Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Gazan Summer?

Rumblings from Gaza are getting louder. Whilst Cameron and Sarkhozy fly into BPistan to inspect their new acquired oil wells and congratulate themselves on deposing an oil owning dictator without having to put boots on the ground (finally) and conquering a country with no deficit (drinks all round!), the Palestinians are quietly going to the UN to ask for a country to call their own.

The right are kicking off. Hamas will slaughter everyone (whilst the Glorious rebels in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi and Syria will not) and USS Israel will be holed below the water line if it allows Palestinians to own a bit of Palestine. Threats are issued that Israel will take by force what it cannot take er…by force if the UN dares to give a man a piece of land he can call home. A piece of land he used to call home, a long, long time ago.

How often have I rolled my eyes and muttered “if only they had oil”, except of course, the Gazans DO have gas. Lots of it. One of the main reasons Israel simply refuses to let them own the rights to it and imprisons them until they elect a government that will allow the Israelis to claim the resources in the name of Israel, not Gaza.

Following the Arab Spring, Israel is suddenly finding that decades of back room deals with dictators are no longer on the table. Turkey has decided that if anyone is going to fill the power vacuum, they will. In my opinion, a secular Middle Eastern State doing so is the least worst outcome of what could have been a very ugly scene. Compromises will have to be made all round if Israel is to survive. Israelis may have bought the peace with US money before, but the Arabs are no longer buying. They want nothing to do with the billions of “aid” paid to keep the Palestinians prisoners and the likes of Egypts Mubarek in diamond encrusted Learjets.

So Israel is going to have find a way to accommodate neighbours, just as the Palestinians will have to learn that owning a State comes with responsibilities to uphold the law and protect your borders.

I wish them well. The stalemate of the Middle East has lasted too long, it served no one in reality bar a few religious extremists and generations on both sides were blighted by poverty, oppression, terror.

Israel can safely give them their state, build the walls as high as they like, dust off their hands and tell their settlers that what they have, stays. The Palestinians can get back to goat herding and the world can breathe a sigh of relief.

Long live the Arab summer.

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