Thursday, 29 September 2011

All over by Christmas?

 Germans rounding up the Greeks again

It won’t stop.

Unelected Marxist EU head Barosso, after decades of acquiring power only to watch his visions fail has finally decided that if he cannot get his hands on the money to allow Greeks to drive BMWs like the Germans, he will take it from those who have it via  “Robin Hood” tax on bank transactions. In other words, you and I.

He assumes, as all Marxists do, that all money is evil unless it is in their hands. He assumes that banks generate their profits from thin air (central banks under socialist control actually do, I’ll give him that) and that any cost will not passed straight on to us, the customers.

On the day when German politicians voted for more of the same failure, despite the wishes of their electorate to call it a day and stop the sheer idiocy of throwing their hard earned money at  the profligate backers of melon farmers, the EU decided that what they needed instead of a bucket full of holes was a LARGER bucket full of holes, bailing madly whilst the Titanic gently slips beneath the waves. Taxes, more taxes, more taxes, yes, that will save us all.

It can’t go on much longer because there simply isn’t the will to keep bailing. Sure, Politicians love it, bankers love it and 24 hour media loves it, but eventually it will dawn on the millions of people who actually DO work for a living that 73 per cent income tax is nothing more than State slavery, no matter how much it is dressed up with tax credits and child benefit refunds.

The great German Political dream to dominate Europe could once again bankrupt their nation because although wars are expensive, endlessly printing money instead of simply invading with an army never ends well. Especially when the Germans do it.

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