Monday, 12 September 2011

Tighten your belts says Gideon


Oh noes, living standards are set to drop 10% as the State attempts to make up for falling tax revenues by squeezing us even harder to maintain the flow of funds into the ever emptying coffers. Panic ensues on the left, as we head back towards Victorian England where all children died up chimneys before they reached the age of 6 and 12 Landowners enslaved the entire nation in textile mills.

So where will you make the cuts? 3rd holiday to Disneyland off the cards? Paint your own nails? Learn how to cook a curry yourself? Let the season ticket to watch 11 footballers run about for 90 minutes lapse?

I can imagine the scenes now. School children walking to school, fruit and veg stalls being set up in towns to supply the ever growing demand for people who can no longer afford to buy ready meals from Waitrose. Second cars flooding the market with people no longer commuting from Newcastle to London everyday to shuffle paper around a desk.

Austerity is a GOOD thing. It preserves wealth. Greed and consumerism is a BAD thing, especially when it is financed with credit. We have become addicted to what we feel we are entitled to, instead of what we have actually earned. It’s not just the state benefit addicted sofa surfers who will be outraged when requested to actually contribute or lose their beer vouchers, but the “hard pressed Mums” who will no longer be able to sip skinny lattes whilst someone else looks after their children. I'm expecting riots when a Starbucks in Swindon goes bust.

We are where we are because Politicians believed the banks who offered limitless growth using money they invented. What better device to bribe the electorate with than their own money, not yet earned? The very same Politicians now attacking the banks for lending them all this free money that has yet to exist, yet refusing to destroy what the endless money allowed them to build. The behemoth they control. The ever growing  bloated tumour of “Government”

If the very least we can expect is a 10% drop in living standards for the utter chaos reeked (sic) by 13 years of Socialism, we will have got off very lightly indeed.

We’re all in this together, remember. Me? I’ll look after my own pension, my own health and my own wealth thanks. There will be no drop in my living standards, I already live within my means and I’m damned if I’m paying off the profligate spending ambitions of corrupt Politicians.

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