Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Roll up, roll up...

The ingredients of total control

I don’t read the News of the World or the Sun because I’ve always found them boring. I have no interest in the contents of Jordons knickers or a desire to be kept closely informed about the sex lives of people who play football or act or sing badly. I rarely buy a newspaper because I prefer to read media from the Internet where I can be my own editor and tailor my consumption to what suits me.

It comes as little surprise that Murdoch became the ruthless Media baron he is. All he had to do was give the public what they wanted, tell them they wanted it and tell Politicians that he now controlled what the nation read and watched. Tits and scandal. Do as I say or you’ll be on the front cover next week, fuckers, ruined, discarded and finished

And in the rush to be “aligned” with the rabid consumers of tits and scandal, our Politicians looked to the circus master for guidance and advice on keeping the masses amused. Every policy change was checked and double checked that the 7 million readers of the News of the World would approve. Meanwhile, the circus master quietly collects the scandal to control the Politicians and keep his eager audience happy.

If you are shocked and appalled by the revelations that newspapers would rummage through bins, hack voicemails, open mails, steal evidence, hire criminals and corrupt the Police and Politicians to supply you with your fix of scandal, God forbid you ever find out how food reaches your table.

When Murdoch fails, we will simply promote another Circus Master to the ring, who in turn will do exactly the same. Throw innocents to the Lions for our amusement, whilst we fake surprise and horror from our front row seats. He will control the very people who make the laws we live under, he will manipulate and extort from the audience and we will sit back and let him. As long as he gives us tits and scandal.

To break the grip, we have to stop craving circuses.

We live in a new age of free voices. You too can add your comment to a million articles, start your own blog, scream and rant via twitter or facebook, select your consumption of news and media from a plethora of sources. The Circus is no longer the only show in town. Go out and find what suits you and starve the media beast of the one thing that put Murdoch in the position of power he holds over all of us. An audience.

Alas, I fear the majority will still be sitting in the big top gawping at Babara Windsor being spit roasted by two Premiership footballers when the whole thing burns down.

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