - try removing that, Constable) and meet up with me to discuss how we continue to be the thorn in side of those who would be our masters, using money taken by force from us, the people.


Meet Saturday November 5th, 11am, Chandos Pub (cheap ale), Trafalgar Square, London.

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