Monday, 15 August 2011

Sparing the rod....

Aw bless, our Politicians are playing the blame game as to why the Utopia they promised us (using our own money) hasn’t materialised. All those think tanks, pressure groups, SpAds, vested interests, working groups, lobbyists and not an ounce of common sense between them.

Whilst the analysts and spin doctors ramp up the ante, the Police are outraged that other solutions than their own failed ones might be called upon and a battle between the Police and our masters ensues.

Meanwhile, back on the housing estates created by Politicians, the feral classes, created and paid by Politicians to be feral will continue to hide the loot, continue to buy and sell drugs to supplement their benefits and when challenged will scream “poverty, inequality, prejudice”

An army of Sociologists, the same ones who told us this was the route to Nirvana will now scream that we must have more of the same to overcome the very problem they created, whilst legions of Righteous will attack anyone who dares suggest that by sparing the rod, we have spoiled the child.

There is no way back from this. The Fabians have won. They have destroyed the family in their vision to build the all powerful State, they have destroyed decency because a minority refused to be decent, they have destroyed morals because only the State can provide morals and they have silenced their critics with violent accusations of “bigotry”.

An utter betrayal of a generation intentionally taught that wrong is right, black is white, greed is good. And all for the heady scent of “power” for a few.

Break it all down, destroy it all and rebuild it using common sense, decency and hard work. It CAN be done but it will have to be done by individuals, not the collective. Individuals standing up and being counted. Individuals demanding that their children are taught how to read, write and count and educated to a level where they are employable by wealth creators, not hip hop dance troupes. Individuals demanding that those who create havoc behave themselves, individuals taking responsibility for their actions, individuals refusing to comply with the systems and rhetoric that brought us here. Manners, a respect for the lives and property of others and a moral backbone.

Not a chance. The individual is the enemy of the state. The individual is a danger to corporations and marketing. The individual who thinks and acts for himself is public enemy number 1.

Thank God we have a new series of X factor starting this week. Vote early, vote often.

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