Monday, 24 October 2011

147 state aided Corporations rule the world

As my readers will know, I am a fervent capitalist. It puts food on the table, allows me to sell my unique talents at market rates, drives ambition and increases my standard of living. I repeat, I have no issue with earned wealth or capitalism. It isn't perfect because more often then not, it is controlled by someone with a vested interest in distorting the market for personal gain, be that Corporations who crush or "acquire" their competition or Governments who regulate to the Nth degree so that only established players stand a chance and entry to market is effectively closed for newcomers who do it cheaper or better.

One of the major problems I have with the Occupy movement is their anti Capitalism. Their solution, socialism, has been proven time and time again to drive DOWN standards of living whilst driving UP prices for you and me. No amount of well meaning rhetoric and concern for my fellow man will ever see me take money out of your pocket against your will and hand it to someone else to appease any ingrained guilt complex I may feel. I stand ready to help people to help themselves, but that does not include the contents of my wallet without my permission.
In the effort to control markets and over regulate free trade, all governments have been rewarded by those who stand to gain most from their tinkering. It is no coincidence that a behemoth of a Lobby industry knows exactly how to get richer. Control the Politicians, who control the treasuries and the Statute books and you're pretty much home and dry in the get rich quick stakes.

So it comes as no great surprise that Corporations now dominate the markets. Take a walk down any identi-high Street. Any originality, any niche supplier is snapped up and killed or "assimilated" into the portfolio of Corporations like drones to the Borg.

A recent report in the New Scientist shows that just 147 companies control Capitalism.Complex interwoven networks propped up by States and Central banks. Here are the top twenty. I'll leave it to you to spot how many have been bailed out by Politicians using YOUR money, taken by force. Then you might like to find out how many have ex politicians on the board or fund Party coffers.

We're being robbed and there is not a single thing we can do to stop them. They are 99% of the problem

1. Barclays plc
2. Capital Group Companies Inc
3. FMR Corporation
4. AXA
5. State Street Corporation
6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
7. Legal & General Group plc
8. Vanguard Group Inc
10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
11. Wellington Management Co LLP
12. Deutsche Bank AG
13. Franklin Resources Inc
14. Credit Suisse Group
15. Walton Enterprises LLC
16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
17. Natixis
18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
19. T Rowe Price Group Inc
20. Legg Mason Inc

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