Monday, 18 July 2011

Rome can burn

So, it is all beginning to unravel. The cosy relationships between the Police, our ruling Elite and the Media barons is slowly being opened up for inspection and today will see another bent copper “resigning” after years of shitting in our faces.

Cameron, who “was destined to rule” simply because he could be manipulated by all and sundry is suddenly looking very unstable and may be forced out himself, much to the delight of the Left, who did exactly the same for the past 30 years, using the BBC, Guardian and Maxwell (yes, and Murdoch) to get what they wanted.

In a nutshell, we have the Press, the Police and the Politicians we deserve. We all knew what they were up to. Private Eye has been opening cans of worms since long before the Internet handed us the tools to do the job, yet for whatever reason, none of us was interested.

We simply sat back, looked at the tits on page 3, watched another episode of Eastenders and let them get on with it.

So what has changed? Well, nothing really. The “faux” outrage of other Media barons and the Left is merely positioning to ensure that their favoured elites are in place when push comes to shove.

Our MPs are still wined and dined by every vested interest Lobby group on the planet, our Police chiefs are still appointed by the very same people they are arresting and our Mainstream Media publishers still know they control the hand that feeds them.

Miliband is calling for stricter regulation of “large Media” yet is happy to watch the BBC remain a monolithic monopoly spouting Fabianism at those forced under threat of prison to pay for it all.

Meanwhile, our Politicians prepare us, the idiots paying for all this, to bail out yet another tranche of feckless bankers who lent the Politicians the money to promise us the Earth whilst failing to deliver anything but bankruptcy. Our enormous Armed Forces are still protecting the vested interests of anyone but us. Our hard earned money is still seen as a “Govt resource” to be tapped into whenever the unelected EU or UN or fake charity or Treasury decides your needs are secondary to theirs.

One thing is for sure. If we let these ashes give rise to another Phoenix of the same ilk, we will have missed the opportunity of a generation. The chance to get these parasites off our backs and out of our lives.

Now is the time to simply refuse to put up with more of the same. News International was brought to it’s knees in under a fortnight and yet we still pay 80p tax on a litre of petrol. The head of the Metropolitan Police is gone and yet our children will be forced to pay the debts of Greek Socialists.

If you have an ounce of Libertarianism in you, now is the time to throw off the chains that the last 70 years has encased us in. We allowed them to put us where we are, and I will not allow them to do it me again.

I will not be ruled by an “elite”, I will not be Policed by their “appointees” and I will not be fed information deemed” good for public consumption” by those who refuse to leave me alone, "for the greater good".

If the institutions that have enslaved us are really crumbling, do not expect me to mix the cement to rebuild them. Rome can damn well burn - and good riddance.

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