Tuesday, 6 September 2011

You got it, I want it.

Ken Clark rants about a feral underclass and Ian Duncan Smith says “reoffending rates are ludicrous” shocker. 

Last night, I watched the Radio 4 debate on the Birmingham riots. An invited “panel of experts” along with an “invited audience” chewed the collective cud whilst ticking off all the usual “diversity boxes”. Lessens must be learned, poverty is to blame, people are not respected, cultures are clashing. 

I gave up in the end. It was fairly obvious that no one was going to engage a little common sense. All were too frightened of standing on someone else’s eggshells, laid out more meticulously than any iron curtain minefield. The Statisticians are busy analysing the figures. Most looters were aged over 29, only 50% were black, etc etc etc, whilst swathes of the audience, invited because of their vested interests lobbied for more funding, fewer cuts, a greater slice of the pie. Not one questioned why an unemployed black kid/white kid smashed a window to grab a 52” TV. Sure, the opportunity was there. An entire block of youth permanently glued to their blackberries didn’t have to wait long to work out the best places to hit. Texts and tweets flew as the mice evaded the Police cats. Again, WHY did they feel they could just smash open a shop and loot the contents? After an earthquake, a Tsunami AND a nuclear meltdown, not one single Japanese looted. They collected discarded family photos and pets and tried to reunite them with their owners. Quite simply, the reason shops were looted was down to two causes.

  •   Opportunity. A black man had once again been shot by the Police, so the black community were “expected” to smash up and loot. Precedents had been set and the Police could not intervene to protect businesses, property or innocent people caught up in the mob. To do so would be “victimisation” of “an oppressed minority”, regardless of the terror they were inflicting on their fellow citizens. 
  •  Entitlement – the same entitlement that was taught from birth by sociologists. Entitlement to “respect” regardless of behaviour. Entitlement to “certificates” though not one scrap of achievement endured. Entitlement to benefits, housing, free money, free welfare, cultural status, a loud voice. I’m “entitled” to take what isn’t mine because that is what I have been programmed to do my entire life. 

They are a feral underclass because our Political masters MADE them an underclass whilst telling them they were equal to hard working, honest, law abiding, ambitious citizens. They were entitled to all the trappings of success because no one had the courage to tell them they were not successful, they had failed. Their re offending rates are high because it the behaviour they have been taught. In the rush to not to offend, to award respect where none is due, to indulge in the name of diversity, we forget to tell people what is right and what is wrong. In case they didn’t like what they heard. 

You will not remove this underclass by prison sentences or “rehabilitation” or yet more “diversity”. You will only remove them by removing their entitlements. Refuse to work? Face the consequences – no money, no support. Refuse to study? Face the consequences. The only work you will ever find is manual, minimum wage. No Disneyland for you, no Nike trainers, no iPhone. People who work hard can have them but you have not earned the entitlement to what they have until you have made the effort they have made. They have to be shown the cold, hard facts that all of our ancestors knew. You get out of society what you put in, no more, no less. 

The sooner we start, the better, because once this generation have run out of shops to loot, they will come for YOUR stuff because they genuinely believe, as they were taught by endless armies of bearded sandal wearing Lesbians, that they’re entitled to it.

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