Tuesday, 18 October 2011

EU debate 27th October

Dear Brooks,

On October 27th 2011, you will have the opportunity to represent your constituents in a debate on the EU in our Parliament, the House of Commons, the one that represents the People (not business, not the vested interests of your Party donors, not unions, but US, the people).

I am a European. My children are Europeans and like the Swiss and the Icelanders, I would like them to remain Europeans, without being dictated how to live their lives from the unelected Committees in Brussels.

I am not interested in how much big business would lose, or how difficult it would be to extract us from the spaghetti of legislation spun by you and your predecessors to ensure we cannot leave the web we were led into. I want out.

I am happy to trade with the EU, visit the EU, discuss with the EU and spend my holidays in the EU, but just like the Swiss, I see no need to embed myself in it and be dictated to by people I can never vote for. So do us all a favour and vote for an exit, or I’ll move heaven and earth to make sure Priti Patel gets the Braintree seat when the boundaries are changed.

Love and kisses

Old Holborn

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