Friday, 2 September 2011

Lifting Potatoes

The absurdities of “population”

I was listening to an article this morning on the touchy subject of “population control”. In essence, a local Mayor in Serbia has been hosting “romantic evenings” in his town in a desperate attempt to increase the population. Serbians are leaving en masse and he fears his “herd” will vanish, leaving him as the most important person in an unimportant town.

The interviewer spoke to the local young people to find out why none are raising families

“No job. How can I afford to raise a family?” was the standard answer.

Of course. The simple arithmetic dictates that an unemployed person will not be able to support a family, so Serbs are leaving, finding work, sending money home. And sure enough, when they return, pockets bulging with cash from picking English potatoes, they will buy houses and settle down, as all migrant labour usually does. Turkey is awash with money earned by hard work in Germany. The mayor of the Serbian Town may not like it, but he will have to adjust to a population that find their own solutions to lifes problems. No amount of coaxing by a Politician is going to help.

Compare and contrast, if you will with the UK. No Mayor in the UK is desperately trying to bring couples together. Our society is blighted by single parents and unemployment. State sponsored bastards, spawning another generation of unemployables, soaked in the drip, drip of welfare benefits. Tax credits, housing benefit, council benefit, unemployment benefit, endless top ups to ensure that no matter what decisions they make, no matter how bad their choices may be, the responsibility lies firmly with the State – and the taxpayer. 1.8 million UK children now live in a household (I was tempted to write “family” but don’t want a knock on the door at 3am) where no one works. FOUR MILLION households where no one works. Just breeds. And claims “entitlement” and "benefits". Quite remarkable, quite unsustainable and utterly ridiculous.

Meanwhile, our Politicians will spout further nonsense about “lifting people out of poverty” whilst the fields of Lincolnshire are full of Serbians. Lifting potatoes.

Even as a plantation owner, the State is so utterly useless that we need to import genuinely free labour from abroad to bring in the harvest. Whilst our “workers” sit on the sofa, breeding yet more sofa surfers, all sponsored by the taxpayer – including Serbs with aching backs and ambition.

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