Thursday, 8 September 2011

Old Holborn joins #Blottr

I’m not a professional blogger or journalist and I don’t carry advertising because I believe the industry of “news” and “comment” is changing dramatically.

We know we can’t trust the media, politicians or lobbyists yet we trust our own eyes and ears to disseminate the vast quantity of information made available to us via the Internet. Everyday, stories and scandals break on Twitter long before media spin doctors and allied Editors can manipulate the news to their own ends. The mainstream media and in particular, the dead tree press can no longer count on a readership drip fed morsels to please their appetites. They are demanding more. Not just news, but a voice in how that news is broadcast.

We’ve set up blogs, we leave angry and critical comments wherever we can, we analyse in real time, we research our own facts and reach our own conclusions.

So I am delighted to have been offered a twice weekly column on Britain’s newest “Citizen Journalist” platform, Blottr. I will take my vitriol and Political disdain to a wider audience and in return, hopefully hold yet more of our Politicians to account. You too have the option to add your own articles for publication, break important news and reviews spread your voice to the masses.

So what are you waiting for?

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