Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Get out of that castle, Englishman, others need it

It isn't a coincidence that I was awoken at dawn by the Pravda box informing me that State Riot Squads with tazers were evicting owners of property from their own land this morning. Whatever your views on the traveler community, they owned that land and improved it from a fetid scrap car dealers yard into a place they could raise children in safety. Still, their crime was to "develop" the land whilst not making anyone rich. "Prime green belt land" should be worth millions, not the £50K they paid appears to be the argument from the "victims" of this heinous crime, the property developers. "If they get away with it, anyone can get away with it - uphold the law! And our property portfolios"

Then, beautifully placed came the second Pravda article. People "hoarding" the houses they bought and paid for with their own money. The crime of owning a spare bedroom, therefore denying others the "right" to own a cheap property. Old people should be bribed with er..taxpayers money, to abandon their family homes and move into smaller, specially developed high density properties, presumably on green belt land and costing a fortune to free up their houses for those who need them most (and will pay stamp duty to the Govt to move into them).

We are rapidly approaching a state where ownership of anything is to be discouraged unless it can be reclaimed by a corporation (for updating) or the State to be re taxed. Just buying it with your own money isn't enough, you have to surrender it again so it can be revalued and resold, generating profit on profit and more taxes for the treasury. Trust me, if you can be "persuaded" out of your house because you have more room than you absolutely need, it won't be long before the State decides it cannot justify allowing you to own a four door car if you are not a family or a garden if you are housebound.

Please, leave us and our money alone. We earned it, you took as much of it as you possibly could without us actually burning down Parliament and hanging you from lamp posts, so stop telling us that we cannot have what we want and have paid for. When you get the Queen to live in a retirement studio by the A12 and turn her palaces into three bed housing association flats for "the vulnerable" who cannot get on the housing ladder/property bubble, come and see me. Not before.

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